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Revert Back to IE 8 from Internet Explorer 9 Beta

If you’ve been trying out the public beta of Internet Explorer 9, you might want to revert back to IE 8 for some reason. Here we look at how to uninstall IE 9 and get IE 8 back.

Uninstall IE 9 Beta

First type appwiz.cpl into the Search box in the Start Menu and hit Enter which will open Programs and Features. Alternately you can open the Start Menu \ Control Panel \ Programs and Features.


Now in Programs and Features click View installed updates located on the left pane.


Then find Windows Internet Explorer 9, right-click, and uninstall.


Yes we’re sure…


Then a restart is require to complete the uninstall process.


This will restore you back to IE 8 and you will need to go through the process of setting it up again.


If you tried out IE 9 and aren’t happy with it or have proprietary software in the office that doesn’t work with it yet, reverting back to IE 8 is a simple process.

For more on Internet Explorer 9 check out our screenshot tour.

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 09/22/10

Comments (127)

  1. vcbt

    IE8 For The Win. I came accross many websites which still don’t work under IE9. Although after several days of getting used to it I ended up liking the new position of the tabs, the new design of the previous/next buttons completely CLASHES with Windows 7 itself. The ability to move tabs out of their current window is a formidable improvement and I must say that I’ve never seen a browser starting so fast.

    I only have one browser on my PC, that is IE. I used Firefox for several years, tried Opera and Chrome but was never truly satisfied with them. They are not lifechanging at all and are far less integrated in Windows Overall design. Gaining one second at start up using Chrome is not significant to me. Extension mainly pollute the system.

    I am happy that the OS war has stopped and that all the attention has now moved to browsers.

  2. Donna

    Thank you. The idea(s) behind IE9 are okay, however there’s too much I’m not able to do around the internet while using it.

    Will now return to IE8.

  3. Midnight

    Firefox does it all,….. faster, leaner and more secure! :D

  4. Jon

    I don’t agree about Firefox being lean. Go to some websites with heavy Javascript and watch Firefox start to eat up chunks of memory. Of course there’s a memory leak that has always been present with Firefox so you can close all of your tabs (except for the main browser itself) and the memory use stays the same.

    Anyway, I am an Opera user and have been trying out IE9 today. No problems with any websites so far. I like the speed and the interface. Quite nice. Animated GIF rendering leaves a lot to be desired but those are primarily with internet forums only.

  5. Bobo

    I wished that your were able to customize the UI more. I want to be able to move the tabs either on top or on the bottom of the address bar. I have a smaller laptop screen and I can’t get used to the tabs being there.

  6. Jeffro

    Google Chrome is the best browser i have ever used period as far as performance, ease of use and not sucking the life out of the computer. Firefox is memory nightmare, i have never understood why people love it so much. i like IE9 and think it will get better with time. Sticking to it for now.

  7. Mr. X

    for me, Interenet Explorer 9 is awesome, better than firefox and other browser.

  8. John Tod

    The best Browser is IE 6 SP2. Still using it and listening to people gripe about IE 8 and 9. I tried IE8 but found it had too many memory leaks. It would slow to a crawl or stop all together and I had to go into task manager and kill all the iexplorer processes to get control back.

  9. Piyush Soni

    IE 9 beta corrupted my machine. Now every some time I get crashes in Explorer.exe, even on starting windows calculator !

  10. hariks

    Never seen a more timely article. :) I was wondering how to get rid of this sh**t from my PC. It does not start even within 20 seconds, does not load the home page properly, I cannot select an autocomplete entry with keyboard etc. I can write a long list that goes on and on… They are trying to imitate Chrome and have failed in the looks and more so in the performance. Both Firefox and chrome have been better from day one than any latest stable releases of IE. Only some blind and throat-cut fan-boys of MS can sing praises of this so called browser.

  11. madhukarah

    Not required, and no one will revert to IE8 from IE9 !!! never :P :P

  12. spiderweb

    Just installed it, had an app with tones of JavaScript, it failed to load, so… revert. Anyway, this poster says it all…

  13. Michael

    Try using I.E.9 with LiveMocha. Can’t do it.

  14. Russell

    Oh I can’t stand IE9. I can’t stand the look of it.. I don’t like the way it functions…

  15. Anthony Z. L

    Thanks How to Geek, now my wife can love me again.

  16. Miss Andrea Borman

    I tried IE9 for about a week but unfortunately it made some of my other Trident engine browsers crash. Pink browser and Deepnet Explorer has the trident engine used as a base in IE. A lot of people thin that these browsers and other like Green browser need IE to run them but this is not true. Green browser for example and others are built on Trident engine but do not run off IE. But the problem is if another similar browser is install such as IE which uses the same engine it can clash with Green browser and others like it. So because IE9 had crashed several times my system confused Pink browser with IE9! So i uninstalled it and went back to IE8 which is disabled on my laptop. Windows7 gives you the option to disable IE8 so it is hidden on your computer but once you install IE9 you cannot disable or hide it unless you uninstall it. I know we cannot uninstall IE completed as Windows will no longer work and anyway I have tried to but it does not let you do it. So I have disabled IE8. But is not about time thay gave us the choice of not having IE bundled with Windows at all? On mac PCs they do not have IE at all they have Safari bundled with their system instead. So why cant Microsoft just bundle its Windows software with Firefox or Google chrome instead and get rid of IE as most people including me hate it? Andrea Borman.

  17. Roger

    I found that on some shopping sites, I could not enter “size” and “amount” when ordering clothes.
    My machine kept on giving me the “blue screen” after rebooting after an install of a program.
    Now I am back to Explorer 8, and straight away I can enter size, etc. and touch wood, no stalls.

  18. Lim Ying Kiat

    ~Dial-up connection “Connect to” details are missing in the pop up window although it is registered in Internet Options/Connect to.

    ~This problem makes me crazy! So, I will revert back to IE 8.

    ~Thank you for tutorial !!!

  19. acdac

    TY for the fix. IE9 is no where near being ready for the general public. the glitches it posesses with Microsoft’s own are far to extensive. This program needs alot more in house testing before the beta version is a good test source. Thumbs down for IE9. Glitches aside, changes are too drastic and not apropriate for end users, as an IT professional, I was able to do what I wanted, but general people will be lost. CHANGES ARE TOO DRASTIC, and untetsted.

  20. drakke1

    Thanks very much for this helpful info. IE9 crashed upon takeoff and never worked at all on my Vista Home Premium system. I was rather surprised at this turn of events since the Firefox and other Betas performed quite well when i tried them out. You’d think that Microsoft……

    Cheers !!

  21. MO

    I have installed IE9 on my machine and just came across a program that doesn’t support it yet and will not work with IE9 yet. I tried your uninstall directions but when I view installed updates, IE9 is not available. Am i missing something?

  22. MO

    The problem i’m having with viewing the updates installed is that there is no “Microsoft Windows” category in the installed updates list under installed updates. There is a Microsoft silverlight category as seen in the picture above but no Microsoft windows one which shows all the hotfixes to be uninstalled. Is there a checkmark I need to be able to view those?

  23. MO

    Ok I figured it out… just to let others know. It was fixed with compatibility mode.

  24. Weberoo

    I can’t find IE 9 on my Windows 7 system. I want to go back to IE 8 and Like MO counld not 9 and 8 wont’ install. Any suggestions? I don’t know what MO meant by It was fixed with the compatibility mode

  25. Weberoo

    What I meant is that I can’t find IE 9 in the control panel uninstall section so I can uninstall.

  26. Weberoo

    I went into hte compatibility mode and it said the compatibility mode could not be used for this program (IE9) because it is part of the operating system (Windows 7)

  27. isickofthisss

    now way ,ie 9 so suck…there will always be a ‘ghost tab” whenever i open another new tab.why?
    i open a new tab(via middle mous button clicking) and its open NEW windowsssssss!!! helll its sucks!
    is this ie9 damn hell light web browser? get your mom have a try on ie9 and your mom will always says it terrible…btw….many nice feature that i luv on ie9 ..but still far behind to say that browser is good enuff..

  28. Lawrence

    To the complainers, it’s a lot faster, streamlined, supports HTML5 ect, but in any case, it’s beta.

  29. Nazim Sayed

    Thank you so very much HOW to PeePl

  30. Dave Duque

    I tried IE9 beta for about 2 days. Wasn’t having any issues until day 2. That was when it started to paralyze my internet browsing. I couldn’t type anything! Everytime I went to a website and had to do some sort of typing IE9 would freeze and ultimately crash. I should of known better than to try a beta version of IE. I reverted back to IE8 and had no problems since!!!!!

  31. Jeri Alber

    I had IE 9 for a week and everything was pretty cool. Then yesterday I started having all kinds of problems, ie: when showing my home page, it would show the code, then it asked if I wanted to debug, then the darn thing would freeze and I would have to force close. So back to 8 I went…….

  32. izen

    i guess we have 2 wait till official ie9

  33. Karen

    I too am not able to fine IE9 in the programs nor in the updates. I still have IE9, but no way to uninstall it…can you walk me through how to find it….it is not in the recent updates column….Thanks.

  34. Gaylord

    I’m tired of people giving me instructions on how to do something that know they never gave you any information right in there whole life. What @#$%%%^^ name did you use for Windows Exporer 9 Beta, in the Uninstall an update in control panel… They do not show it as Beta 9. So which one is it……

    @#$%^&& waisting my time….

  35. Gaylord

    Explorer Beta 9, is a joke, that doen’t work right at all. Text coverup, shifting screen, more popup bullshit that waist my time. It one thing to be beta and another to be totally #$%^&*. What is Explorer Beta 9. They donot use that nomenclature ……Example Update for microsoft windows (@#$%^&&*).
    You got it buddy.

    thank for no help at all

  36. DirtyFace

    Thats why its called Beta. It is not done. It has many holes.

    FireFox is for 9 year old girls. lol

    Anyone that has gone to school knows less than 1% of Net users use FireFox. EPIC FAIL !!!!

    Explorer is KING !!!

  37. dan

    If I revert back this way, will I keep my Favorites and the user names and passwords that auto fill or do I lose that information?

  38. John

    I still hate.. and I mean HATE IE.
    They have burned me way to much in the past.
    I have had my CC number stolen through a XSS attack through IE and as far as I know IE still does not protect against this.
    If any you are using IE.. I highly suggest you use it to download a REAL browser like Firefox.
    What do I know I only have a P.H.D. in Software Engineering.

  39. tartooob

    Very useful, thank you a lot, IE9 kept crashing all the time, sad, they should learn from firefox or chrome :)

  40. Prabhu D M

    Thanks Guys Was simple and easy

  41. ataollah

    thank you.

  42. Rose

    Tried IE9 and found it had too many problems. They should have something that works correctly before installing on computers. Couldn’t log into some websites I used to be able to before. Didn’t give me all the info/data I needed in order to log in. Back to IE8 in the meantime.

  43. Tony

    Not a good job on IE9. Immediately had problems and was without my laptop for a week. Back to IE8.

  44. blastitwithpiss

    The ideas and design behind IE9 are great, but there is so many things not working/working mega slow with the beta version. I can’t wait till they release the full version.

  45. bozz

    Constructive I hope as I know it’s a beta version…
    IE9…can’t access my webmail other than thru a basic html option.
    Can’t select on drop down search menu on google/youtube etc
    …it all looks kind of blurry too, it’s all fine on Firefox…but don’t like layout of that…want IE8 back,
    but no option to uninstall…doesn’t exist in my recent installations list? Grrr.

  46. bozz

    Sorted…IE8 back, all done since last post (Which was actually 23:15, it’s now 23:30)

    Control Panel/programs/view installed updates…wait a few moments and…ta da, there it is, uninstall,
    it auto re-boots.
    IE8 back (no downloading required) & just go through first time settings (1 minute).

    Hope this helps.

    I’m sure it’ll be fine in time but IE8 is for me the best I’ve tried.

  47. m1l4droid

    Firefox is the best, but for some certain uses I must use IE, which IE9 ruined everything. Thanks.

  48. RickB

    I can’t post comments in When I attempt a post, the site always displays “NT” (no text) when I submit the post. Any ideas?

  49. Renee Adkins

    firefox is ok, but msn,IE, stop you from downloading Adobe, and several others, like smiley central,etc. Trying to use msn, with Firefox. going around in circles! It’s time they all make it a little easier!!!!!!!

  50. sam

    Thanks… What a simple.. but i tried a LOT…. Thanks…..

  51. Dale S.

    Thank you for a reasuring and simple explanatory how-to. much about ie9 that isn’t compatible with certain programs and sites.

  52. HaMeD

    I went through all steps and IE9 was uninstalled but I didn’t get IE8 back! No internet explorere at all after uninstalling IE9. I am using Win7 home premium.

  53. Dharani

    But I can’t find Interner Explorer 9 in the list.. :(

  54. JoseH

    I installed yesterday the latest version of IE9 it is not a beta, i’ts called “Release Candidate”, it crashes the hell out of everythint, including their own windows live, but it didn’t crash when I googled to revert back to IE8 and I entered this page. I find IE9 very fast, but extremely anoying with all the crashing. I, for sure, return to IE8 for the time been. I hope, that microsoft will fix all that anoying thing soon and once for all.
    Thank you for the tutorial.

  55. BillR

    I installed release candidate yesterday, my browser started launcing on it’s own every few seconds even when not online. this bites the big one. I too cannot find it in my programs and features list (Windows 7-64 bit) to uninstall, if I can!!!

  56. Pawan

    There should just be one browser in the world. I am now tired of making things work on all of them. It is real pain in ass.

  57. ecr

    Well, the only thing so far I don’t like about IE9 is that if you have multiple email addresses, you have to type them every time as well as the password.

  58. moahsin

    I’m so glad I was able to uninstall it and revert back! Thanks.
    Most annoying thing ever..all the ie9 rc did was crash and crash and crash again. Ie8 is fine windows!

  59. YN

    I just wanted to appreciate.
    I couldn’t go anywhere with IE9, even to this page!
    I had to download chrome.


  60. Linda Schroeder

    Need to revert back to ie8. I followed instruction to revert back to ie8 but the update that I installed does not show up under “installed updates”so how can I go back to ie8. I need too revert back as there are too many problems with ie9. I need to do this quickly.

  61. Adeel Imtiaz

    Dear All,

    i have installed Internet Explorer: 8.0.7601.17514 and i want to go back to previous version of Internet Explorer: 8.0.7600.16385 how can i do that.
    Please help


  62. CJ

    Unable to play videos from… something with flash player is preventing

  63. A Person U Dont Know

    IE9 SUCKS(well its ok)
    Im going back to IE8

  64. Courtney

    OMG IE9 is a mother @#$%^
    It sucks

  65. mgw

    I like the new layout so far but can’t figure out (if possible) how to have several e-mail accounts on my log in page. With IE8 i was able to have several hotmail accounts visable on my login page but with IE9 it will only hold the info for 1. LIke most people, i have different accounts for different reasons and hate that i cant see them all and that i have to type in the address and password each time.


  66. mic

    explorer 9 mi ha creato diversi problemi tantè che ho dovuto scaricare mozilla-firefox per accedere ad alcune funzionalità che avevo con explorer 8. Come si può fare per tornare a explorer 8 premetto che ho windows 7

  67. Jacob

    Can’t upload videos to youtube with ie9 for some reason.

  68. J D

    Rrrggh. In technical terms IE 9 sucks. I tried it last year when it was stinky. Yahoo has been begging me and bugging me to “Upgrade to the NEW IE 9” so I did, mostly to get them to stop with the banners and the begging. Is IE 9 still in test? Is this an official release? If it is they need to go back to the drawing board. What was wrong with IE8? As soon as they work out all the bugs in the latest release, they come with the Beta. IE8 was fine, they jump to IE 9 and it just doesn’t work. I’ve only had my latest laptop for about 6 months, it is not the machine, it is IE9. Thank you for giving us an “out” to get back to IE8, since the boys and girls over at MS didn’t. They need to get off of crack and back on track. You should see the ugly face my computer gave me with IE9.

  69. CT Teoh

    Dear all
    Have installed IE9 recently and it seem to be running ok .However as it’s still new in circulation ,most businesses website (local) that we surfed are having problem to login or access it’s web .Not sure if the general business have switch to IE9 otherwise its wasting time .

  70. Webmaster

    IE 9 caused loss of connectivity in my vista ultimate install. Had to uninstall to get internet connectivity back. How lame is that?

  71. faith

    IE9 was such a pain i counldt seach or dl want i wanted so thank you so much for the help i love IE8 ^^

  72. HelpMePlease

    I just received a new laptop that came with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 already installed on it. I am having issues accessing a business webpage and would like to down grade my Explorer to 8. When I used your tips on this page to do that, I was stopped at the uninstall step as Windows Explorer 9 is not located on that list! Could there be another way to find it? I searched on my computer and it also with not let me delete it, something to do with “trustedinstall”? I can usually figure this stuff out, but I am at a loss, and hoping someone can give me a few pointers to figure this out… very frustrating!! Thank you for your time…

  73. sandyw

    tried IE 9…….some web pages showing in chinese……could not find a fix…so went back to IE 8….
    ill wait till the bugs are cured.

  74. Ed R

    I tried IE9 for a week, and all I want to knwo is how to get back to IE 8 or even IE 7 They are much more user friendly browsers.

  75. JC

    IE 9 screwed up my pc in almost every possible way. Trial IE 9 with caution. I’m reverting back to IE 8.

  76. thebite

    im glad this website helped me out i didnt no where to start i thought i would be stuck with iE9 forever
    or somthing and when i came here i was like awsome glad to know we have some smart people to help us with are problrems cause when i uninstalled IE9 i was like wtf do i still have 9 and i went back i noticed i didnt install it but when i got back on my pc i found i got it so i no im ever going back to 9 i
    dont know why they even batherd to have out IE9 but i thought it was bad didnt help me i no it didnt help anyone else so im just glad we all dont have to put up with it anymore never did anything but made me mad so i hope next time they put out a new explorer i hope they do alot of test before giving us us out the explorer

  77. Puthuraja

    IE9 seems to be not good as IE8.

  78. Barb

    IE 9 has been a total nightmare for what i use the interent for. Whoever designed this one, needs shot. Sorry.

  79. Joey

    This IE9 is so much trouble i want to go back to IE8 why you people make it so hard to return back to IE8 Make it Simple to get back Thank You

  80. James

    First type appwiz.cpl into the Search box in the Start Menu and hit Enter which will open Programs and Features. Alternately you can open the Start Menu \ Control Panel \ Programs and Features.
    is what you tell me but after typing in appwiz.cpl and hitting enter nothing opens up. I am not sure but i am running vista if that makes a difference

  81. p jones

    used the new ie9 after all the plugs to “upgrade” everywhere and it is without doubt the worst upgrade ever, totally useless and slower than a snail.

  82. AntoKar


  83. Smiley

    thankyou for this, IE9 was giving me problems and driving me mad! And im mad enough as it is! lol

  84. Michelle Barnhill

    Thank you! p Jones hit the nail on the head! Awful, awful, awful! Thank you so much for the quick tip here!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. John

    IE9 is crap. I have tried it several times and it is still the same POS it was the first time. I will be switching back to IE8 and FF. Linux is looking better and better these days….

  86. Jack

    IE9 has screwed up my Gmail contact listing. No contacts came up when I clicked on “TO” in the compose mail, even though my contacts were still there when I clicked on “Contacts”.
    Backto IE8 that works great, with no problems.

  87. Steve K

    From installation IE9 is pants…. Runs cripplingy slowly – if at all.

    Cannot find it in my ‘Programs and Features’ to allow it to be uninstalled. It can be found in my ‘C’ drive under programs, but won’t allow me to uninstall it. have tried a variety of remedies suggested on the Microsoft website – to no avail.

    IE9 = 0 – Firefox = 8 n

  88. John K

    once again Microsoft flubs it. IE9 thumbs down!

  89. Maggie

    I took the chance installing IE 9 and now want it GONE. It changed the whole look of my screens so much so that on one of my applications it is so distorted I can’t use it at all…I am going now to see about reverting back to IE 8. Thanks!

  90. Joe

    Many have said they can not find ie9 under view updates and requested help. You have not answered. Please do…I need it!

  91. Randall

    IE9 and/or some of the updates that came with it totally corrupted my machine. It would not even allow me to open a search. I removed IE9 and it is greatly improved, but still has some script issues. I will try and find them so that I dont have to send this machine to the tech. It is my primary machine and to lose it for more time is more bother that I need, so keep IE9 for those who enjoy pain.

  92. Randall

    For those having trouble finding the IE9 in the update list, try searching for IE9 on the installed updates page, it worked for me.

    Good Luck

  93. Joe

    I can not delete IE 9 because no updates are shown under view updates. Is my update file corrupt? I can view all updates under the normal uinstall files, but obviously, IE 9 is not listed there. Second request for help. Thanks.

  94. Lesley

    I have followed all the right steps to uninstall IE9 but when I restart my computer it tells me that it has been unsuccessful in updating changes. I can’t seem to delete this as every site tells me to uninstall in the way I have done – several times! Can anyone please help??

  95. Dennis

    Thank you….IE9 looked so awesome….it broke the internet….losing all connectivity while doing so…

  96. Bill

    IE9 is complete and utter crap. I want it gone but it doesn’t even show as being installed.

    This trashy code starts videos at near full volume just because they are on the page somewhere. I want to select what and when I play media thank you very much. It also has the most clunky way of accessing my favorites. Where before I could simply click on favorites and down arrow through my daily reading, now I have scroll down right arow over scroll down or drive a mouse all the way across the screen. And that is just the small stuff.
    IE9 hangs up, post loose flying graphics over the top of text, and changes the aspect ratios of web pages so things end up a jumbled mess.
    This code is NOT ready for prime time. It isn’t even ready for alpha testing. Pull this crap back!

  97. bob

    IE9 sure is the bomb. i think it was the one used in hiroshima. No fixing this crap with windows 7 premium :-(

  98. Harv

    Lack of support for hp Smart Web printing in 9 was immediately annoying. Microsoft should have come up with a similar tool if they knew theyb would not support it. Pondered going back to 8 until I tried to view my statement of earnings and that was not supported either. System restored things back to 8 and now the Favorites star button is back on the left where it should be, too. ie 9 would just not allow that to be moved. ? They really do pay their condescending designers way too much to design things arbitrarily without any input at all from users.

  99. Colin

    Hi, just wish I had been privy to the comments above before i installed the IE9 update – instructions to uninstall worked fine for me – now back on 8.

    My wife is now talking to me…

  100. UN-frustrated

    I’ve lived with this joke called IE9 since 4/20 and discovered this discussion today and am SO GLAD! I was about to just shoot the whole computer if it asked me if I wanted to put the weather report in pinned mode ONE MORE TIME! And hopefully my history will “stick” again now. Today my history just quit working on IE9 again, and that’s what prompted me to figure out how to get rid of that garbage.

  101. Sherri

    IE 6,7,8- work great. Chrome was like pushing an elephant up Mt.Everest in January. Firefox fried my computer. With IE, I can go to any site, I can up and download music, videos , etc. I can go where I want to go at the speed of light. I am on sites where folks are continually complaining that they can’t do this or that, and they have IE9, or Chrome or Firefox. I just go along and do what I want to do. Seems to me, when something is not broken, don’t fix it!!

    I tried IE9 and it was horrific. Dumped it in a heartbeat. Almost as bad as Vista was.

  102. Jenny

    Thanks god for this tutorial!
    I don’t like how they tried to improve IE by making an IE 9 ver. Personnally, IE 8,7,6 and 5 works perfectly good. What I really hate with IE 9 is the fact that when you want to go back to one of your previous pages, you cannot select it.

  103. Cate

    Hi everyone…want t have my say too….IE9…don`t go near it,Windows update downloaded it even though I didn`t want it,couldn`t stop the I am suffering!!!!
    Going back to IE8..but scared I make a hash of it and end up with no IE…this happened to me once …panic stations…then it was idea how.
    So can anyone tell me..,in the event that it should happen after I have uninstalled the dreadful IE9…what I should do.???????????????

  104. Dan

    i upgraded to IE9 a week ago and its been a pain in the ass, slow and heaps of the time will scramble text all over the page if i scroll down. i hate the way its set up aswell : (

  105. Jassimo

    * IE 9 update (in update history) showing up as “incomplete”
    * tried to re-download IE 9 (to try and resolve problem), box stated” a more advanced version is already installed”,
    * tried the “appwiz.cpl” way, IE 9 does not appear there.

    However if it looks like IE 9, feels like IE 9 and slows down you computer to a spluttering crawl, it must be IE9.
    Are MS now forcing people to accept IE 9, wether they like it or not?
    If so it’s “bye bye MS, hallo Google” – Any advice welcome, thanks.

  106. frank

    thanks so much for advise, now back to 8 with all my toolbars and autofill.

    happy days are back !

  107. James Coburn

    For those having trouble with uninstall, read the instructions again. This helped me. When he says “View installed updates,” it is in different-colored left pane. It doesn’t say update; it says “Windows Internet Explorer 9” as depicted. Uninstall it. After machine reboots automatically, it also automatically reverts to IE8 after a short wait. Follow the short instructions provided automatically to complete the re-installation of IE8. Thank you, How-To Geek!

  108. Jay

    thank you, thank you, thank you

  109. Dianne

    thanks so much for the easy fix

  110. Dianne( unhapp1234)

    I am no happy

  111. Dianne( unhapp1234)

    sorry I need to learn to spell I AM NOW HAPPY

  112. Colleen

    These instructions are not useful for me. I cannot uninstall IE9 beta and no update for IE9 is listed in the “View Updates” window. Also cannot not install the non-beta IE9 because the IE beta is present. Any ideas on how to find IE9 beta so I can uninstall it?

  113. webterractive

    This doesn’t seem to work for me. I installed Internet Explorer 9 and now I cannot revert back to Internet Explorer 8. When uninstalling Internet Explorer 9 I have no Internet Explorer at all. All the my clicks open in their own window and Windows Mail on Windows 7 doesn’t work too well. Is there any sort of way to install Internet Explorer 8 again?

  114. Evey

    For some reason I do alot with the yahoo pages, and got sick of the scrolling bar telling me to update to IE9, so I tried it. It doesn’t interface with Yahoo mail, won’t allow download of attachements – with out me figuring out why – reverting back – if it’s not broken why fix it – which is why apple must be doing so well, maybe I’ll join the dark side with my next computer purchase :)

  115. mik

    having same as above i uninstall ie9 and now i have no ie. ie 8 seems to be gone. How do you get it off of the windows 7 disk???? cause i tried downloading ie 8, there is no download for windows 7 just win xp/vista. tried 7 but it’s telling me i need admin privilages, well there is only one user on this pc with admin privilages so why is it poping up damn microsoft.

  116. Cristhian

    If you cannot get Internet Explorer 8 back it seems like you’ll be stuck with 9. This happened to me already, just use Firefox 5 works really well and its a lot safer than using IE9 who’s interface is wholly out of place in Windows 7.

  117. imadeulook

    Thank you very much. :D

  118. norm

    i like the speed and the general layout of ie9, although i would like more custom layout options. i am, however, thinking of reverting back to 8 because many features of some websites don’t work right with 9. specifically comment links, share links, internal scroll arrows (not the one on the right side), some flash video players, shit like that. i’m not 100% sure this was due to ie9 incompatibility, but i didn’t have these problems with ie8.

  119. norm

    furthermore, i was thinking of ditching netflix and trying vudu for a while, but its login page wouldn’t display. i contacted their customer service and they said their site wasn’t compatible with ie9. again, i’m not 100% sure this was due to ie9 incompatibility, but it might be worth reverting to ie8 to see if it works with vudu. idk. wish the software and web developers would put their heads together and agree on some common protocols, more so than currently agreed upon, so browsers and apps worked together smoothly with websites instead of haphazardly. and microsoft should stop competing with freeware development and agree to common file formats, fer chrissakes!

  120. kim

    So I followed these instructions, and started with the restart, but it seems to be taking a LONG time to restart. it says “Preparing to configure Windows…Do not turn off your computer” This has been going on for about 40 mins already. What do I do?? (Time to switch to a Mac? lol)

  121. Tim

    We tried 9 and had really weird issues with it. Tried to uninstall it and discovered that 8 could not be found on computer.

    How did we fix it? Backed up everything that neeed backed up and did one of those restore the computer to factory condition.

    Then, we reloaded all of our software and such and, of course, IE8 was preloaded on the computer, so all was good. For now.

    Maybe IE10 will be more compatible with lots of things on the net, as well as filled with less problems.

  122. Lori

    I can’t find the update on the list. I can’t find explorer in the program files either. I can’t do any page editing on FB today with IE9, Firefox or Chrome! Help! I wanted to see if IE8 would work better, but I can’t seem to get there.

  123. bobbie

    Thank you sooo much for the help!!!

  124. mona

    am I going to lose all of my favorites when i revert back?

  125. Deb

    I installed IE9 and could not uninstall it fast enough. Worst piece of bleep of a browser I have ever used. The whole look was anemic, as is there was some sort of deficiency going on. The page looked had a genric look to it. It took forever for me find my favorites, but not where I’m was accustomed to finding them. Didn’t like the look or the feel, my contents, calendar were totally gone, wiped out . What the H E double hockey sticks happend, I don’t know. But I uninstalled IE9 quick, fast and in a hurry. May I never have to deal with it again.

  126. Gale

    This IE9 is so messed up! My computer is crashing left and right.I can’t even turn my pages half the time!My computer was working good untill this new IE9 ;( What a piece of dog dropings.I can’t even uninstall it.The worse thing I ever did was put my trust into this garbage.Not sure if I even want to ever try to upgrade with anymore of these updates! my Google is totaly screwed up most of the time as well.I am sooooo disapointed.

  127. Bill Pool.

    I used in Vista Start AllPrograms Accessories System Tools System Restore To undo my attempt to install IE9 and revert to that point in my computers time before I started as far as my computer is concerned. As I had not installed anything else I was back to where I started.

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