Life isn’t just about how-to articles, interesting downloads, and Friday Fun. The new How-To Geek ETC section is here to bring you everything else—geeky news items and random links that we’ve found while browsing the interwebs.

The more faithful readers will probably have already noticed that this section has been around for a few weeks now—we’re just getting around to announcing it officially, and giving you a way to subscribe for updates.

Why How-To Geek ETC?

We spend so much time browsing around and looking through geeky sites online that we always have a ton of extra links that don’t really fit with our main focus (which is how-to articles, if you hadn’t guessed), and we wanted to find a good way to share these with  you. Rather than overload your RSS with loads of extra posts, we figured we’d create a separate section, with a separate feed.

You can access the ETC section anytime from the new ETC tab, and some of the posts will also be shown on the front page of the site as well, but not all of them. If you’re just browsing around, make sure you visit the ETC section for the latest random stuff.

Here’s How to Subscribe to ETC Posts

If you want to subscribe to How-To Geek ETC in your favorite feed reader, whether it be iGoogle, Google Reader, Firefox, etc… you can get all the latest goodness by clicking this button:


If you’d rather subscribe on Twitter, you can do so by following @howtogeeknews, which will give you every post on HTG, whether it be how-to articles from the main site, or random links from ETC.

Totally Random Geeky Links

Sometimes we find stuff that’s just random and interesting…

Darth Vader. Only You Could Be So Bold

[Fun Images] You Know You’re a Geek When…

This Windows Future Phone Concept is Unrealistically Fun

This Commodore 64 Emulator is Written in Javascript

Fun Wallpaper

We’re always on the lookout for interesting wallpaper for our roundup posts. Here’s some interesting ones that didn’t fit into a category.

Use the Twitter Fail Whale as Your Desktop Wallpaper

Play a Fun Trick on Somebody with a Broken Monitor Wallpaper

Here’s a Beautiful Golden Fields Wallpaper for Widescreen Displays

Blue Tunnel Wallpaper Looks Impressive

Desktop Customization

If you want to customize your desktop, we’ll be finding interesting themes, skins, and more.

This Customized Windows 7 Desktop Has Impressive Taskbar Icons

Awesome Winamp Controller Skin for Rainmeter

Metro Theme Brings the Windows Phone 7 Interface to Firefox

Interesting Geek News

We’re not going to cover everything in the news, there’s just too much, and it’s mostly boring. We try to find interesting stuff you might not have seen yet.

Microsoft Money Plus is Now Available for Free

Now You Can Control Your PC with Your Mind

CCleaner Enhancer Adds 270 New Rules to CCleaner

Trillian 5 Beta for Windows Released

Google Wave Dies a Deadly Death

deviantART Adds an Awesome Web-Based Drawing App

How-To Articles from Other Sites

It’s sometimes hard to believe, but there are actually other how-to sites out there. Every so often we might point out something interesting we’ve found.


You Can Reset Your Forgotten Windows Password with the Sticky Keys Trick

How to Rename Libraries, Computer, and Favorites in Windows 7 Explorer’s Navigation Pane

Random Geeky Real-Life Stuff

I’m not sure what “real life” actually means.

Make Your Own Pac-man Cork Board

Can You Make Money Mining Gold from Motherboard Connectors?

Super Mario Family Car Stickers are Better Than Stick Figures

Looks Like Cars Will Need Digital Firewalls Soon

Fun Gaming Stuff

It doesn’t get geekier than retro gaming.

Play the Atari 2600 Version of Halo in Your Browser

Every Position of the Rubik’s Cube Can Be Solved in Twenty Moves or Less


Turn a Wii Wheel and an Android Phone into a Killer Retro Gaming Device

Fantastic Contraption 2 is an Awesome Time-Wasting Physics Game

Play Pacman in Your Browser Without Browser Plugins

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