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How to Restore Your iPod Touch When Something Goes Wrong

Sometimes when adding music, apps, or updates to your iPod Touch or iPhone something goes wrong and it becomes unstable. Here we take a look at some basic steps on how to reset or restore it to help getting it working again.

Reset iPod Touch / iPhone

If your apps or music aren’t playing correctly, you probably want to start off with a simple Reset of your device. For instance when we showed you how to jailbreak your apple device, we needed to do a Reset for it to work properly.

To Reset the device go into Settings \ General \ Reset.


Then tap on Reset All Settings…


You will then get a warning twice asking if you’re sure you want to Reset. You won’t lose any of your data or media doing a Reset so go ahead and tap Reset All Settings…and your device will Restart.


After the Reset you will need to reconnect to any Wi-Fi connections when you want to use online apps.


Restore to Factory Defaults

Hopefully a simple Reset is all it will take to get things working correctly. However, there may come a time where you need to do a complete Restore. Make sure you backup all the files on your device as a Restore will set it back to the Factory Defaults and wipe out all of your data. To backup your most important files check out our article on how to use Dropbox with an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Note: For these examples we’re using iTunes for Windows on Windows 7 x64 and an iPod Touch 32GB running iOS 4.0.2

Connect you device to your computer and open iTunes (Make Sure you have the latest version). Then select your device from the Source panel.


To backup your device right-click on it and select Back Up.



Under the Summary tab in the Version box click on the Restore button.


You will get a message asking if you’re sure you want to Restore it to factory settings.


If you have items you’ve purchased from the iTunes Store you will see a message that they will be erased and you may need to purchase them again. All data will be lost, that is why it is very important you have it backed up.


Now the Restore process will kick off. You will here the USB “dong” noise a couple of times during the process.



When the Process has completed you will be presented with the Set Up You iPod screen where you can choose to set it up as a new iPod or Restore from a backup. Here we are selecting to restore from a backup…but whatever you have backed up might be what is causing the device to be unstable. You can try to restore from a backup first, but if that doesn’t work, set it up as a new iPod.



Then when it’s restored you will get a message to leave it connected while it restarts.


After the restore was complete…on our iPod there were several apps missing from the main menu…where before we had three screens worth.


To fix this you’ll need to manually go back and first check Sync Apps…


Then move them around to where you want them.

If you are experiencing problems with your iPhone or iPod Touch, it’s probably better to start troubleshooting with a Reset of the device…a lot of times we’ve found that is all it takes to work out small hiccups in the devices. However if you need to do a complete Restore, definitely make sure you backup everything that is important before proceeding.

This should help you out with troubleshooting your iPod Touch or iPhone that is experiencing some problems or instability. We will be taking a look at some more in depth troubleshooting in the near future so stay tuned for that. If you experience a problem that you can’t seem to fix no matter what you do…take it into your Apple dealer and see what they can do.

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 08/18/10

Comments (115)

  1. Melissa

    have and ipod and it says to connect to itunes and i tried restoreing it and it had and error message and it wont restore how do i fixt it ?

  2. Karl

    You could try installing iTunes on a different computer then attempt restoring the iPod with it. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

  3. Noah

    itouch is frozen — “slide to power off” and “cancel” show, but it doesn’t allow me to do anything. The lock but the screen is frozen. Just short of throwing it across the room — what can I do to unfreeze it?
    Thanks for your help!!!

    Noah, COS, CO

  4. Darrenhann

    1. Don’t throw it across the room
    2. Sorry I don’t know

  5. tamir

    I have an ipod touch and I understand how to restore it, but when I open the itunes there is no “devices” catagory (that I know it supposed to be in the lef side where the menu is) and my device is not there so I can’t restore my ipod :(
    please, if someone can help me it would be great!!

  6. Helper

    Turn off ipod. If you can’t, hold down the on-off switch at the top and home button at the same time for several seconds. Hold home button down while plugging in the ipod to computer. Try with itunes open and with it closed and then open-one way should work. Wait for several seconds still holding home button. Itunes should eventually ask if you want to restore your ipod.

  7. Gustavo Cano

    my ipod wont turn on at all. and when i plugged it to computer it shows no device connected. please someone help me :(

  8. Alejandra

    i restored my friends itouch on my computer because she doesnt have internet connection at home. doing this erased all her purchases. and because i did it through my itunes, her ipod was not backed up. is there any way i can redeem the prurchases for her?

  9. jojo

    firs call aaple then tell them your story

  10. Zazoo

    Just bought the ipod touch. Downloaded itunes, and everything was going great….until we updated the itune…..then, nothing! I have a black screen on the ipod with the apple and a bar underneath. Can’t close it, can’t do anything with it.
    Looked on-line for advices on how to reset it manually….but it doesn’t do anything,plug or unplug to the internet.
    I opened the itunes website….doesn’t recognise it on the left hand side of the itunes opening page…but I hear a little noise when plugging it in. Can’t see it either when I look under “my computer”……but when I click on “apps” on the left hand side of the itunes front page, it shows all my applications. When I click on “recently added”, it shows all my songs I have on it………..but can’t do anything with the actual ipod touch itself.
    Could you help me?

  11. Au

    Does the reset all settings(the first reset) delete restrictions but keeps all you apps,songs and notes. What I’m trying to ask is what does it delete?

  12. lindsey

    How do i restore an apple ipod touch generation 1 without an itunes account? I cannot create a apple itunes account without restoring the ipod..was purchased off someone an i dont know their itunes password info. To restore…

  13. Billie

    A friend got an apple ipod and let someone borrow it now it is stuck on the screen showing i-tunes icon and a picture of the usb port. without using itunes how can I unlock the ipod for them.

  14. Punk Rocker

    I Restore My Ipod Touch Cause I Wanted To Remove The Jail Break Shit & Now When I Turn It On It Stuck On The Ipod Logo What Do I Do

  15. Stacey

    Thank you so much for putting together such a clear and detailed step-by-step guide on how to restore an iPod Touch without losing any of the files! I had a strange thing happen to me: my iPod was all of the sudden asking for an alphanumeric passcode, which I never put in. I tried soft resetting, hard resetting, everything! I read about restoring, but I was a bit scared to do it until I came across your instructions because you made it seem so easy. I followed all your steps and I did have to re-organize my apps afterwards, but no big deal compared to not being able to access my iPod!

  16. Kelsi

    Um my ipod wont show that it’s connected to Itunes even though it is and it already erased everything off but it wont upload the new software……!!!!!!!!! What to do!!!!

  17. Todd DeVasure

    My computer crashed and now I cannot get into itunes to restore my ipad. My brother installed linux instead of windows. When I plug it into the computer, nothing. When I go to itunes, it doesn’t recognize it.

  18. Kandy

    My ipod touch has the connect to itunes on the screen but when i connect to computer it says it cannot detect device because I must enter the passcode on the ipod. I know the passcode but have no way to enter it because the stupid connect to itunes is all i can see on screen. I turn off & back on connect to computer…. it doesnt help. Anyone know how to fix? This is my daughters ipod & she is going nuts without it!

  19. Ian

    hey,i accidentally press never register..
    but i want to register my itouch
    how can i register my itouch?
    instead of restoring it.

  20. Jane Wright

    Thank you helper for your sound advice. Been trying to get my iPod Touch to work all day using advice from other websites and got nowhere. Just found, followed your advice and I got it working :):):):)
    Thanks. Don’t suppose you can fix cameras can you???!!! :)

  21. Matt

    I got my new ipod touch 2nd gen and i accidently erased all content and setting and now everytime i try to hook it up to the computer it says device not recognized and device unkown it won’t event pop up in itunes i need help!


    need help man

  23. Jennifah

    I have an iPod touch 4G a few months ago but the camera stopped working. When I click on the camera it opens but the lens won’t and sometimes I can view the pictures in my camera roll and sometimes I can’t, but if I’m using an app that requires me to take a picture then my iPod lets me take a picture but apart from that it doesn’t work. Help

  24. sean

    please help me. i was going to update my ipod, and then it just lost everything. but now when i go into my music and apps theres nothing there. there is also nothing in the itunes please help me.

  25. Lyndsay

    My iPod camera won’t work at all. I’ve tried resetting it and rebooting it, and still. Nothing. I can open the camera, but when I do so, nothing shows up. It just shows the shutter, and I can’t take a picture. The camera/video button flashes, but I can’t do anything. Can you please help?

  26. Lyndsay

    ^^^ I can’t even take a picture with a photo app also. The screen just shows black if I open up an app to take a picture. The lens aren’t cracked or anything. I need help!

  27. s smith

    My daughter has accidentally pressed Erase all content and settings on her ipod touch and has now lost everything, when i plug it back into my computer it is saying that itunes cannot connect to the itunes store and make sure my network connection is active and try again, yet when i plug my iphone in i have no problem, does anyone know how i will get all the info back on my daughters ipod touch




  28. butler

    my iPod touch 3rd gen and when i plug it in all it does is stay on the apple screen and doesn’t change and it wont register on my computer either. how can i fix this ? i need help cheers.

  29. Cheyenne

    just got my ipod in june…..and it keeps on frezzing when i am on youtube… when im on games it also dose the same. i tried to restore it but it didnt work is there anyother way i can get it from stop frezzing all the time?

  30. Damien

    my ipod has went to the restore/update screen and i have a new computer i tried downloading itunes and pluging my ipod in but it keeps saying i cant connect without puting in the pass code first but i cant do that because it is stuck on that screen how do i fix it??

  31. Mea

    I love my i pod so much and dont want too mess it up or lose my data while i reset it since it has been actin up on me. i kno im suppose too save my data too i tunes but i dont kno how. can someone plz help. i feel like im a new mom. lol!

  32. Cam

    My iPod is disabled for21,726,764 mins.
    and i dont have itunes how can i restore it.?

  33. kaitlyn

    so i have a jailbroken ipod, 3rd generation, 32 gigs. and i tried to take the jailbroken off. so i tried to restore it on the computer. then the last step, it said that something was wrong with the network. so i reset the network on the ipod. nothing i tried to reset the ipod, like you showed in the 1st step here. and my ipod will only show the apple. it will not turn on. even plugged into the computer, it will recognize it, but it will still only show the apple. also, nothing changes when i put it on an ihome. PLEASE HELP. i have no idea how to fix it.

  34. Ian

    i bought this ipod 2nd generation 8gb of my mate it was working fine unyil i found his name on all the apps so i went to “rest allm settings” and my ipod turned off and hasnt been on since the screen has lit up but that was only when i was trying to restore it im so wound up about it so i need to know a cure CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  35. Matt

    K….i didn’t know what i was doing until i got here…but b4 i got here i accidently chose Erase all Content and Settings….and the ipod wont even start up…its only at a blank black screen….is there a way to fix this so i only can Reset All Settings???

  36. luis

    the music app dosent workk!! i hate my ipod i hope it burns!! <.<

  37. mr.guy

    i bought ipod touch and want to reset the pass word because the password the person gave did not work

  38. David

    I got an app called AoD and I played it a lot, but then my ipod didn’t work so i need help. My battery was near full and when i went to my itunes account i pluged my ipod in to try to restore it. But the summary tab is gone. When i plug my ipod in nothing happens. Please help.

  39. manisha patek

    hi my name is manisha patel i have my ipod touch 32GB but idont no some wrong no turn on &nothing on my scrin so what can i do

  40. Andrea

    Im Trying To Restore My Ipod Because My Little Cusin Was Messing Aroung With My Ipod And Somehow She Made It Do Something That I cant Change Back. It Like This Voice Command Thing That You Have To Double Tap Or It Reads You Everything You Have On Ur Ipod. It Wont Let Me Scroll Down To Reset It. What Do I Do please HELP ME ASAP D:

  41. Abby

    Hi, Okay my 4th generation ipod touch is doing something really weird. Everytime i want to go to my apps it says the name of the app then makes me double click it….. I need help really fast that way i can go bck to textin!!!

  42. jolas

    hi,i reset my ipod touch 32gb without using itunes or laptop (no back up)when the time i do switch on it would not ON..i go to itunes to fix it but there is something wrong that cannot restore again…can u please help me what to do with this?…thnx a lot

  43. shelby

    I forgot my password on my actual ipod touch and it keeps disabling itself and people tell me you can like restore your ipod or reset it from your account how do you do it cause it says to click on the name of my ipod but mines locked so I cant do anything with it so otherwise how do you restore it ????

  44. anomyous

    there was an error message on my computer that wouldn’t let me sync my ipod to my computer so i reseated it but i made a backup before i did the reset after the reset finished i backed up my ipod then i turned on my ipod and none of my apps where there and i checked my computer to see if i could just put them back on by pressing sync apps but nothing happened. WHAT SHOULD I DOOOO!!!!!!!!

  45. Batchick

    Ok, i have the Ipod touch device, and something went wrong. Every time i try to turn it on, the connect to Itunes image pops up. I go to Itunes and attempt to fix the problem, but it says I must restore to original factory mode. I can not do that because of all the valuable data. PLEASE HELP!!

  46. claire

    my back camera on my ipod works but the camera in the front wont work what should i do :)

  47. judy

    somehow i set a screen lock on my sons ipod touch and do not know what the passcode is.
    i inadvertently zoomed the screen and then clicked on several buttons on the large view screen. when i realized how to “unzoom” there was a screen lock and i couldn’t figure out the passcode. there was no screen lock prior to my zooming in the screen.

    so now i am faced with losing all my sons photos, etc. bc i can’t download them onto my home computer. i do not know the code (as i’m guessing i hit random numbers) to unlock the screen so after looking online realize the only way to regain access is to reset back to factory settins.

    HELP! am i making this more difficult than it needs to be? and why can’t i download his pics onto my computer?

    ps- it’s an ipod touch 4G

  48. sabrina

    okay, so my ipod said plug into itunes, so i did. and it tottaly wiped everything that i had and now itunes isnt doing anything they dont have my apps music pictures videos everything was on there but now is gone. idk what to do HELP!!!!!

  49. Larry

    When I connect my iPod to the computer it says there is a connection error and tells me I have to restore. I don’t want to restore it I have a lot I can’t get rid of. I’m far in some games.

  50. Yuneek

    I bought an ipod from someone who didn’t know what the passcode was, and the passcode it not a normal four digit code, it’s like a bunch of dots like on a droid, and when i try to restore it, it’s almost done then says “iTunes cannot restore ipod, unknown error (2003). I’ve tried everything to try to restore it, i also tried dfu mode, and it’s still happening. I’ve been pulling my hair out for the past four days, could someone PLEASE help me!!! I’m using a laptop using windows xp, is that the problem?

  51. anonymus

    Everytime I try to use the Ipod Software Update to restore my Ipod, it keeps saying ‘ERROR’. Does ANYONE know how to fix this?

  52. LutyR

    Hey! when I try to restore my settings from my last backup, itunes says that i can’t restore because the backup session failed. what can i do? i’m worried because I’ve got more than 1000 pix on my last backup :/ help me! it’s important!

  53. eamono

    does it show up in itunes at all?

  54. ken

    same problem as:
    Ok, i have the Ipod touch device, and something went wrong. Every time i try to turn it on, the connect to Itunes image pops up. I go to Itunes and attempt to fix the problem, but it says I must restore to original factory mode. I can not do that because of all the valuable data. PLEASE HELP!!

  55. Alex

    plz help my new i pod touch 4g wont let me scroll down and everytime i push something for ex.. settings i have to click it and then double click it to open its just started today plz help!!!

  56. sarah

    when i turn on my ipod, where you usally see “slide to unlock” it says “ipod disabled connect to itunes” but when i connect it to itunes, it says this ipod is protected with a passcode, so i’m dead locked :/ I have been trying to fix it for like EVER!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

  57. tacia

    omg me 2, i think.. My passcodes been changed by my friend but she forgot what she changed it 2, i held the home button & power button until it came up with the iTunes logo & the usb connecter port thingy, I connected it 2 iTunes like instructed, & it says some shit about restoring it but the restore button on sumary tab is unclickable, its light grey. This happened a few years back & i resolved it by taking it 2 the apple shop.

  58. Chiee

    i forgot my passwrd for my ituch and my laptop that i had my files on my itouch is broken :(
    can smeone pls help me please :(

  59. Kiki


    I just recently brought the ipad 2 and I made a passcode on it and evidently just forgot it all together, and what’s happened is now it’s disabled and is telling me to connect to itunes, but the problem is, THE IPAD WAS SYNCED TO THE APPLE STORE COMPUTER WHEN I BROUGHT IT and I don’t live in that city and there is no apple store here. When I try to restore it on itunes it says ipad cannot connect to itunes until you enter the passcode but I don’t know the passcode! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! I’m so desperate!

  60. Kennyhnin

    My ipod had been locked for 12 years already and when i did as the followings that have told but i have to install one program ipod software update and took a long hour.Aren’t there another better way to restore them?Please help

  61. Kennyhnin

    help me i have to download some file that take about 1 hours isn’t there others ways?

  62. dude whos stressed

    hey i tried to restore my ipod but then the screen jus went black when i put the usb thingy and it was fully charged im gnna throw it cross the room cuz of frustation can sum1 help

  63. Rosalie Hanson

    I wanted to delete the music on the Ipod Itouch, 32 gb, and then when it was done, the screen only shows a symbol of a usb plug and the iTunes symbol, when I connect it to my MacBook Pro, it doesn’t do a thing. How do I fix this? Please help. Thank you.

  64. kirsty

    i have been given an iPod touch 2nd generation by my friend because she got a new one … but when i got it home to put my music on it, it gets stuck on the connect iPod to iTunes screen…. also on my Itunes it pops up with an error message saying @itunes could not connect to the ipod to “ipod touch” because it is locked with a pass must enter your pass code into the ipod before it can be used with i tunes but i do not have a code and it has frozen on the connect to itunes screen … HELP muchly needed !!!

  65. antonio

    if you get locked out of your i pod like if you forget the password how do you get it unlocked?? ipod touch

  66. alexia

    i tried to restore my ipod but it keeps sayin error 40..can i do something to fix it or does it require me to go get it fixed?

  67. hey

    my sister was fiddling around with my ipod and got my password wrong too many times and it said disabled connect to itunes and i restored it and everything but i forgot to back it up and now my ipod has none of my data. PLEASE HELP ME

  68. Neil

    I was synching music to my ipod touch, as i do regularly without any problems but this time it said there were all these faults etc so i tried to RESTORE to factory settings, seemed to be working as it says “itunes is restoring the software on this ipod” how long should this take? as it seems to have frozen, the bar isn’t even passed 10% (estimate). I left it like this overnight hoping it would be done but its STILL no further along!!! WTF? Is there anything i can do? Im not a technical person and don’t understand computer language lol,
    I can’t go without my ipod, plz plz HELP!!!

  69. Kassandra

    My ipod was acting up, told me my I was having issues with my photos in my album and that I had to fix the problem in my album. So I went to my album and it did like a restore of my pictures or something… When it was done, I noticed a couple pictures missing, didn’t think much about it until my iTouch froze a few minutes later. I did a hard reboot, just by holding down the home key and the lock key.. and now it won’t turn back on. I tried connecting it iTunes, and it told me that the iTouch was in recovery mode.. I don’t know what to do.. and I REALLY don’t want to lose my pictures… :( Help?

  70. Alexandera

    Soo i just update my ipod “worest idea” cuzzz i lost everythng nd it was backed up but i cant find any of my thing ONLY music but my apps and picc are gonne !! HOW CAN I FIND MY APPS ???

  71. roshan

    I forgot my password for my itouch ….I dont no Wat to do….plsz…help me…

  72. Tanu

    I have the same problem as Roshan, please help.

  73. Shampyne

    K i have a problem with my ipod touch my kids was playing with it and locked it..i dont know the there anyways someone can help me..thanks

  74. veronica

    how do i fix my ipod when it says connect to itunes but i have to unlock it first but i cant unlock it because it says to connect to itunes

  75. veronica

    i have the same problem as kristy plzzzzzzz helppp

  76. veronica

    how do i fix my ipod when it says to connect to itunes but when i try to unlock it or turn it off the screen wont work.

  77. barbara

    Hi, my son has used the pin button on top of his ipad to restore factory settings ? now all we get is apple logo what do we do?

  78. Kelly

    I tried to Jailbreak my iPod.. Then when i tried to download something when I had Cydia it just got stuck on the Apple screen, so I put it into UDF mode when plugged into my iTunes. I’m trying to restore it now, to bring it back to an unbroken iPod touch 4G… But it doesn’t have my capacity, the Software Version, or the Serial Number.. It doesn’t even recognize it as my iPod.

    HELP PLEASE. I just want my iPod back :(

  79. addison

    i was listening to music, and my ipod just shut off on me. i tried to turn it back on and it took forever when it did finally come on. it only stayed on for a second then turner off.
    it has done this once before about 2 weeks ago. PLEASE HELP!

  80. Jamia

    I have an ipod an it has been cracked.But it come’s on and i know the password.It is froze cant tipe slide it or nothing i need help gettting my ipod back in motion.

  81. SchoolChic

    Whenever I want to add apps or take photos, it says that I need to delete some photos but the thing is, I have no photos at all!!! What can I do??? Please help me!!!

  82. Janelle+{

    Please Help! My Ipod Touch, 2nd Generation, recently told me to plug it in to itunes. I did, it then said it needs to be restored, so I did. But, after I restored it…I had nothing!! No apps, music. memorable pictures…It was unbearable!! Please HELP

  83. kyle mina

    my problem is my ipd model A1288 is nothing loading or not opening

  84. Whitshot24

    I just bought my ipod two weeks ago and today I turned on my ipod to take a pic and I pushed camera button n it opens but the shutter stays closed and the bottom right corner of my ipod touch screen lightly flashes n the shutter still doesnt open. I resetted it and restored it and my camera still wont work. I didnt buy a warranty because im very careful but now I think its broken is there anything that you know of that will help me figure this out?

  85. Amber

    ok so i want to restore my ipod cuz i tryed a jailbreak thinger called limera1n and it just reset my ipod so i opened itunes and clicked retore and it was downloading the software then itunes says there is a problem downloading the software what can i do??

  86. mykia davis

    my ipod goes to this screen and on the screen there is a picture of the charger and a picture that says i tunes so we tried connecting it to itunes for 2 hours and it didnt work so what do i do

  87. kate

    thank you thank you. Your simple step by step of how to reset has brought my recording device back to life. It is a major resource for my current music project as I use it to record each rehearsal. That little ‘reset’ button alluded me. Thank you google for allowing me to find you. Thank you ‘How to geek’ for watching the back of us luddites. With your support, I am dropping this self description and embracing the new world.

  88. Nelson

    By an accident my sister went to my newwork settings on my ipod and told it to forget my home wirless network now when i try to connect back it does not connect i reset my ipod restored it nothing seems to work “HELP WANTED”!

  89. Susan

    I’m having a problem with my ipod, it won’t restore, error 6 keeps coming up but I’m not sure if I was supposed to restore it before downloading songs on it. Please help me

  90. lizy

    my ipod will not turn off all of the wayit is doing that thig it does before it turns off it has been doing it for like an hour help me

  91. jordyn

    my Ipod touch is not turning off all of the way it is stouch on the thing it does before turning off it has been doing it for forever i have tried conecting it to itunes to restore it but when i plug it in it say unknow error HELP ME NOW :'(

  92. Emma

    my ipod touch is only showing the itunes symbol and a usb plug so i did as it said and plugged it into itunes. Once there it said itunes has discovered an ipod in recovery please restore to factory settings??? I tried to back it up like you demonstrated but i would not let me. If possible please help!!!! thank you

  93. Mk

    I got a ipod 3 rd grneratoin a few months ago,but whenever i go to yputube,it says that it cannot connect to youtube and i am in a wifi zone,………,,,PLZ HALP!!!!!!!!!!! Thx

  94. Bobby

    I have the iPod touch 4g. And when I lock the screen it goes black like it should. But illuminates after 15 seconds. And black and light over and over again what should I do. It is restored too factory settings

  95. stacy.

    i just got an ipod touch like seriously 5 minutes ago.. i turned it on. & it said i have a lock code ? but i didn’t set sone up! what do i do !?

  96. Caitlin

    Thanks so mutch for this.

  97. Kara

    I did the ios5 update and backed up my ipod touch 4th generation. I lost all of my pics and videos when I did the update. Now whenever I connect my ipod to itunes it askes me if I wasnt to restore my backup but it asks me for a password. The problem is I don’t recall even setting a password and none of my usual passwors work! What do I do? I had over 300 pics and videos, mostly of my daughter and I want them back ;(

  98. mztata

    my ipod it would turn on but it has a cord dat pplugs into the cp and it says itunes so i think im supppose to connect to itune or wat pls give me more info cause dis is not helping tahnks get it straight

  99. Travis

    Ok, So a deuchbag Disabled my IPod Touch. He tried to put in the wrong password too many times and now it’s disabled for life. By this I mean, it says “please connect to ITunes” But the thing is it wont connect to my ITunes. ITunes say’s ipod is locked, please unlock and retry. I got mad and threw it across the room. But it still turns on. What DO I DO?

  100. Katie

    Will I loose all the data on my games

  101. Jack

    Some of the songs on my ipodtouch have a album picture of a different album i don’t know why help

  102. steve

    hello my boss recently bought an ipod on the streets i believe lol so since he thinks i know so much about this stuff he asked me to restore it for him but it is disabled and my itunes wont let me restore it what should i do lol always an error message i put it in recovery and then tried to restore but there is an error message

  103. Connor

    when i turn my ipod on it comes up saying i need to plug my ipod onto itunes and when i do i cant update or anything i can only restore but i dont want to loss all of my apps and i cant get onto the main menu on the ipod to click restore so i can keep all apps… help PLEASE!!

  104. willie

    i bought a used ipod touch 2nd generation i clicked on erase all contents and settings and now it is stuck on the apple logo with a black screen how do i get it off of there and functional again?

  105. Memma

    someone took my ipod on the bus and now its a messed up you have to doubble click everything and you cant scroll down or up any of the pages!! please help me mmy ipod isnt working well at all!! I NEED HELP PLEASE!

  106. Natalie Rosenburg

    I accidently set my IPod to some weird setting where you have to double click everything and you cannot scroll up or down so what you said to do wont work. I am freaking out please help me!

  107. Michelle

    My screen is not working on my Ipod. I can’t get the touch screen to register anything I try to slide or tap. Sometimes the passcode screen comes up and the slidebar is moving on it’s own in a stuttering movement and sometimes it is typing a passcode on it’s own and coming up wrong password. I have tried to restart it, restart and sync it through ipod. I haven’t dropped it in water or on the floor. It just started up all by itself. It is about 2 years old.

  108. ally

    my i pod touch the 4th generation the home button wont click and i am not sure what to do can you please help me please :( & if you get it replaced what will hapen to all your pictures & stuff will they get deleted? please answer my question and help me please(:

  109. Brett Austin

    My iPod keeps turning on and off I haved restored it 3 times and still does can anyone please help thanks!!!!!!


    Does it work with IPod touch 4G? and will it unjailbreak?

  111. Aaron Crane

    HELP i restet my i-pod touch 8 hours ago and it still is just coming up with the starting up screen i need help badly :(

  112. Aaron Crane


  113. Mandy

    I have an 2nd Gen iPod and it dropped a couple times an now it says slide to power off and cancel buttons. I tried to restore the iPod and it still had the problem. Also when I press the home button it takes a picture. I’m also getting really mad because when I just look at the screen and it flashes off to a black screen. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Renee

    My phone had a camera on it and now it is completely gone. Can you tell me how to get my picture taking ability back?

  115. Alyson

    Hey ok so I accidentally rebooted my computer and it lost all of my music… I just downloaded i-tunes again but how do I transfer all my music and apps and pictures (everything on my i-pod touch) to my computer so it reads all of it and won’t delete anything on my i-pod?

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