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eType is an Awesome Word Completion Tool for Writing (and We have 1,000 Invites)

Are you looking for a utility that will allow you to quickly create professional, well worded documents? Today we take a look at the word completion eType Beta, and we have 1,000 invites for our readers.

eType is currently in Beta by invite only and we have 1,000 to give away for our readers using the link below. After it leaves beta it will continue to be free. The company explains their revenue model as the following:

“With the privilege of having strong financial backing, eType is completely free because it is truly focused on building a strong community of users, improving its predictive algorithm and releasing new features that will continue to enhance users’ writing skills.”

Installation and Setup

Installation is pretty basic following the install wizard, but there are a couple of things to pay attention to.


You can set it up to help improve eType and provide your email address for them to contact you for feedback.


During setup you can also choose from several different languages.


After installation is complete, you’re shown a congratulations screen and how to start using it.


eType in Action

To start with we went ahead and opened Notepad and started typing. After the first three keystrokes the eType box pops up with suggestions to complete the word you’re typing.


If a word isn’t recognized you can add it to the dictionary. This really comes in handy when writing documents that have odd acronyms and unique spellings.


The cool thing about eType is it will work with essentially any program or site that is compatible with Windows XP and above. Here we’re using it in Word 2010. When a suggested word comes up you can either user the pointer to select it, or simply hit the spacebar or Enter key.


Here we are using it in Google Docs and it works the same as with locally installed writing apps.


While it does work well with most programs and online services, we found it to be a bit buggy while using it in Pidgin and other IM clients. You might want to disable it when sending Instant Messages since abbreviations and emoticons are unique compared to professional writing.



At the bottom of the eType window you will notice a toolbar where you can select gear icon to change its settings and behavior.


Here you can choose things like the amount of letters typed before it makes a suggestion, hiding the suggestions windows after a period of time in your browser, and a keyboard shortcut to activate and disable the utility.


It allows you to set up different dictionaries so you can translate words into your native language which can come in handy when working with colleagues overseas.


It also lets you share eType with friends and colleagues through email, Facebook, and Twitter…



You can also access settings by right-clicking the Taskbar icon.


They also include a Scoreboard with a list of Badges you can earn based on how much you use eType and how you use it.



Remember that eType is still in Beta and you’ll experience some bugs with it like we did when using it with IM and some online forms. Luckily you can toggle it off by pressing Ctrl+F8 in those situations. Also if you’re using multiple monitors, the eType screen doesn’t follow you to the application you’re using. It does take some getting used to, but after using it for a while you will really enjoy having it. Also, we talked with the eType reps and there are a lot more features on the way, so look forward to that. 

Even with its few hiccups, it’s not a deal breaker by any means, and if you’re a writer looking for a tool to help your spelling and grammar, eType is definitely worth a look. The beta is completely free available by invite only…but we have 1,000 invites for you. Just go to the following link and get your copy of eType!

Download Free Copy of eTypeFirst 1,000 users

For more check out this quick demo video.

eType Demo

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 08/23/10

Comments (24)

  1. Anne

    Wow – can’t wait to try this. As a science writer, I have grumbled and groaned over skipping spell checks, and having to continually add to custom dictionaries. At least with this I may be able to do the same with a fraction of the keystrokes. Thanks

  2. Daniel Scalosub


    I’m Daniel, founder of
    First I would like to thank for writing a great post about eType.

    If you are downloading and trying out the software for the first time, know that your feedback is crucial to us. feel free to contact me directly with your comments, ideas and thoughts on how we can improve eType to work better for you. If you find bugs, we’re sorry :( please report it and we’ll do our best to fix them ASAP.

    Thanks and keep typing ;)

    Daniel Scalosub

  3. Naruto

    Wow, i will try it soon.

    Have you ever used Ginger to check spelling ?

    P/S : I’m using Pidgin too ;)

  4. Hannah

    Wow, I thought “another cool thing I can’t use because English isn’t my language”, my eyes widened when I saw the dictionary screenshot :D I’m going to try it now, if there are any invites left.

  5. brad

    Already found several bugs.

    I tried to contact them but their form just gives me errors and doesn’t specify a reason.

    The program ignores it’s own preferences and tries to launch itself at startup. Even if you change the preferences at install or in the program – it ignores them.

    The program does not work well on 2 or more screens. The program always displays on screen one even if you are typing on screen two or three.

    The program has potential; but if you value controlling your computer and your startup programs you will want to uninstall it.

  6. Ray

    The version that is available to download ( is different than the version ( that you made your screenshots. In the new version instead of disabled programs they added enables programs. By default there are 7 programs. I am wondering if it is possible to add more program to the list and if so, how?

  7. Ray

    The version that is available to download ( is different from the version ( that you made your screenshots. In the new version instead of disabled programs they added enables programs. By default there are 7 programs. I am wondering if it is possible to add more program to the list and if so, how?

  8. Chris

    I prefer to write in my own words. That’s why I don’t use predictive texting either. Still, looks like a nifty product, so if you want to go down that route, good luck and all the best!

  9. Mark e.

    just downloaded it and is to buggy for Beta, control F8 will not turn it on and off, and it does not paste correctly into the application you are using, great concept though.

  10. Luis Matoso

    Well i have tried in Windows XP, Vista and 7. I´ve typed the same letter in Word, Notepad,in all my browsers (IE8 and Firefox)and works just fine for me. I think i can say it gave’me much more security typing in english. If you do not want the program to launch itself at startup you have to unchecked that item in the advanced window of progam settings. Thanks v much

  11. Daniella TL

    Thanks again @mysticgeek for a great review :-)

    Thanks so much guys for all your support and feedback!

    Brad: Could be that you’ve missed some mandatory fields in the form. You are more than welcome to contact me directly at
    Thanks for pointing out the startup issue. Our technical team is on it :-)
    Currently eType doesn’t support multiple monitors. Therefore, it only works on the active monitor.
    We’re at the beginning of our beta phase, hopefully soon enough we’ll be able to add new feature such as multiple screens support.

    Ray: We’ve just launch this weekend the new version. We’ve just changed the options to “Enabled programs” based on the users’ requests. But, you can easily start/pause eType in any program using the shortcut keys Ctrl+F8.

    Mark: We have tried unsuccessfully to recreate your bug. Can you please contact me directly so I can get more details on how to solve it for you?

    Thank you all again, feedback from users like you means the world to us :-)

  12. Mark e.

    @ Dan, I emailed you last night so you have my email. If you have tested this on win7 64 then it is a conflict with something I am running that is not plain vanilla. Can I ask, is this working as a keyboard controller? Just wandering where to start looking for possible conflicts.

    Mark: We have tried unsuccessfully to recreate your bug. Can you please contact me directly so I can get more details on how to solve it for you?

  13. Abhishek K. Pandey

    Don’t know why it don’t work. While installing, it ask for internet connection, and although my net connection was already on, it shows error “can’t connect to server” (in the sense). Well after it it installed, but when I click its desktop icon it shows error “can’t find the shortcut”. And now, after reboot its not showing either in desktop or in Start Menu. But its showing in Installion list. So, Iam just installing it to give one more try.
    Will update on what happen next.

  14. Anne

    This is not eType-specific, but one aspect that is frustrating is the need to take my hand off the keyboard to scroll down for alternative words. I realize this is probably impossible to work around, but for those of us with short fingers having to move off the keyboard to get to the plural is a pain. If you can use ‘enter’ to select a word, is it not possible to program in a user-designated key-stroke to scroll down? For example, I rarely use backslash, so for me, being able to toggle the alternative words with that key would make my entire day, every day :-)

  15. Anne

    I forgot to add that I use the alternatives a lot, as most of my writing is technical. Other than that I like the program so far.

  16. Mark e.

    OK, found why eType was not working for me, it is incompatible with Tasker. Just have to remember to shut down one before using the other. :-)

  17. Zolta

    Problems !.
    I downloaded this and Norton & AVG Picked this up as a Trogen virus which is not good for a legit program !.
    I also tryed to install on VMware workstation running win xp in a virtual inviroment ( Safe ) on a win 7 machine 7 ultimate 32 & 64 bit and it failed the virus tests and to even to install, Infact i tryed 4 times to install virtual and then deleted it.
    However had it of worked i can see this been a good program ( I know its in beta ) but it does need work with my bad spelling hey who knows ! an i don’t like oysters !.

  18. Daniella TL

    Hey you guys, thanks again for the feedbacks :-)

    Anna: You can use the down/up arrow keys to go through the results.
    Also, you can use the side arrows to view more translations or to add a new one in case there aren’t any.
    We’ll try to emphasize this feature more.

    Abhishek: eType software installation requires running as Admin. This may be the cause of the errors. Please contact me directly and we’ll try to solve it together with our tech team

    Zolta: Our program requires internet connection for dictionaries and versions’ updates. Also, connection is needed for receiving new words and translations from users (happens only when users actively send them). On a privacy note; we don’t collect any private information.

    Mark: I’ve noticed you’re in contact with Daniel -Yeah I know it’s tricky, Daniel & Daniella…. ;-)
    Regarding the Tasker; since both programs are following the keyboard, unfortunately they’ll always contradict each other.

    Hope you guys are enjoying eType.
    For any more questions, comments & feedback, you are all welcome to-
    Tweet us @eType_com
    Write on our Facebook wall
    Thanks :-)

  19. Nazbir

    This eType tool is really an awesome tool , very useful . And I also like the thesaurus function .
    Really it made things easy for me . A big thanks to everyone who have contributed in the creation of this wonderfull tool .


  20. Mellower

    Don’t the screenshots show that this utility is useless?

    As you can see in the screenshots it distracts you with the autocomplete suggestion “menu” AFTER you already typed the word entirely.

    It takes more time and keystrokes to identify and navigate to the desired entry than to just type most words. It would be helpful for only long words but it has no context algorithm so it would be pointless to always show long words.

    The “Patent pending” in eType tells me that this “freeware” most probably will show ads along with my typing very soon. Name it “AdType” or “TypAd” and you will understand why it is “free”. Wanna bet? ;-)

  21. sophia

    i hav no i dea how i am suppose to type word
    wat i mean is
    i dont no how to use etype

  22. NowUKnow

    This software is full of ADWARE / SPYWARE.

    After installing it, your various messenger programs once you log into them will send to your contacts without your knowledge messages and emails telling them to download .

    Dont use or support software that does this kind of GARBAGE!

    thanks bye

  23. HMman

    I can’t believe no one noticed it says “Want’s Next?” as opposed to “What’s next?” on the fourth picture.

  24. rita

    please get me out off e type,,,please deleted it,or cancel it ,my husband hate it you stop this program e start ,, me plz.tha you have a good evening..

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