Friday Fun: Desktop Tower Defense Pro

By Brian Burgess on July 17th, 2009

For this week’s Friday Fun we take a look at what is arguably the coolest tower defense game ever.  Here at How-To Geek we have been huge fans of Desktop Tower Defense now we take a look at the new and improved Pro version.

The strategy is to place towers that contain different types of weaponry in the way of the Creeps before they pass through.  They come in waves so you want to make sure to block their path and upgrade the towers so they have enough power to destroy the Creeps.


This Pro version has different levels you go through to complete.


Before you begin a new level you will be introduced to he new towers and how to use them.


There is also a good amount of options to play different style games.


The beginning levels are pretty easy but as you progress they Creeps come faster and are more difficult to kill.  There are also more openings for the Creeps to pass through so you need to defend them well.


This improved version is just as fun as the original with new scenarios and more fluid play.


Be warned that when you start playing you probably won’t want to quite because this game is highly addictive.  Desktop Tower Defense Pro is such a great game you will be happy to go to the office and “work”.


Play Desktop Tower Defense Pro

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  • Published 07/17/09
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