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Use Aero Snap with Internet Explorer 9 Tabs in Windows 7

As you know Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 Beta to the public yesterday. One of the interesting features is using Aero Snap with Tabs in Windows 7, and we’ll take a quick look at it.

Aero Snap Tabs Side by Side

Here we have IE 9 with two tabs open and would like to view them side by side instead of switching between them.


All you need to do is click on the tab in IE 9 and drag it to the side of the screen like you would with any window using the Aero Snap feature.


Moving the second one over…


There you go! That’s all there is to it. Now you can see two open tabs in IE 9 side by side on your screen.


Of course the Aero Snap feature isn’t anything new for Windows 7, but the ability to do it with IE tabs is pretty neat. Sure you can do it by opening individual instances of Firefox or Chrome, but the way it works in IE 9 is very fluid and a nice feature to have. Aero Snap can also help you multitask like a pro in Windows Explorer.

For more on what to expect in IE 9 check out our screenshot tour.

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  • Published 09/16/10

Comments (15)

  1. Miguel Mateo

    … and how do you put them again in the same windows with two tabs?


  2. Ryan

    Google chrome will do the same thing but you do not have to move the second window. Poor tip…

  3. Kyler IE Outreach Team

    Great tutorial. On of my favorite features integrating Windows 7 with IE9!

    @Miguel To put it back in the same window, you just grab the tab and drag it back into to window, pretty cool huh?

    I’m glad to answer any other questions you might have with IE9 Beta

    IE Outreach Team

  4. Marcus

    Miguel, just drag the tab back over near the other one and it’ll re-dock into the main window.

    FYI, Chrome has had this ability for awhile, so it’s certainly nothing new for Chrome users.

  5. PoorMan

    Poor tip..nt new i my world

  6. Matthew

    TBH, it just looks like Microsoft is playing catch-up again. Chrome’s been able to do that for ages. IE9 won’t win back the market, simply because it is IE.

  7. Bikram

    I don’t think it is any ‘feature’ of the IE9, or any browser for that matter. When we drag a tab in the modern browsers, it detaches from the existing window and becomes a new window of the browser. Aero snap simply works on this new window as it would on any application window. So, nothing to see here, really.

  8. Roger Markus

    I find it so amazing when these things are discussed like they are major innovations. You’ve always been able to do this…. more easily I think in 95/98/XP. Just right click on the taskbar and select “Tile Vertical” Yes, you need to only have the two windows you want maximized. That is why they invented the show desktop button in windows 95. At worst it is just as easy. This is just another example of Microsoft not innovating anymore.. just the same ideas re-packaged. Also, I’m not a linux or mac fanboi. I just haven’t been able to find anything new or exciting or innovative coming out of Redmond.

  9. Tangmeister

    Well. this is only helpful because I have never seen anyone use more than 2 tabs in IE9 screenshots- how in the world do you see more than 3 tabs in the same window with that ridiculous setup MS put in the tab bar?

  10. LZIM

    to the dude who calls this a poor tip, so what? There’s very little to like about IE9 versus all the critical flaws.

    Principally, this demo should lead most people who try it to notice that two individual instances of IE can’t share tabs. I hope by the RC they allow different IE instances to share tabs as you might no longer know which instance a tab came from such that it become orphaned but can’t be merged into a ‘family’ of tabs in a new instance of tha application. Further, this tip and mentioned flaw, should encourage MS to allow multiple tabs to share screen space on the same IE9 instance, meaning the split screen should occur inside the IE9 instance instead of by the user having to tear off tabs or have individual instances of the application open at the same time. FFS that’s what tabs are for, to avoid having multiple instances of the same window/app open.

  11. LZIM

    and yes, @ Tangmeister, I facepalmed when I saw this. They must hate tabs AND the status bar. tried downloading something and leaving the notification open at the bottom of the IE9 window? I love how it sits over the status bar. Why MS why? I mean if you’re going to rip of Chrome, at least do it verbatim, have the notification animate out of the status bar or something, not cover it up. *Facepalm, for good measure.

  12. NPD

    Until I can place the tabs at the bottom of the screen I will stick with firefox.
    I don’t understand why it is so difficult to give users this feature.
    I like my browser tabs directly above the taskbar.

  13. MP

    For all of the people who said that chrome has been able to do it for years, you might want to try doing it before you make that comment. Because in fact, you cannot do it in chome. you can grab and detach a tab but if you drag it to the side of the screen it will not dock the way IE9 will.

  14. Shooter63

    Where do I find this program link for downloading to MY computer?

  15. Niall

    Doesnt seem to work with a dual monitor setup, with an extended desktop :(

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