Simulate Middle-Click on a Laptop by Pressing Both Buttons at Once

Most people know that you can use the middle mouse button to click on links in any browser to open the page in a new tab, but sadly not all laptops come with a middle mouse button—but you can simulate it on most laptops by using both buttons at the same time.

Note: You can also hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on a link in your browser to open it up in a new tab. Go ahead, hold down Ctrl and click here. It works!

Simulate Middle-Click

Most of the modern laptops out there support this feature—simply move your mouse over a link and click both buttons at the same time to open the link in a new tab. You can test it yourself: move your mouse over this link and press both buttons at the same time.


Changing the Double-Button Pushing Settings

We’re using a Dell laptop for the purposes of this illustration, but you should be able to go to the same place on any laptop to find the setting. Head into Mouse properties in Control Panel by searching the Control Panel for mouse.

Then click on the gigantic button.


Head into Button Settings—note that some versions might look different, but the section is probably called something similar.


And then you should find the setting for what happens when you press both buttons at the same time.


And of course, you could customize this to something else if you want, or disable the feature entirely.

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