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Ask the Readers: Which Windows Systems Do You Use? [Poll]

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Nearly ten months have gone by since Windows 7 became available to the public and it has done very well in that short time. This week we would like to know if you have made the leap and upgraded to Windows 7.


In the release candidate stage Windows 7 did a great job of impressing people with its’ improved performance and features. Now that the RTM version has been available for approximately ten months many people have made the move to upgrade. Others however are still using Windows XP because upgrading their entire IT structure will be a long and arduous task or they are tied down with legacy software. Regardless, the one thing that Windows 7 is doing well is shaking XP’s hold on people loose where Vista failed to do so.

There are other reasons why someone may or may not have upgraded to Windows 7. For some people getting the newest system available is the “thing to do, but for others it may be a matter of finances or simply liking the Windows system they currently have. In the end the choice is yours to make.

Are you using Windows 7 exclusively, a combination of Windows systems, or only older versions of Windows? Let us know in the comments!

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Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 08/11/10

Comments (54)

  1. skater-andy

    I find that windows xp and 7 are very similar, not much difference at all apart from appearance!

  2. charlie

    I agree with skater-andy

  3. iArts

    skater-andy you mad?

  4. Kevin

    I use all three but mostly 7 and Vista

  5. at0mic

    after finding was to install several features from vista into windows 7 i use windows 7 exclusively

  6. gyffes

    I only load my XP virtual machines now to get updates from MS, 7 handles all my needs very well, even Filemaker 6 (without having to run in that weird XPmode, oddly enough).

    Still prefer Macs or Linux (Xubuntu, wot?), but 7’s certainly the most serviceable product to come out since XP SP2.5

  7. o0k

    windows 7 , xp and vista virtually

  8. hasi

    Given up XP since long time back.lack of security was the main reason , Installed vista right after it came and used untill Windows 7 beta came. Now multi-boot with Ubuntu 10.04.

  9. this_poll_is_skewed

    I use Gnome, which isn’t an option. This poll is skewed, biased towards the evil MS empire.

  10. Lady Fitzgerald

    @this_poll_is_skewed The poll is named, “Which Windows Systems Do You Use?” It specifically asks about Windows Systems only so it is skewed how? Would a poll asking which non-Windows System Do You Use (which presumably would include Gnome) also be skewed? By your apparent definition, yes. You are letting your hatred of MicroSnot cloud your judgement. Build a bridge and get over it.

  11. Lady Fitzgerald

    I’m still using XP Pro, SP3 because of legacy hardware (laser jet printer and scanner) that still work well but will not work with Windoze 7 due to the manufacturers not planning on updating the drivers. I see no point in replacing perfectly good hardware as long as XP is being supported. My desktop is only two years old and will not fully work with Window$ 7 without replacing the mother board (Aero will not work according to a scan I did; there may or may not be an issue with the graphics card). I got it because Vista was crap and much of the software I have wouldn’t work with Vista. I have replaced most of the software with either upgraded versions or different software that will work with Window$ 7. From what I’ve read, Win7 is vastly superior to XP but being the cheap bitch I am, I want to use my existing hardware as long as I can. I also have an XP netbook because the current affordable ones didn’t have enough RAM or speed to work well with anything more than Win7 Starter which, unlike the other Win7 versions, is a joke and would require upgrading (costly). They don’t have enough RAM or speed to work well with fuller versions of Win7. Ones that will were out of my budget. There was also the legacy software issue at the time.

  12. Denis

    I realize the poll is just asking about Windoze use, but what about those of us that use Windoze and various linux flavours?

    I have 3 computers in front of me at the moment.

    A newish Win7 laptop.
    A desktop that dual boots Ubuntu and XP (defaults into Ubuntu)
    A netbook that dual boots Kubuntu and Jolicloud.

    I’m liking Win7 better than Vista, but I prefer my (K)Ubuntu world.

  13. David Aris-Sutton

    Also a multi user with win 7 and XP, can’t stand Vista, too bloated. The poll should offer an option for non windoze systems though, like many on here I have ubuntu systems and even leopard

  14. danut

    On my laptop:

    Windows 7 for college stuf
    Ubuntu for any other thing

    At work:

    Good (bad actualy if compared to wondows 7, vista or linux) old windows xp. Can`t move to 7 because of licensing :(

  15. asdf-chan

    XP at work, 7 at home, Gentoo in Virtualbox, Gentoo on my Laptop

  16. Midnight

    Very little similarities between XP and Win7, which is the main reason why I upgraded!
    XP has way too many security flaws, is much slower than Win7 and the improved GUI and other great features in WIn7, make it well worth while to upgrade!

    I will admit that Win7 does go overboard with Security, but following the tips on How-To Geek, the excess garbage can be disabled or deleted!
    UAC is a joke! The Firewall and Defender are totally useless, since most Good AVs or Internet Security Suites offer way better protection!

    M$ almost got it right with Win7!! Still room for improvements! Maybe with Win8! Who knows? :)

  17. Hatryst

    Using Windows 7, quite better than xp, but still has the inherent problems of “windows” :)

  18. Ryan

    I have used all of them and found windows 7 to have some of the greatest eye candy but I use xp in a virtual box on my ubuntu machine as it is faster and simpler to use.

  19. Aaron

    I use XP @ Work (Hate it) and 7 @ Home. I Love 7 and absolutely cannot stand using XP, but must @ work.

  20. Zack

    I use Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx LTS, but when I have to use Windows, (games, school) I use XP. I sometimes use Vista because it’s on my parents’ laptops, but more often than not, it’s XP. I’m only in high school, so they don’t have the budget for Windows 7. I’m sure when I graduate, I’ll be dual booting Windows 7 (or whatever’s after) because of my school and/or my laptop for college will come with it.

    I haven’t been in Windows since I installed it on my computer because I like Ubuntu so much. I think it’s because how old XP is. It’s better than Vista, but it’s really boring now for me. It’s probably because I’m SO used to it. About 6 or 7 years of use (for me) has tired it out.


  21. Even Kristoffer

    I use 7 for all my normal stuff, and a virtual XP machine for games/drivers which require it. I agree, Andy. Although i must say: 7 almost never crash. (While XP xrashes all the time.)

  22. mrrix32

    Both my Laptop and PC run Ubuntu 10.04.
    For the times I absolutely need Windows they have Vista (Home basic on Laptop, Premium on PC) They came with them, and I’m not paying M$FT to change to a better one. And before you suggest it, I’m not pirating XP or 7. Even if I dislike Windows, I’m not going to steal it.

  23. George

    I use Ubuntu 10.4 at home and only use Windows 7 for Office, games, and Blu-Ray. I did create a VM for Windows Vista and when I replace the old Dell PC at home, I will use the XP license to create a XP VM in Linux. I use the VM to help support family and friends who use Windows.

  24. madhukarah

    Mac OS X for normal Use… Windows 7 for Gaming, and some other stuffs :)

  25. alireza

    Only windows XP .

  26. Mahdi

    Just XP or Se7en……
    not another!!!!

  27. SmallWorld

    Desktop Runs XP SP3, Laptop will run Windows 7.

  28. Gruff

    I miss DOS 6.1. I want to go back to DOS 6.1. Command lines rather than graphical menus. Revolution anyone?

  29. muhsan

    Ubuntu & windows 7 :)

  30. Dex7

    My son and I built a Win7, and even with some older parts, it still runs great. I also have an old hp with xp on it that I am keeping, as others have stated, because some devices don’t work well with my 7. The combination is meeting my needs wonderfully. At work, we use xp also, evidently because the programs we use (for cataloging and looking up car parts) run best on xp.

  31. ed

    Win7 only — but only because the old Gateway had to be replaced. (Those were the days — with XP & Office 2003.)

  32. Steven Torrrey

    All I know: I turn the thing on and it works. XP worked pretty well and was immediately impressed with its capacitiy for languages. I typed in Hebrew, Greek, and Russian. How cool is that? Abut four years ago I bought a second hand Dell laptop with an XP professional package and I think 50 MB of memory. It was upgraded to 250 MB of memory–wahoo! Then I bought a new laptop computer this past month with 500 GB of memory; I browse in the stores and see 250 GB or 350 GB of memory for about the same cost as a the one I bought. In fact one well known store wanted to sell for a little above that price for 350 GB memory but with the Vista Program. And I’ve heard nothing but nightmare stories about Vista; somebody has audacity…

    The moral of the story: computer techno-mechno has made huge strides in the past four years; the computer becomes an indispensible part of daily life–for bill paying, email, communication, entertainment, homework. Windows 7 seems to be an improvement, but for my money, it is the capacity for memory that makes the product worthwhile, expanding its potentialities for entertainment…

  33. Ron Reb

    Windows 7 Home 64 Bit on all the PCs and laptops on my network. It’s quite stable and also handles legacy hardware using Microsoft’s device wizard. I had a legacy 16 bit app accounting software I thought was history but, using third party XP mode software and VPN, I got it to work as well though not easily.

  34. Win

    I dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.04 .

  35. Ben

    Vista is the best!

  36. Rita G

    I have Vista Home Premium on my laptop.
    And Win. 7 Pro 64 bit on my CADD system.

  37. Ron

    I use XP on five machines (3 Desktops and 1 laptop) and Vista on a second Laptop. I’m comforatable with XP but don’t like Vista on my laptop. It is too hard to use.

  38. Earl Truss

    @Denis – so start your own survey.

    I upgraded all my personal systems from Vista to 7 as soon as it was available. Good riddance.

    I still have one hard drive with XP installed so I can use a scanner that has no 7 driver.

    At work – we are almost all on XP still. 7 would be a huge problem because our hardware is so old that there are no video drivers for 7. A few are still on Windows 2000 because of driver issues. For instance, we have a check scanner that will only work with Windows 2000.

  39. Jim

    I answered Windows 7 only but in reality I am Win 7 and Ubuntu dual boot. I use Ubuntu 99% of the time. It does most everything I want, is faster and has much better security. If Open Office was as good as Microsoft Office or if Ubuntu would run Microsoft Office (especially Outlook and Access) then I would abandon Windows all together.

  40. calebstein

    @this_poll_is_skewed: man, maybe you should be using windoze, as you wouldn’t get confused between desktops and OSs. You should know that Gnome is not an OS, but a desktop environment.

  41. tommy2rs

    Vista on my laptop, 2 XP machines, 1 old Powerbook Ti with Tiger and a Eee pc with #! linux. When I build the wife a new machine it will have 7 (either pro or ultimate depending on how much cash is left after all her bells and whistles…lol). Her XP box then gets recycled into a home server running linux.

    I said all that to say this; Your poll needs more choices….lol

  42. サムマルケル

    Windows 2000 in VBox while in Fedora or Ubuntu…Vista every once in a while when I have a hankering for Crysis…

  43. Bill Berndtson

    7 & mobile 6.5

  44. Martin Wildam

    There is missing an option “Other” – I left Windows world. Bye.

  45. Bobro

    Windows 2008 with 7 skin… (AWESOME OS so far its perfect (Outlook is acting poo but other than that)

    Windows XP Pro SP3 cause im too tight to buy for home

    Ubuntu 9.4 as i am too lazy to be downloading 10…

  46. Miles

    I use none. Ubuntu fits all my needs.

  47. Todd

    2 year old iMac with XP and brand new laptop with Windows 7. Am used to XP, still getting used to 7.

  48. Angelo

    Currently Windows 7 Ultimate for my upgraded HP G60-235DX laptop, and Windows 7 Home Basic for my netbook.

  49. samuel

    windows vista is as good as a blister i’d rather kill my sister than run a windows vista

  50. Karcisco

    win 7 at work
    xp on my home pc (games)
    win xp & Debian on my laptop

  51. Tom Hall

    I now have Win 7 on main computer and XP on my Laptop
    Had Vista on both and found it to be far and away the WORST o/s I have ever had the misfortune to use.
    Microsoft should be ashamed of selling this abortion and then making customers pay again for Win 7.
    I believe they should be forced to compensate customers and/or offer a free upgrade to users with a ‘genuine’ Vista o/s.
    The very rapid move from Vista to Win 7 shows they knew this o/s was rubbish.
    I would advise anyone with Vista to inform Microsoft of their dissatisfaction with it and upgrade immediately

  52. Terry

    Where do I go to get help regarding my computer being controlled by some one who has gotten into my system because of a mistake on my part?

  53. Roi

    Holy crap man don’t even run your computer. Next time, start your computer in safe mode and do deep scan with your antivirus!

  54. bubs353

    Windows 7 only.

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