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Ask the Readers: What is Your Favorite Music Service Website? [Poll]

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Being able to access music online is nothing less than wonderful when you are in the mood to listen to your favorite artists. This week we would like to know which music service website is your favorite.


Music websites come in a variety of service levels. With some websites you can just go there, browse for music and enjoy yourself, no commitment required (always a good thing!). Others require an account in order to access the range of services they offer. Many websites will let you sign up for a free account with advertising and some limitation on the features available to use. But it is a small price to pay to keep track of your favorite songs, build custom playlists, and more. Then there are the music websites that specialize in selling you music for your trusty portable player.

This week we want to know which music service is your favorite. Do you only use the websites that have free account signups? Or perhaps you have chosen the full service “paid tier” at a particular website. What makes your favorite music service stand out when compared with others? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Published 09/15/10

Comments (34)

  1. Juliana

    I’m surprised that Zune didn’t even make it on the list. It’s an awesome service.

  2. Paul

    I second on Zune (and the Zune Pass) being a great service.

  3. skinn3r

  4. Phil

    MOG All Access FTW!

  5. daniel

  6. nightryder21

    What the Hell! Zune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Who?

    What about Spotify?

  8. Sam

    I know a voice from the UK but no Spotify?

  9. Iain

    I am surprised We7 doesn’t figure. I used to use finetune but We7 hits the spot for me

  10. Jason

    I love radiotuna :)

  11. Phuctifino & eMule!

  12. Paul

    demonoid and usenet

  13. Lady Fitzgerald

    I voted other for none. I have a large (and growing) music collection already so why stream it, running up my already large bandwidth usage.

  14. Hatryst

    Huh? iTunes so low? :D

  15. Jason


  16. Mark e.

    For me Pandora has the best algorithm for finding stuff I’ll like based on my “seeds”.

  17. steph

    i’m so glad pandora is leading. it’s the best service out there. i use pandora one and l o v e it.

  18. Edgar

    Spotify and Pandora are not accesible in my country. So, I love Grooveshark. And its Free!

  19. neko


  20. Cold Lampin

    Zune, by far.

  21. ProstheticHead

    I buy most of mine on Amazon, a little cheaper than iTunes. Stream from too though.

  22. Scott

    Spotify, tried the others, nothing is better.

  23. Jon

    Damn .. Its Deff Zune Pass , Unlimited songs , Great selection , multi players .. $15 and you keep 10 songs a month

  24. Barry

    I joined Napster the day it went over to a paid streaming service and I’ve never had reason to change. Now we get 12 free downloads a month as well, what’s not to like?

  25. rroberto18

    Why limit us to one vote? I cast mine for Grooveshark, but I also frequent

    * (not on your list, a music biz trade has become streamable to all with a bunch of top chart links which change weekly)

    * Napster (missing from your list too, now partnered with BestBuy, offering great new interface &
    cheapest streaming deal out there with with download credits)

    * Rhapsody (twice as expensive as Napster but with better audio quality)

    * YouTube (it’s not just for cute cat videos) which offers far more “oldies” from all musical eras than any other site.

    * NPR national website which offers great new music keyed to the artists they interview on air, as well as online-only features such as First Listen (complete streaming of upcoming albums weeks before they get released) and All Songs Considered where indie music is king.

    * NPR local stations which often offer more than 1 24/7 streaming channel of music each.

    * East Village Radio with a huge archive of past shows for niche audiences you never heard of before, some with playlists.

    * WFMU (which has archives going back many years, most with searchable-by-song-and-artist playlists.

    No one site offers everything and if you have broad tastes as many do, why not re-visit regularly all the sites that offer something the others don’t?

  26. Kodess


  27. scott

    Where is Slacker?
    I love Slacker Radio Service!!

  28. Ricky

    @skinn3r thanks, didn’t know that one hehe.. :)

  29. rob

    I’d never heard of Amie St before so I checked out their website. There’s an announcement saying they are shutting down 9/22/2010.

  30. Kevin

    What about Nexus Radio? I like that and Pandora. And of course YouTube for finding old music videos.

  31. JanVanLani

    I cant believe I dont see mentioned more!! :-)

  32. Todd

    Wow. You left out a lot of good services…

    Mine is Slacker.

  33. cliff

  34. locomarcel

    Groooooooooooooooooooveshaaaaaaaaaaaark !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is the free in the whole and simple and you can download the song fro it not official but never the least , so my vote no doubt is for Grooveshark, the best

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