Ever find yourself needing a quick unit conversion and wishing for an easy access solution?  Now you can have unit conversion goodness on your home computer and as a portable app with Convert for Windows.

Note: Convert will also work on Linux and UNIX systems running Wine. You will need to change the tab layout to use a single row. Go to Options –> Preferences –> Tabs and deselect the Multiple Lines option.


If you choose to use the exe file setup for Convert, there are a total of five install windows to go through. Installation is simple and straightforward.

If you opt for the portable version, simply place the portable exe file in the location (desktop or folder) that best suits your needs and create a shortcut if desired (non flash drive setup).

What Convert Looks Like

Here you can see that Convert has a wonderful tabbed interface that will allow you to quickly and easily switch between unit types for conversion. Simply choose your beginning unit type, the unit type that you are wanting to convert to, and enter the information into the Input Field. The Output Field will automatically display the information that you need. Wonderful!

A quick look at the menu setup for Convert…

The Preferences Window


You can decide the number of decimal places generated, to display the hand symbol on the main window, to use or not use scientific notation, and if you would like to have warnings about negative values for Kelvin displayed.

You can choose which Unit Type Tabs that you would like to have displayed and change the order that they are placed in.

Create settings for Custom Conversions that you can add to Convert.


Convert is a wonderful software to have with you wherever you are…at home, the office, or at school.  Enjoy never having to worry about unit conversion again!


Download Convert Exe File (version 4.10) 

Convert for Windows Homepage

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