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Beginner: Add Google as Your Search Provider in Internet Explorer 9

The other day Microsoft released the IE 9 Beta to the public and it’s very nice. You can search directly in the address bar like in Chrome but the default provider is Bing. Here’s how to change it to Google.

The other day we looked at the IE 9 Public Beta and showed that it allows you to search directly from the address bar like in Google Chrome. This is a cool feature, but by default, of course the search engine is Bing. You can easily change it to Google or any other provider that they offer easily and here is how to do it.


Change Search Provider to Google

Start typing in a search term in the IE 9 address bar and if you have suggested Sites enabled you’ll see the Bing icon at the bottom. Click the Add button to add other search providers.


You’re brought to the Internet Explorer Addons page where you can select from a number of different Search Suggestions.


Select to to add Google Search Suggestions.


A window comes up and you can make it your default search provider. Also you can check to use search suggestions from Google…click Add.


Now when you type in a search term you will see Google Suggestions. It only shows 5 by default.


But if you click the down menu it will show ten.


And there you go! Google is your default search provider in IE 9 Beta.


If you’re not a fan of the Search Suggestions showing up IE 9 makes it easy to disable the feature while you enter your search term…which is a nice convenience from IE 8.


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  • Published 09/17/10

Comments (32)

  1. Jon

    Changing the default search provider has been available the same way since IE7. It’s no different for IE9. Of course Bing is default for a Microsoft product. You should give it a try. You might find it to be better than Google (at least from my experience).

  2. at0mic

    jon, i agree 100%, i prefer bing over google. microsoft is doing a great job. i’ve even made bing my default in firefox inside about:config. but for the people who need google for anything this is helpful. now if internet explorer could do everything firefox does i would switch over. microsoft is doing good so far, now if they could just make a better browser.

  3. Seasider

    I too prefer to use Bing for search but like iGoogle as my homepage for the gadgets, especially the calendar/reminder. Was using Google Chrome due to IE8s freezing, crashing and slowness but have been trying IE9 beta since the moment it became available and it looks very promising despite a couple of glitches yet, so now using it with igoogle as my homepage and Bing as default search. Best of all worlds for me.

  4. Seasider

    PS to previous. I already have the option of Google as a search along with All the net and of course the ubiquitous Amazon, eBay and Wikipedia.

  5. A340-600

    I wonder if people realize that you can move the Refresh and Stop buttons to the left side of the Smart Address Bar (IE8) / OneBox (IE9).

    Yes, Virginia, you can move the IE8/9 Refresh and Stop buttons to the left side of the address bar.

  6. Rick IE Outreach Team

    Hi folks, thanks for the support. IE9 was a redesign meant to bring our browser up to Modern Web standards, and create a better preforming, cleaner looking browser that put Websites in the focus not the browser. If you have not been to Beauty of the Web, yet I highly recommend it. You can see how some of todays best HTML5 webpages look in a modern browser. And for A340-600, you can also click on the side of the Address Bar and pull or push to resize. We hope that with the increased performance, and new features, you will enjoy the web more.

  7. gary

    There is no way to make google my DEFAULT search engine,
    It’s marked as default, but is listed as UNAVAILABLE

  8. Fluff

    Doesnt let you select Google anymore – fine MS, ill just stick with Mozilla

  9. andy

    Bing really sucks, yeah MS is doing a good job of promiting itself

  10. JimKAD
    This is the link in which you can find Google to make it ur default search provider for IE9.

  11. Mbknight

    Nope this does not work for E9 – just bought a brand new laptop – downloaded E9 before setting up with google and when you go to add – google is not one of the choices!

  12. 2Bnull

    I too had trouble finding the otion to install Google.

    Turned out I had to change my “locale” at the top of Microsofts add on page.

    Another Microsoft fail.

  13. elnegro

    M$ really s**cks!!! IE9 don´t allows change to google search in an easy way anymore, it´s threat for personal freedoom! Better choice any other browser dude! Don´t waste time in scum software we got enought from monopolized and corporate windows systems and patents spoilers. We need opensource systems and limited years of profit for IT patents. Imagine a free google engine and a free windows o.s. a world plenty of choices!! you must to hire a programmer in the same way than a lawyer!!! work an profits for everyone! Look for example since mp3 there are more people en music business I dont see any music industry loss in fact a better sharing profits and diversity. Think about and enjoy switching to any other browser and give a try to bing from there if you don´t want a monopolized search engine. (sorry for my bad english)

  14. tee moore

    Thanks, JimKAD, it worked.

  15. Darryl

    Just as a note for everyone that isn’t in the US. I searched and searched and searched for ages trying to find out how to install google as a search provider but to no avail. The only result that I got was the google accelerator. It was because it was defaulting to the UK as a region and for some reason they haven’t got google listed in the search suggestions list for the UK. It is literally nowhere there. To install you have to set the language (at the top of the page) to US English, THEN you will find it if you search google. I seriously can’t believe this. The only reason I’m using this stupid browser is because one of google’s own tools (namely the translator toolkit) keeps hanging in Chrome and until the bug gets fixed I’m having to use IE… *hangs head* Why must they keep pushing this shit onto consumers..?

  16. peskykids

    @jimKAD, thanks it works! I had been trying all day yesterday to change my default search to google, thought I was going mad!!! Just one click and it is done now……thank you.

  17. Nick B

    Thanks jimKAD worked for me – Seems to be a UK “bug”

  18. KK

    Changing to US then click on the Add-ons button at the bottom left, then change to search providers from the drop-down list (bottom-right) then scroll right for a while before you see google.

    Google please fix Chrome so i can come back home!

  19. TeeC

    You can add your own custom search providers to the IE9 address bar using the same tool that was available in previous versions of IE:

    This allows you to add custom search providers including localised search egines. MS have just chosen to remove this from the IE9 Add-Ons gallery.

  20. raphael

    I can`t use US Eng fix because it won`t display country choices further than S and can`t scroll further down list (maybe cos I am using a 10ins screen netbook (HP Mini). So tried Canada but that has a totally different Gallery. Only using IE9 as having probs with Adobe Flash Shockwave viewing video streams in Google. I`m actually in Thailand. IE9 still painfully slow even when loading msn/microsoft pages. Great visually but not much good if it takes ages to load and typical unsporting MS making it so hard to change from Bing to Google. Bing not bad but am used to and prefer Google format as it is clearer.

  21. annoyed

    Thanks.JIMKad! your link worked. stupid microsoft removing google as an option.

  22. Rahi Delvi

    Thanks JimKAD!

  23. Mike

    when I follow these instructions, google is not listed as an option and when you do a search for it, it’s ‘not found’ – is it more Microsoft stupidity or is it more it Microsoft unfair business practices – I’ll never use Bing for the same reason I won’t use Ask – bad business practices!

  24. ItsMe

    It looks like the first few responses were from Microsoft employees. I like IE 9, but Microsoft has made it more difficult to add Google. I’m sure it was just an oversight on their part;)

    And call me old-fashioned, but I didn’t mind having a separate box for search built in to IE. Sometimes I think they change things just because they can, not because there is any reason to change something.

  25. Jeff

    Not only do you have to set your “locale” to US (English),but it is not immediately obvious that you can scroll the options to the right by mouse-over-ing until the slow clunky scrolling starts working. You can also refine the options with the drop-down box to only get accelerators. Search doesn’t work, even just searching for google (ironic huh)

    Eventually you’ll find google listed aalphabetically. Unfortunately I doubt it is anything malicous frommicrosoft as it is just as difficult to find all the other apps and accelerators, even bing only shows up because it starts with B.

    Never ascribe to malice what can be explained by incompetence.

  26. CJ

    Same as Australia. There’s a bug in the IE set up.

  27. CooperTrooper

    Tried this …and failed.
    The addons page doesn’t have Google as a “Search Suggester”.

  28. CooperTrooper

    Following a previous comment by
    This is the link in which you can find Google to make it ur default search provider for IE9.
    THIS WORKED …just click on the Google one, then I clicked on TOOLS – MANAGE ADD-ONS; then SEARCH PROVIDERS (made Google Default, removed BING (yippee), and prevented Google being changed – THANX GUYS!!!

  29. CooperTrooper
  30. me

    JimKAD solution worked for me on ie9 + windows starter in spanish.

  31. soonerk
  32. Julie Wack

    Please change my search engine to google.

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