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How Do I Hide from Specific People on Facebook Chat?

Everybody’s got that one family member on Facebook that you just don’t want to talk to, but they bug you every time you sign into Facebook chat anyway—here’s how to sign on without them seeing you.

The simple solution to this problem is to create a new List for the friends you want to hide from, and then set that list to offline in Facebook chat. You can start off by clicking on Friends on the left-hand menu.


Then click on the Create a List button, of course…


First, you’ll want to give the list a name—I chose “Hidden Chat” since it seemed logical. Next, add your annoying family members and co-workers to the list, as well as anybody that doesn’t eat delicious Reuben sandwiches.


Now pop up your Facebook Chat screen, and click the little green toggle switch.


At this point you’ll be signed out for those people. Yay!


You can also easily add or remove people from the Hidden Chat list by just clicking the little edit link that launches the List edit screen.

Thanks to Brenna for pointing out this tip.

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  • Published 08/9/10

Comments (15)

  1. Mikoo

    So, how come Katie is still shown as online in the “Work People group”?

  2. Dallas

    Does this keep the “Hidden Chat” people hidden on Pidgin???

    I used to have a list like this, but I don’t think it kept them hidden when I signed into facebook chat using Pidgin.

    Any tips from Pidgin users?

  3. Dallas

    ok so I just went ahead and tested this myself. It looks like it will hide them from pidgin as well, but you have to turn the “Hidden Chat” list on and off in facebook . . . annoying.

  4. SupaSusan

    Thankyou for the info. always a great help. Why can’t I see the chat section on the bottom of my page when I have friends online?

  5. Tony

    Can people see when you add them to a list like they can on MySpace? I don’t want people getting notifications saying that I added them to “Hidden Chat”.

  6. john

    about time i banished a few of the rels.
    but the really important question is:

    where can i get a genuine
    Reuben sandwich in Sydney?

    john from Australia

  7. Luisa

    Loooooooooooooooooool this is great!! Just what I was looking for, I have this ANNOYING class mate xD but i’m done with it ;)

    Great explanation, thanks A LOT !!!!!

  8. Luisa

    Hahahah tony! you’re right, that’d be NOT nice at all…but it doesn’t shows them anything, i just tried it

  9. Luisa

    Mikoo the one that goes OFFline for Katie is you, not her…it doesnt matter if she’s online or not, the thing is that she wont see you coz you’ll go offline just for her

  10. Aditi

    It was a great help…. I’ll always be thankful for that!!! Now the annoying persons cannot bother me when I’m online…..

  11. Pam H.

    Thanks you are a big help

  12. Lisa J

    Tony & Luisa- I have been searching all over the internet for the same question. When you put people into groups, can’t they see that you did it? It makes it look like they can see it.
    And if not,
    what is the purpose of: ‘closed’ ‘open’ and ‘secret’.

    please help :- O

    Thank You

  13. Jair D.

    I have a person on my hidden chat list. I make sure the list is on offline but they somehow still see that i’m online lol. is it like a glitch or what!

  14. Karin

    I don’t want to chat with people all the time, I use to have OFF LINE SSTATUS, now it always shows when Iam..I don’t want it to show, I don’t like chatting.. How can I hide my ststus to off line again?


  15. Jan

    How do we hide with the NEW Facebook? There is no Create List button!

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