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How to Install, Manage, and Delete Fonts on Your PC

If you have recently found some terrific fonts that you want to use on your Windows system, then getting them installed may not be something that you are familiar with. Today we show you how to manage those fonts with ease.

Installing Fonts in Windows 7 & Vista

Installing fonts in Windows 7 and Vista is extremely easy. Just right click on the font files and select Install.


A small window will appear showing the progress on adding the new fonts to your system. Your new fonts will be ready to use as soon as this window auto-closes.


Viewing, Deleting, & Managing Fonts in Windows 7 & Vista

If you want to view, delete, or perform other actions with the fonts on your system then the Control Panel is the place to start. While similar there are small differences between 7 and Vista. For Windows 7 open your Control Panel, go to Appearance and Personalization, then click on Preview, delete, or show and hide fonts.


In Windows 7 the Fonts Folder will open in the same Control Panel window. Once there you can view what the font will look like, delete it, or even hide it if desired.


The easiest way in Windows Vista is to open the Control Panel and type fonts in the search blank. Once the Fonts listing appears click on View installed fonts. The Fonts Folder will open in a new window.


One difference between Windows Vista and 7 is that you cannot hide fonts in Vista, otherwise both are the same for managing your fonts.


Font viewing for Windows 7 and Vista is exactly the same right down to the font information located at the top of the window.


Installing Fonts in Windows XP

Working with fonts in Windows XP is a bit different when it comes to adding new fonts. To get started go to the Control Panel, then Appearance and Themes and look for the Fonts Link on the left side. Click on the Fonts Links to access the Fonts Folder on your system.


You will do all of the installing, viewing, deleting, or other font functions from this window. To install a new font in XP go to the File Menu and select Install New Font.


A new window will appear where you will browse to the location of the fonts that you want to install. Select one or multiple font files and click OK.


As with 7 and Vista a small progress window will appear while your new fonts are being installed.


Viewing, Deleting, & Managing Fonts in Windows

This part of managing fonts in XP is the same as in 7 and Vista, just right click on the chosen font to view, delete, or print it.


Viewing fonts is very similar to 7 and Vista except for the top portion of the window. Notice that there is an extra line of information provided for the font (i.e. “font brand” & e-mail address).


Managing the fonts on your system is quick and easy to do once you get started. After you have those new fonts installed then you can really have fun creating unique documents for yourself, your family, and friends.

If you are on Ubuntu check out our article on how to add Microsoft core fonts to Ubuntu.

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 07/19/10

Comments (26)

  1. infmom

    Ugh… I would think the How-To Geek would get rid of that Fisher-Price interface on XP and go with Classic. :)

    Settings -> Control Panel -> Fonts -> File -> Install New Font. Then just browse for what you want. Oh, and go for List or Detail view so you can get a lot more actual information on the screen.

  2. eMcE

    Or use font manager like: Adobe Type Manager, Extensis Suitcase Desktop etc. :)

  3. John

    Personally, I much appreciate the article – installing fonts was not something I had ever gotten around to exploring. Now, suddenly, I have some great new ones. Thanks again…

  4. Donna

    I’m with John..I really appreciate this article – I’d always wondered how to add or delete certain I know. Thank you.

  5. Jose

    The size of the print changes automatically from large print on the screen to very small fine print. Also the size of the page on the screen goes from full screen to middle of the screen. How can I fix this problem? It has happened twice to me already.

  6. Mike

    Great to know how to do it in Vista or Win7, but is there a way to find “Segoe ui” as a download & install it in XP? I find it is available if you install a Vista visualisation pack, but I don’t want all that. I just want the font installed on my XP PC. Any thoughts…? I can’t find it as a separate d/load.

  7. Asian Angel

    @Mike – According to Wikipedia you can get Segoe UI this way:

    Segoe UI is installed into Windows XP if the user installs Windows Live Messenger, or Windows Live Mail, which are available as free downloads.

    What you might try is to install the Windows LIve items and then go into the fonts folder to copy and save back the font elsewhere (external hard-drive or something) for future installation use.

  8. Janet Harding

    How can one use fonts without installing them in Windows 7? In XP all you need to do is open the font and minimize it for the font to be usuable in most apps.

  9. JR Wright

    Hi. No problem with installation of fonts but a problem with where they are used. For example, I installed a neat font and wished to use it with my WL email program. Most all fonts show up in the email listing except this one. Anyone know why when installing a font, it will not move into the listing used in emails. Thanks!

  10. Asian Angel

    @JR Wright – My guess on that is that it is a Microsoft thing. I imagine that they want to use/access “standard” fonts only in the Windows Live Mail program (on the precaution that others may not have the same custom font(s) installed on their personal computers).

  11. Art€

    Great! Now got some COOL (no pun) Christmas Fonts and installed them. Thanx for that!

  12. Asian Angel

    @Art€ – Have fun with the new fonts! ^_^

  13. Duane420

    My version of XP (version 2002, Service Pack 3) does not have an “Appearance and Themes” option.
    Where do I go from here. A file search for fonts, appearanace, and themes yields no useable information. What do I do next?


  14. hfrancis


    You have a font folder in the control panel. Open it. Then > file> install font. You should be good to go. Also, use your “help & support” function in xp to find answers like this. I did.

  15. Asian Angel

    @hfrancis – Thanks for helping answer Duane420’s question! ^_^

  16. Duane420

    Thanks hfrancis. How many ‘U’s are in DUUUUH? I should have thought of that.


  17. Jay Nishad

    Thanks budy, it’s really very helpful for students

  18. Jay Nishad

    Show the Steps of Backing up the contents of a drive ?

  19. juliet

    alright, but why is it that even after I download the fonts I want they do never appear in that list of fonts text box? I must be missing a step but cant figure it out….sure would appreciate some info….

  20. Asian Angel

    @juliet – Once you have them downloaded you will need to install them using the steps above for your system before they will show up in the Fonts Folder and font selection boxes on your apps.

  21. Chuck

    Is there a way to disable fonts rather than deleting them?

  22. Chuck

    I should have added that I’m using XP, SP3.

  23. Asian Angel

    @Chuck – My suggestion for “disabling” fonts in XP would be to open the Fonts Folder and move the fonts that you dislike to a new, easy to find folder elsewhere on your system. Easy to transfer back later if you want but out of your way until then. ^_^

  24. Judith

    I have Windows XP but don’t understand (in above instructions) where to save font so that it comes up in the ADD FONTS window where you browse to locate the font file then install.

    Help, please. Thanks

  25. paulallard

    I downloaded some of the steampunk fonts from the website , unzipped them but there is no install command in my Fonts folder in Control Panel (I’m running Vista). What do I do ? I’ve tried copying and pasting from the unzipped folder but that does not seem to work either.

  26. kAREN


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