Need a quick and easy way to make a website’s domain name stand out to help avoid spoofing attempts?  Now you can with Locationbar2 for Firefox.

A Quick Look at How it Works

Here you can see the standard look for a website address in the Address Bar before installing Locationbar2.

Once you have installed the extension, you can notice an immediate difference in how the website address is displayed.  Notice that all parts of the address except for the domain name itself are grayed out.


What if you would like to customize the appearance of the website address even more or add some additional functions? As you can see here, you can undo the graying out effect, make the domain name bold, choose a custom color for the domain name, or have the Go Button always display just to point out a few.

For our example, we have selected to “Always show the Go button”, to have the “Domain Name display as strong”, chosen a custom color for the domain name to help it stand out even better from the rest of website address, and to continue allowing the sub-domain portions of the address to remain grayed out.

Time for another look at the Address Bar…


With the sub-domain part of the address grayed out, the colorized and bold domain name stands out even better!

Note: Holding the mouse over the Address Bar will temporarily return the website address to the regular look (i.e. plain black text as shown in the first screenshot above).


Download the Locationbar2 Extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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