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Help Troubleshoot Your PC with ESET’s SysInspector

When your troubleshooting a computer it is always nice to have a systems diagnostic tool at the ready.  Today we take a look at ESET’s SysInspector, which is an extremely detailed diagnostic tool for Windows that helps technicians diagnose problems.

There is no installation needed with SysInspector as it is a single file executable that you can run from a flash drive if you want.  You will need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the EULA and agree to begin using it.


After clicking I Agree it will start to scan your system.

2 running

SysInspector generates a detailed real-time snapshot of your current system.  In fact this will tell you what processes are running behind svchost.exe which is always handy.


It captures details such as running processes, registry content, startup items, network connections and a lot more.  It has the ability to discover rootkits in the Master Boot Record, registry, services, and even drivers.  It also includes a handy search feature that will allow you to quickly find specific information.


The menu bar on the left lets you access history, change views, access different features, compare logs, and search online for different data found.


You have the option to save the logs which can come in handy when keeping track of multiple computers.


SysInspector is bundled with NOD32 Antivirus and Smart Security version 4.  It is a tool to aimed to help aid IT and Tech Support teams diagnose issues with the computer but can also be used by experienced computer geeks.  It can also be downloaded from their site as a free stand alone app for XP , Vista and Windows 7 32 & 64 bit versions.


  Download ESET SysInspector

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  • Published 07/30/09

Comments (4)

  1. marvin glasman

    As a new user with the Window Vista PC after using the MAC for 5 years I have to admit you guys are great. I have found and seen how to so many things i am confused. I do have have aproblem with my HP 3425 Printer. With the mac i never had a problem at all as far as the size of the fonts went. Now I am using the same 3425 HP printer with my new HP printer and setting up the printer with the driver. I want to be able to read what ever i print with out using a magnifier.can you guys help me!!!
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  2. 0zSpitt

    i’ve renewed eset smart security for the second time. it’s an invaluable tool for windows. along with sysinspector it comes with sysrescue. after being infected with coolwebsearch which shut down norton antivirus and took over my computer i was on a quest to find the best in windows security. after trying everything on the market i’ve found eset to be the only security product worth using.
    back to the topic, sysinspector is an excellent tool. the ability to see every thing running and the level of importance makes this a fairly simple program to read but a little knowledge is helpful knowing what each process does.


    Hello im having problems with my Pc i am not able to be reconized as the administrator my cursor will lock up and it tells me everytime i try to go into anything that the system could not find the enviromental option. i can not restore because it says the same thing when i click that option. Then it says windowns systems not working and that i have to go to the group policy service to fix it which i cant and view the even log i neeedd hellllppp

  4. jay french

    sys inspector is great but when it runs it shows its screen . i need to know how to close the screen without going through the prompts to save it

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