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Too Much Clutter? Here’s 15 Minimalist Wallpapers for Your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Desktop

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Busy wallpaper images don’t work very well on your iPhone, iPad, or any device where you need to have lots of icons on the screen. Here’s a set of minimalistic wallpaper images that won’t clutter up your desktop.

Since each device requires you enable the wallpapers differently, we won’t cover that here. For your iPhone or iPad, head into the Settings, and for Android you’ll want to long press on the desktop to access the Wallpaper settings.

15 Minimalist Wallpapers

Here you are—click on each of them to head to the full-size image download. Since many of them are actually wallpaper packs, you’ll possibly have to download and then extract them to get to the images. We recommend 7-Zip for .rar files.

image  image  image

image  image  image

image  image  image

image  image  image

image  image  image

Got some better ideas for wallpaper? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Published 09/15/10

Comments (6)

  1. Hatryst

    Guess what, some of these can be applied to the PC as well :)

  2. Plain-Joe

    The first thing I did with my Android based phone was changing the wallpaper to a simple grey. I don’t like busy wallpaper.

  3. shamshul

    nice article for iphone user

  4. Paul

    I have been doing things like this for years. I enjoy simple desktops and setting up my computer for performance over fancy interfaces.

  5. Paul A.

    There is a trick in Windows where you can create very small, as small as 2 pixels by 2 pixels square, simple images that when you set as the desktop image and use the Display Properties – Position: Stretch command create simple pretty gradients. The idea is to use pixels of colors that blend nicely.

  6. Chico

    Better idea for a wallpaper?

    no wallpaper at all… just a black screen.

    of course, with no more than a few icons on it.

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