If you rely on your Outlook calendar for some tasks and the Google Calendar for others, it can be annoying having to switch between the two.  Today we look at Google Calendar Sync beta that allows us to share events between the two for easier organization.

Using Google Calendar Sync

This small application is straight forward and currently will only work with Outlook 2003 and 2007.  Installation is straight forward following the wizard.

2 Install options

You will need to close any instance of Outlook that is currently open to complete the installation.

3 close Outlook

Now it is time to sign in and choose sync options and the amount of time between the syncs.

4 login

Sync Options

Choosing your sync options will be determined on how you want to share the data between Google’s calendar and your Outlook one.

    • 2 – way Sync:  Allows all events in your primary Google Calendar and Outlook calendar to be synced together.  You can modify an event in either calendar and it will sync the same in both.
    • 1 – way Google Calendar to Outlook:  All events in your Google Calendar are added to your Outlook calendar.  If you want modified events to show on both calendars you will need to update the Google Calendar.  Any events modified in the Outlook calendar will not be shown in the Google Cal.
    • 1 – way Outlook to Google Calendar:  All events in your Outlook calendar will be added to the Google Calendar.  If you want modified events to show on both calendars you will need to update in Outlook.  Any events modified in the Google Calendar will not be shown in the Outlook cal.

It will only sync with your primary Google calendar and Outlook default calendar so no events from a secondary calendar yet but perhaps it will be available in future versions.

Right click on the Taskbar icon to manually sync up the calendars, change options, or access additional info on the Google site.

5 right click

It will work with XP (32-bit), Vista and I was able to get it to work with Windows 7 (64 & 32-bit editions) and according to the site it will not work with XP 64-bit at this time.  Personally I have found this a great tool for easily sharing events without having to open a separate browser window and logging in to change data.

Download Google Calendar Sync Beta