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By Akemi Iwaya on August 29th, 2010

This week we learned how to customize shortcut keys for any Linux application, build a personal wiki that is accessible from any PC, make Winamp look like iTunes, change the default save folder for Windows 7 Libraries, use the word completion tool eType for writing, and more.


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Weekly Feature

If you have been excited about the release of StarCraft II, then get ready to trick your desktop out with this theme. The theme pack includes 20+ hi-res wallpapers, custom StarCraft icons, and select game sounds for a complete StarCraft II experience.


Photo by Asian Angel.

Windows 7 Themes: StarCraft II Theme For Windows

Random Geek Links


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Geek Video of the Week

The video game bosses have noticed a pattern and they are definitely not happy! Watch as they give their henchman a pep-talk on stopping opponents from getting through the defenses.


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The Video Game Bosses’ Lament

Productive Geek Tips


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Sysadmin Geek Tips


  • How to Export Your Windows Server’s DNS Records to a Web Page
    We have a very simple script which exports your current DNS Server records to text files and makes them available via a simple indexed HTML file which can be accessed from any device with a web browser.
  • Batch Script to Conditionally Restart an Application
    If you have a certain application which crashes or goes into “not responding” mode somewhat frequently and a restart is the only fix for it, we have a simple fix for you in the form of a customizable batch script to simply kill the application and restart it.

The Geek on Lifehacker

Modern operating systems have no shortage of feature-rich applications. The problem: Sometimes feature-rich turns into flat-out bloat. From email to music to Twitter and beyond, put your system on a serious diet with these command line alternatives.


Put Your System on a Diet: Replace Bloated Apps with Command-Line Alternatives

Random TinyHacker Links


Super User Questions

We have a whole new batch of great questions from Super User for you this week.

Latest Reviews at How-To Geek

Here is our newest software review for you to enjoy looking through.


  • Premiere Elements 8
    Premiere Elements 8 lets you make better professional videos than you could with standard free or bundled applications. Similar to Photoshop Elements, it offers many of the professional video editing programs at a fraction of the price.

How-To Geek Weekly Article Recap

Make sure to take a look through our top articles for the week.

One Year Ago on How-To Geek

Enjoy looking through our latest batch of retro geeky goodness.


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The Geek Note

That has things wrapped up for this week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with some great music, a favorite movie, or that new book that you have been wanting to read for a bit. Got a great tip? Send it to us at tips@howtogeek.com.


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Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 08/29/10
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