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Ask the Readers: What is Your Favorite Linux System? [Poll]

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One of the nicest things about Linux is the variety and number of distributions available for people to use. This week we want to know which Linux system is your favorite.


Linux comes in an ever increasing number of distributions that provide users the opportunity to find that perfect system for their needs. If you are focused on the style or look, then you can pick from a variety of GUIs such as KDE, GNOME, and Xfce. Maybe your decision will be based on the size of the particular distribution. Is it lite-weight or does it have all kinds of extra features & software included. Perhaps you are looking for a distribution that is specifically geared towards a certain kind of computer such as a netbook. There is a little bit of something out there for everyone and the best part is the price…free.

So this week we want to know which Linux distribution is your favorite. Which one provides the best performance, ease of use, or flexibility for you? Share your insights and experiences with us and people who may be new to Linux in the comments!


Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 09/8/10

Comments (59)

  1. Asian Angel

    I love Ubuntu. ^__^

  2. David Levine

    I don’t really use Linux, but when I do, I either use Ubuntu or Mint. After some usage, I found that I prefer the initial menu setup of Ubuntu versus Mint. When I’m not using Windows, I don’t want my system to remotely act like Windows. ;-)

  3. James

    Used Linux Mint, Fedora, and Ubuntu, like Ubuntu the best, still use it on my laptop.

  4. Boernie

    I like Ubuntu and Arch Linux which is missing in der list.

  5. Zack

    Using Ubuntu to type this. :) I absolutely love this distribution. It’s my favorite OS.

  6. George

    I use Ubuntu and Mint.

  7. Plonk

    Lubuntu for my netbook.
    Ubuntu / Arch Linux / Frugalware for my desktop.
    Slackware / Debian for my server.

    I think you forgot Chromium (or Chrome) OS also.

  8. Spydeyrch

    I use a few different distros depending on which system I am using: *buntu (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu), Mint, Puppy, openSUSE, Sabayon. I would say that my favorite is Ubuntu & Mint, although the latest release of Puppy is based off of ubuntu 10.04 so I like it too.


  9. Matthew

    Specifically, I use a mash-up of Ubuntu Studio and Edubuntu. I love having a real-time kernel.

  10. Hatryst

    Ubuntu, because I haven’t used any other distro :)

  11. derekr54

    I use Ubuntu 10.4, LinuxMint 9 and openSUSE 11.3 ,they all have their pro’s and con’s. I love them all in own way.

  12. Jonneh

    I use Ubuntu 10.04 at the moment. I’ve used Linux Mint 9 in the past and liked it, for the most part, but it didn’t seem any different to me than using Ubuntu, so I ended up switching back once Lucid Lynx rolled out.

  13. Juan Pablo


  14. dukdukgoos

    Arch should be on this list. It’s probably the 2nd most popular distro behind Ubuntu these days.

  15. SmokeyMaverick

    Ubuntu gets the nod here – simply because they strive to be the easiest to use. Any distro that strives to reduce the learning curve should nab #1.

  16. Lisa

    Linux Mint 9. Its just so lovely, functional, and pretty. I can’t even remember the last time I booted into Windows. :)

  17. fengshaun

    ArchLinux FTW! Not on the list? :(

  18. anne-on-a-moose


  19. Matthew Guay

    When I use Linux, it’s almost always Ubuntu. It’s the most polished right now IMO…

  20. Pejeno

    I prefer Ubuntu, but I can’t believe you didn’t include Arch Linux among the options.

    Why not?

  21. Mistiq

    I voted for Linux Mint, even though I use Ubuntu. Linux Mint is great to use, but as a linux noob, I prefer Ubuntu so that I can learn more without having half of the things done for me already. BTW Linux Mint 9 KDE is much better than Kubuntu.

  22. skater-andy

    i like ubuntu but i’ve heard some good stuff about mint

  23. ArtMediaRush

    I like ubuntu last version. Because it’s works, and works how i want.

  24. amozai

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Fedora 13 can do almost everything for you.
    I love them and they are the best.

  25. Bharat

    I use Linux Mint 9 on my USB.
    It is complete and very stable portable OS.

  26. sebastian

    I use and like #!CRUNCHBANG LINUX

  27. at0mic

    i used strictly crunchbang for its minimal approach. i started checking out some of the updated distros and found linux mint kde. it had everything i needed already set up. i was able to remove the programs i didn’t need without any prompts saying i couldn’t. another nice thing is it’s blue, no more green, brown or black. a few other favorites i like are macpup and moon os, both have excellent enlightenment eye candy, and run extremely well on just about anything.

  28. Mile

    I dont really see why would people prefer Ubuntu instead of Mint, when we know that Mint claims to be and really is “a better version of Ubuntu”. It’s possible that they’re hardcore users who dont like simplicity of Mint… Anyway, I like Mint :))

  29. Win

    I like Super Ubuntu bcos it is already added repositories, media codecs and applications.

  30. nigga

    I use crunchbang for my laptop ;)

  31. Danut

    Ubuntu, even if i use opensuse with kde. :-)

  32. silverlight26

    Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL… They rock X)

  33. JCL

    Servers: CentOS
    Desktop(s): Ubuntu

  34. herbie643

    I just switched over to Linux Mint Debian Edition. Man this is one sweet distro. Low memory consumption (Thunderbird and FF open) 248mb ram. Responsive, fast boot up, fast log on. What more can you ask for.
    Ready to go as soon as install is finished.

  35. Earl Truss

    Started out with Slackware in the 90s, switched to Redhat until they stopped having a “free” version. Currently undecided between Ubuntu and openSUSE. One the the bad things about Linux is also the number of distros to choose from.

  36. Jami

    Linux Mint works perfect and fast for my 5 year old Dell laptop that was dragging with Windows.

  37. TJ

    Mint when I’m not in Win7. I like Mint because it is easy to use and I’m lazy, plus it taps into the whole Debian way of doing things, which I’ve liked for years. If I hadn’t been given a legal copy of Win7 I’d probably be in Mint all the time now, but there are aspects of Win7 I like a lot. Tried Ubuntu a version or two ago and it fought with my hardware. Liked Xandros a couple years back when buying it also got a paid copy of CrossOver (was forced to use MS Office at the time). Overall, since I lack an inborn need to manually edit configuration files, I’m very happy with Mint. It allows me all the tweaks I need and then some. Plus, Gnome has gotten SO much less clunky in the last year or two, I’m not even tempted by KDE anymore, not when you add in the slick way Mint further customizes the menu system. Mint is easy, elegant, and as flexible as you want it to be.

  38. FannyPack

    Googbuntu ;]

  39. chazzz


  40. Michael Baek

    Nice to se so many comments on this subject.

    Running Ubuntu 10.04 on the netbook. It came with WinXP but Ubuntu is faster on this machine. Not a lot but definitely faster.

    Missing Windows Live Sync though…

  41. zizi

    my old “monster” loves Ubuntu

  42. Whiskey Soot

    What, no Slackware? ;) Btw, do they still make Slackware?

  43. Grant

    I wonder how many of those Linux Mint fans got it because of the How-To Geek article about it…

    They probably use it because it’s similar to Windows. I think an Ubuntu-Mint-Win7 cross with full native support for exe’s would be awesome!

  44. Rocket

    My laptop uses ArchLinux, and my desktop uses Gentoo :D

  45. Loki

    Ubuntu 10.04 (waiting on the narwhal) is dueled with WinVista 64 on an HP 17″ media laptop with HDMI out… why did I go to Ubuntu? It had ZERO issues with plug-n-play with my HDMI big screen… while Vista (using all updated drivers) would randomly BSOD or force reboot if I plugged in the HDMI cable or even wait a while and surprise me in the middle of a movie…

    using a preloaded “artist’s linux” distro built off Ubuntu 9.x on my toshiba tablet PC that is dueled with Win7… the linux distro actually has better native stylus controls… figure that.

  46. disi

    I tried all of them and always use Gentoo in the end, because you can get anything going the way you want without relying on developers to do it for you :)

  47. João Henriques

    Fedora with full installation for work (computational chemistry and molecular modelling). Ubuntu for personal use, due to its simplicity and small size. That’s pretty much it.

  48. Ron

    Mint 9. Dual boot with Win 7 but I’m only in Windows once a month to run updates and let my Carbonite back up. Windows 7 is much better than Vista and XP but Linux (specifically Mint) is hands down a better OS. I am going to give Mint Debian a spin, too.

  49. asdf-chan


  50. Richard

    I use Gentoo. I have tried other distributions, but I never really liked them.

  51. Daver

    Mandriva One has been my introduction to Linux. Despite being a desperate newbie, the dual boot installations with windows on my families Pc’s. from desktops, laptops to netbooks that I have performed over the past couple of years, have worked fully out of the box bar one & that was quickly sorted out by the Mandriva Club.

    The heavy workload of updates, AV scans, Hostage-ware removal, crashes, defrags & the slow boot ups of Windows have all but gone as the kids & wife now prefer their Linux option. Now they are moving on to new distributions namely Ubuntu & Mint.

    So I will like to say thank you to all those at Mandriva & to Linux for making computing fun again!

  52. Shion

    Ubuntu is the best os. I also like it.

  53. wildhorse


  54. anderson

    i love mint and puppy the most I’ve used almost all other linux variants but those two are my faves

  55. fedoragirl

    I got started on Ubuntu, but I use Fedora because I like its simplicity and functionality. I feel more at home in Fedora than any other Linux. I can’t explain why; I used it one day, then installed in, and now I live in it. It totally replaced the unstable Kubuntu system I had been using earlier.

    I had never really used GNOME Ubuntu, but I recently got ahold of a copy and I do like it. Kubuntu is a pain in the neck, but Ubuntu works well and does its job. I use Lubuntu when I’m on an older computer that can’t handle a fancier GNOME or KDE Linux. As for Xubuntu, I have an install-only copy that I made into a virtual machine, but I haven’t really used it yet.

    Besides Fedora and the Ubuntus, I have Mandriva, Linux Mint, Debian, and openSUSE. I use these and OpenSolaris in virtual machines where they all coexist side-by-side in a Windows 7 OS. They may be joined by a BSD derivative some day. I use all of them on a regular basis.

  56. soloman498

    I use NimbleX,AntiX,Open Solaris but my favourite is Ultimate Edition Ubuntu

  57. Keith Bosie

    I answered Ubuntu in the survey but I’ve just come across Puppy – Wow!!! What an incredible distro – especially for recovering file on Doz!! And it looks so good!!

  58. amrit

    UBUNTU :)

  59. Jeeva

    Desktop: Ubuntu (Rock)

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