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Convert Word Documents to ePub Format for Your eReader or iBooks

Have you ever wanted to create an ePub document?  Whether you’re planning on writing the next bestseller or simply want to read your quarterly performance report on your eBook reader, here’s how t0 save files as ePub directly from Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word was designed around paper documents, but today, most of us share more documents electronically than we print.  While Word files can still work great for sharing with others and distributing online, often it can be better to save your files in an eReader friendly format.  PDF files are a great way to share documents, but they often don’t look very good on eReader devices such as the Kindle, Nook, and Sony Reader, and can take up valuable space on other devices such as a netbook or iPad.  ePub is the new standard for eBooks, and with the free Aspose.Words addin, you can save files as ePub directly from your favorite word processor.

Please Note:  Unfortunately, this addon only works in Word 2007 right now, but the developer plans on releasing a Word 2010 version in the near future.

To start creating ePub files from Word 2007, you’ll need to install the free Aspose.Words for Word addon.  Head to the website (link below) and click the Download link.


The addin is free, but you’ll need to register before you can download it.


Once you’ve download Aspose.Words, install it as normal.  Make sure to exit Word before you begin the installation.


Once setup is complete, open any document in Word as normal, or write a new document in Word.  When you’re ready to save the document as an ePub file, click the Office orb, and select Save.


In the Save As window, click Save as type and select Aspose.Words ePub from the list.


Now you can open your ePub file in any eReader program, such as Nook for PC.  You can also transfer it to your eReader device, including a Sony reader or iPad, to read on the go.  If you use a Kindle, you can also convert the ePub file to MOBI format with Calibre and transfer it to your device.


Word is one of the most versatile word processors, and it’s great to be able to save files in one of the newest popular eBook formats directly from it.  Whether you’re wanting to sell eBooks, distribute them to your coworkers and friends, or just read your longer Word documents on your eReader, this is a great way to do it!

Download Aspose.Words for Microsoft Word 2007 (registration required)

Matthew digs up tasty bytes about Windows, Virtualization, and the cloud, and serves them up for all to enjoy!

  • Published 09/8/10

Comments (19)

  1. Dennis

    Might want to follow up with a how-to using Calibre: save any Word or Excel document as PDF, then use Calibre to convert it to ePub. Does a great job even with Excel tables.;)

  2. Kent

    It should be noted that the Nook iPhone APP is NOT available from the CANADIAN iTunes app store.

  3. Matthew Guay

    @Dennis – We actually already sort-of covered that … this article shows how to convert a PDF to ePUB with Calibre –

    Thanks for the tip anyhow!

  4. Barbara

    What about open office?

  5. Iain

    You can use this plug in with Word 2010.

    All you need to do is to copy the registry entry you find at
    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Word\Text Converters\OOXML Onverters\Export\AWEPUB

    to the same location under ..\Office\14.0\…

    (If you are using an x64 machine there’s a Wow6432Node between Software and Microsoft).

    I ended up writing my own convertor since the aspose one seems to explicitly set the style (rather than using classes) for each paragraph or format change leading to bloaty slow ePubs.

    Anyone interested in an alternative should contact me on iain AT idcl DOT co DOT uk :)

  6. Chuck Steel

    The Aspose website seems to indicate that this is a 30 day trial, which your article doesn’t seem to mention.

  7. Matthew Guay

    @Chuck Steel – I actually double-checked … the personal version of this tool which we use in this article is free forever. They also have an enterprise offering that you have to license, but you’re fine to use this one for free.

  8. Kiermel

    For OpenOffice you can use Writer2xhtml
    You can export the file to ePub.

  9. Russ Heitz

    I clicked on your Aspose link as Matthew Guay did, gave the registration info and got the same impression — that this is a 30 free TRIAL only, after which I will pay an unknown amount of money. Also, it asks what form do I want the download in and lists a bunch of jargon that non-geeks like me don’t understand. Therefore I don’t know which file to download. I don’t see anything about a “personal” version. More details please?

  10. Russ

    I have the Word 2002 version. Will your ePub converter work with that?

  11. Michael

    @ Russ


  12. Kelly_M

    I created a user account, clicked on the above link and it says that the resource is not found. Is there an alternate way to download?

  13. Stephen Cronin
  14. Madhavi Mohandas Sood

    Thanks Matthew Guay for explaining this funda so simply in words & snapshots.

    If this Aspose.Words Addin feature is free only for a 30 day trial period, is there any alternate method of converting Word documents to ePub files?
    Iam new in this and want to Publish my own book of poems n was hoping to get some help in this direction.

    Thanks 4 the geeks site – awaiting your reply at earliest.

    Best Regards,
    P.S. : How does one use Adobe Digital Editions for this epub conversion? ? any idea ???? i’m trying 2 do my bit of R&D n hope my PC doesn’t hang!!!! :) thanks.

  15. Carole

    I tried using Aspose to convert an MS Word 2007 document to an Epub file as the information above stated. And it worked fine until I moved it into Nook for PC. It came in without a title. So if I bring in a dozen documents how do I tell which is which without opening each one? Is there a way to solve this, or should I just forget using Aspose? And suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Carole

  16. Carole

    I forgot to tell you, I contacted Nook for PC about this problem because I’ve tried other conversion programs and they will import into Nook for PC and show the title, however the font is so small that you would need a magnifying glass to read it and changing the Font setting has no effect. I’ve also tried converting a PDF to an Epub and importing it with the same results. If it has a title, it’s too tiny to read and if it’s readable then there is no title. I’ve tried Calibre and Aiseesoft (my preference) but again, no title. When I contacted Barnes and Noble about it, they had no clue and were pretty much useless. The only idea they had was that it might have to do with the DRM (?). No clue what that is and they didn’t say and they didn’t say if the Epub file going into Nook for PC needed a DRM or did not. So as I said, not helpful. Is there a way to go into the Epub file and manually add a title? As I said or tried to say previously, ANY suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Carole

  17. Bill

    I’m a total neophyte. The ONLY application I will have is converting word.doc to Epub formats for publication by Lulu – for their iBookstore. I intend to be doing this a LOT.
    I only have Word 03 at the moment – but I don’t mind getting the 07 version. I justdon’t want to get bogged down in a mess of software stuff – and from what I’m seeing, there’s a bunch of questions involving the process you describe.

  18. shelagh

    I have tried to download, but all that happens is some logos etc displaying in Picasa…????

  19. 4phun

    The absolute best way to convert Word to ePub would be to open the Word Document on the Macintosh Computer in Apple’s Pages 09.

    Then either make it a more attractive document with pictures, sound, movies and more or just export it as a plain ePub 1.0 instead of a more advanced ePub 2.0

    Instant gratification and a salable item.

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