One of the more annoying things with replying or forwarding emails is the original message you reply to says open and you have to manually close out of it. Here we show you how to alleviate the annoyance.

Outlook 2010

In Outlook 2010 click on the File tab to access Backstage View, then click on Options.

Then in the Options window select Mail in the left column. Now in the right column scroll down to Replies and forwards and check Close original message windows when replying or forwarding and click OK to close out of Options.

Outlook 2007

You can make this adjustment in Outlook 2007 too, go to Tools \ Options…

In the Options screen under the Preferences tab click on the E-mail Options button.


Then check Close original message on reply or forward, click OK and OK again to close out of Outlook Options.

Outlook 2003

This setting is available in Outlook 2003 as well. Setting it up is basically the same as in 2007. Click on Tools \ Options…

Then under the Preferences tab and E-mail click the E-mail Options button.

Then check Close original message on reply or forward and click OK.

This is a quick and easy tweak and saves you the extra step of closing out of the message you reply to or forward. While this isn’t a spectacular tip to speed up Outlook, it will definitely help. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.