Friday Fun: Relieve Workweek Frustration Playing Mad Monday

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By Brian Burgess on July 24th, 2009

Friday is here again and you’re frustrated at the pointy-haired bosses and the entire workweek in general.  Let out that frustration with Mad Monday, a quick paced online flash game that lets you shoot vehicles and run them off the road.

It starts out with a soothing image of a crazy maniac ready to do damage and hard rock playing the background


The controls are basic using the arrow keys to steer your car and the “A” button to shoot.


The scene is from a new helicopter following your actions on a high speed chase.  The goal is to do as much damage as you can to other vehicles and innocent pedestrians on the sidewalks.


As you continue on your rampage watch out for police and other vehicles that will shoot back.


Also as you progress you will have military jets, construction to avoid, new weapons, helicopters and a lot more going on.


When the game ends you can pick up from the last checkpoint off or submit your high score and quit.


Mad Monday is a lot of fun with some over the top scenarios and loud music and sound effects that you cannot turn down in game options. You might want to make sure volume is very low or muted when the boss strolls around.


Play Mad Monday in the How-To Geek Arcade

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  • Published 07/24/09
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