If you love to customize your system as much as possible, then we have a fun way for you to change the color scheme for the Task Manager Window. Those Performance and Networking tabs will have a fresh new look in only a few minutes.


The default color scheme for the Performance and Networking tabs is not bad, but if you love customizing your system then even this can be changed.



Getting Started with Task Manager Modder

Task Manager Modder comes in .7z zip file and has a single file inside (Task Manager Modder.exe). All you will need to do is place it in an appropriate Program Files folder and create a shortcut. When you start Task Manager Modder for the first time you will have to agree to the EULA in order to use the program.


You will see an embedded Task Manager Window inside the program window for viewing color modifications and the color controls at the bottom.


Here is a closer look at the color adjustments toolbar. You can select from the set of included colors for each option or enter your own custom color codes if desired. During our tests we chose the colors included with the program.


Here are three examples that we set up on our system. You can have a lot of fun experimenting with the color schemes to get that “just perfect look�. When you have everything fixed just the way that you like click on Modify Taskmgr. Keep in mind that if you have the Task Manager Window open it will temporarily close while the colors are changed then restart. Click Exit when you are finished modifying the color scheme.





Our Task Manager Window definitely had a different look and feel to it afterwards.



If you need or want to change back to the default color scheme just click on Restore Taskmgr. As discussed above, if you have the Task Manager Window open it will temporarily close while the colors are reset then restart.



By changing the colors in Task Manager, it could actually help you identify performance issues easier. So if you love to customize as much of your system as possible, then you can definitely have fun with Task Manager Modder.


Download Task Manager Modder

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