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How To Add Live Web Pages to a PowerPoint Presentation

Have you ever wanted to demonstrate a live website during a PowerPoint presentation?  Here’s how you can insert a live webpage into a PowerPoint presentation so you can show the exact content you’re talking about.

No matter what you’re giving a presentation about, sometimes it can be useful to show your audience information from the internet.  You could always create a screenshot of the webpage you’re demonstrating, but chances are the screenshot may be out of date by the time you give your presentation.


A better solution is to use live information from the web in your presentation.  By default, PowerPoint doesn’t support inserting a live web page, but you can easily do this with the LiveWeb add-in.

Head to the LiveWeb website (link below), and download the correct version for your version of PowerPoint.  We selected the 2007/2010 version in this test.


Once it’s downloaded, extract the files as normal.


Now, in PowerPoint, open the Options window.  In PowerPoint 2010, you can do this by clicking the File button and selecting Options; in PowerPoint 2007, click the Office orb and select Options.

Select Add-Ins on the left side, then select PowerPoint Add-ins from the Manage menu, and click Go.


This will open the PowerPoint Add-ins window.  Click Add New to add the LiveWeb addin we downloaded previously.


Browse to the folder where you extracted the LiveWeb addin, and select it.

PowerPoint may warn you that the addon contains a macro.  Click Enable Macros to continue.


Now you should see LiveWeb listed in the Add-Ins window, and you’re ready to add a live webpage to your PowerPoint presentation.


Using LiveWeb in PowerPoint

Now that LiveWeb is installed, you’re ready to insert live internet data in your presentations.  From the Insert tab, select Web Page from the LiveWeb section.


This will open a quick Wizard interface that will help you insert a webpage into your presentation.


Enter the website you’d like to visit in the first line, then click the Add button.  Make sure to include http:// in front of the website address.  Once you’ve added the website you wish to visit, click Next.


LiveWeb will automatically refresh the web page, but if you want you can uncheck the box.  Click Next to continue.


Now choose how much of the slide you want the webpage to cover, and select where you want to position the page.  You can always change this later if you like.


Once it’s finished, click Finish to return back to PowerPoint.


LiveWeb will let you know it successfully added the web page to your slide.


You’ll now see a Windows 98-style logo in your slide, showing where your live webpage will be located.


Feel free to resize or move the webpage section in your slide however you want.


To view the actual web content, you’ll need to start a slideshow.  Click the slideshow button at the bottom of the window to switch quickly.

Now you’ll see a live webpage loaded right inside your PowerPoint presentation.  You can markup the slide as you would any other with PowerPoint tools, or you can interact with the website just as you would in a browser.


If you need to change your webpage, click the Edit Page Property button on the Insert tab.

Enter the new website address you want, and finish as before.


You can also add multiple web pages to a presentation if you’d like.  You could even make a webpage comparison like we did with screenshots in our first slide.  Only difference here is, the web pages are both live, and you could demonstrate how to use them to your audience.


When you save your presentation, you’ll need to save it as a Macro-enabled presentation in .pptm format to preserve the web data.  Note that you’ll be able to view the presentation on another computer only if it has the LiveWeb addon installed.  Since it’s a free addon, you could keep a copy of it on your flash drive so you could easily install it if you need to show your presentation on another computer.


Whether you’re trying to teach a class about computer usage or demonstrate your new website for your company’s board members, the LiveWeb addin makes it easy to incorporate live web pages in your presentations.  There are many ways you could use this, so let us know how you use live web pages in your presentations to make information come alive!

If you’d like to use live web data in other Office applications, here’s how you can Use Online Data in Excel 2010 Spreadsheets.

Download the LiveWeb Add-in for PowerPoint

Matthew digs up tasty bytes about Windows, Virtualization, and the cloud, and serves them up for all to enjoy!

  • Published 08/18/10

Comments (15)

  1. Jonathan Duck

    Does anyone know what the web pages render with. If I had to guess it would be Internet Explorer.

  2. Peter

    This sounds like a lot of work – macro’s, add-in, configuration, etc… – when it would almost always be easier and more robust to just add a hpyerlink to the web site onto the slide in question and just let your default web browser open to display the page instead.

  3. Gary

    @Peter: Its really not. I found that i had to change Macro security before it would let me add the add-in. But after that, the steps are not that bad. I tried it today and it works great.

    I have one major complaint: You can’t save it in Powerpoint 2003. It makes you save it as a Powerpoint 2007 macro enabled presentation. 2003 will open the file, but won’t load the XML of the page, so the webpage you added won’t display. Its only a macro, so does anyone know of a better way to do this?

  4. Gary

    I got my own answer. When using this with Powerpoint 2003, just save it as a regular powerpoint (title.ppt) file. Saving it as a macro enabled powerpoint presentation will cause it to not work properly after saving it (unless you are opening it with Powerpoint 2007. The Powerpoint 2007 Viewer will NOT display the LiveWeb sections)

  5. Ella

    Yes, all of it is easy to do. Problem for me is; I cannot see the add-in in PowerPoint on Insert tab.
    Any idea why? I have version 2007.

  6. Victor

    Like Ell, I too have the add-in loaded, but cannot see it on the insert ribbon in 2007.

  7. CharlieL

    Ditto for me, too. The add-in shows up as enabled on the Add-Ins window, but the “LiveWeb” section does NOT appear on the Insert tab of the ribbon as in the posted illustrations. Is it possible that the code of the add-in accidentally has “visible=false”? It’s interesting that three of us are suddenly encountering this problem on the same day. I only first learned of LiveWeb and downloaded it today (16-Sep-2010).

    I have a little familiarity with these issues from having written Ribbon XML code for Excel 2007 a couple of years ago, but it’s fading for me. And, of course, I don’t have access to the source code of the add-in. I also have nothing but good to say about other PPT-related software that Shyam Pillai has written in the past, but I don’t know how to send a message.

  8. CharlieL

    I did succeed in contacting Shyam Pillai, who responded quickly by posting a bug fix at
    It works for me now.

  9. Ella

    Here is a Disclaimer from the add-in package:
    All of the files available in this download are provided as-is, without any warranty or support. All use of this utility is at your own risk. The add-in has been tested with PowerPoint 97, PowerPoint 2000, PowerPoint 2002 and PowerPoint 2003 beta (with/without Service Packs) where appropriate. This does not guarantee that they will work on your machine.

    Shyam Pillai.

    Does this explain the reason? and you have his contact…

  10. Victor

    It works great on another machine running PP2003. I used the .exe to install. I would love to sse it on 2007!

  11. Shyam Pillai

    For people reporting the missing menu items in PPT 2007. I recently updated the program to support Office 2010 64-bit version and in the process removed the ribbon xml for PPT 2007. Sorry about that. It’s all good now. If you download the latest update the ribbon items will appear in PPT 2007. Thanks.

  12. Matthew Guay

    @Shyam Pillai – Thanks for stopping by and letting us know. And thanks for the cool plugin as well!

  13. Ella

    Works beautifully now! Thanks a lot Shyam!

  14. Victor

    Thank you! Works great!

  15. Booga

    Is there any way to make this work on PowerPoint Viewer? Any other software?

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