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FluentNotepad Adds the Office Ribbon UI to Notepad

The Ribbon UI is being incorporated into several applications these days in MS Office and other third party apps. Today we take a look at FluentNotepad which includes the Ribbon UI in a Notepad environment.

Fluent Notepad

There is no installation required so you can run it from a flash drive as well. Download the zip file and extract it to a directory such as Program Files then run the executable.


When it launches you will immediately see the difference in the UI compared to the traditional look of Notepad.


From the Ribbon UI you can easily customize the fonts for your text.


it operates just like the Ribbon UI in new versions of MS Office. You can show the Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon.


You can also hide it easily if you want it out of the way while jotting down your text.


If you go to the file tab you can explore the different options there. Since it’s still in beta, not everything was available to customize. But you can send the author feedback on their project while in FluentNotepad and make suggestions.


Of course you can still open files you created in FluentNotepad in the standard version as well.


The Ribbon UI seems to becoming a standard in many applications these days including MS WordPad and Paint in Windows 7. If you have become accustomed to the Ribbon UI introduced in MS Office 2007 and would like the functionality in a Notepad environment, FluentNotepad is worth a look.

Download FluentNotepad Beta

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  • Published 07/30/10

Comments (7)

  1. Donna

    I’ve just finished trying to use the “Download FluentNotepad Beta” link with no success. I keep being told “The page is unable to load”. Shucks.

  2. Salvatore

    You can download the latest beta here:

  3. kennyS

    donna the download can be found here

    thats the beta3 version

  4. Mosky

    I can download the “FluentNotepad.exe” file from this site:

    When I run it, it require Net Framework 4 that I then installed Net Framework
    I try to run “FluentNotepad.exe” again ……. and got an error message


  5. Salvatore

    Mosky, please, send a feedback with details about your error.

  6. Phantasma

    Oh man, first i hate, when i saw some “ribbon” interface programs, but after Office and Windows Live 4 wave, i see how much time i save, because functions are not under mysterious menus… btw Thanks for great tip.

  7. UUUnicorn

    Gee, if this were for NotePad++, I’d be over-the-moon joyous! Really too bad that this doesn’t seem to be for NotePad++.


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