It can be hugely annoying when you cannot watch a video because WMP or another default player cannot find an appropriate codec.  GOM Player is a free media player that has the most common video codec support built in.  If a rare codec is required it’s Codec Finder Service will find what you need and show you were to download it.

Installation and Setup


When you’re first starting out GOM provides an easy to follow Configuration Wizard to help you get setup.

2 setup 

Set up the internal codecs and your speaker configuration for optimal playback and sound.

3 setup audio

Decide which file types you want to associate with GOM player. 

4 assicuated files

After completing the configuration wizard you are presented with the default player.  You will notice ads in the middle display on the control panel in default view but they are only text and hardly intrusive.  After you change some skins around they no longer appear.

5 default view

Using GOM Player


When you first start using GOM player you’ll notice that it is intuitive and easy to use.  It can be easily resized, player controls at the bottom, and menus accessed by right clicking on the view screen.

In Preferences there are a few skins and several color changes included and more that you can download from their site.

This is an example of the 11 Inspirat by which is a great WMP style skin.


Along with changing skins and colors, you can also change the logo GOM displays during start up.

There is an equalizer for for tweaking audio and it also includes some neat reverb and 3D sound effects as well.

You can have GOM Player associate itself with all of your video file types.


If you happen to come across a video file not included in GOM by default the Codec Finding Service will identify it and show you where to download it.

find codec

Overall GOM Player is a very impressive user friendly media player that could very well become your main player of choice. 

Download GOM Player

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