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How To Enable the Android Market in the Google Android Emulator

Would you like to try out apps from the Android Market on your PC?  We recently showed you how to run Android in an emulator on your PC, so here’s how you can install apps from the Android Market in the emulator.

Getting Started

First, you’ll need to have the Android Emulator setup on your computer.  If you don’t already have it installed, check out our article about Installing and Running Android on Your PC with the Android Emulator.

Now, download the new Android Virtual Machine that has the Android Market installed.  Select the Android 1.5 link, as this is the simplest to setup.


Once the download is finished, you can open the file in your favorite archival program.  If you don’t have a program installed to read RAR files like this, download the free 7zip (link below).  Extract the files, and then open the folder where you extracted them.


Open your Android virtual machine folder; you can do this easily by entering the following in your Explorer address bar:


Copy the files and folder you just extracted to the .android/avd folder.


In your .android/avd folder, open the new AndEmu.ini file in Notepad.  We need to change the path to our Android folder.  If you’re using Windows XP, replace user with your username; if you’re using Windows 7 or Vista, replace Documents and Settings\user with Users\your_user_name, replacing your_user_name with your real user name.


Here’s our edited AndEmu.ini file, though again, remember that you’ll need to specify the correct username for your computer.  Remember to save the file when you’re finished.


You’re now ready to start the new virtual Android.  Open the Android SDK Manager, and you should see your new AndEmu listed along with your other Android virtual machines.  Click Start to run it.


Alternately, you can start it from Command Prompt, or you can create a shortcut to it on your desktop.  See our article on Running the Android Emulator for more info.


If you entered the folder path incorrectly before, you may see an error as below.  Go back and correct your .ini file, and then try again.


Setting up Your New Virtual Android

If everything’s entered correctly, you’ll soon see your new Android emulator starting up.  This may take several minutes to startup, especially on your first run.


Once it’s started, click the Android logo to setup your virtual device.


You can step through a tutorial to help you get accustomed with Android, or click Skip to go directly to your home screen.


This may be fun to look at, but is mainly aimed at helping you get used to using Android on a touchscreen so is not overly useful on a PC.


Now you’ll be asked to setup your Google Account.  Click Sign in and enter your standard Gmail account info, or create a new one.  Alternately, you can skip this and set it up later.


Once you’re done, you’ll see your Android home screen with a Market link, all running on your PC!


Using the Android Market

To download and use Apps on your Android virtual machine, click the Market icon on the home screen or in the Apps menu.


If you haven’t already entered your Google account into the virtual Android, you’ll need to set it up as before.


Android will then sync with Google’s servers, which may take a few moments.


Accept the Market terms of service when they appear.


Now you can browse, download, and purchase apps from the Android Market, directly on the emulator on your PC.


Browse apps by categories to find something you want to download.


Or Press the Menu button on the emulated phone to search for apps and choose viewing options.


Once you’ve found an app you want to try out, click the Install button on its description page.


Click Ok to continue installing the application.


Your new app will now download, and you can check it’s progress from the notifications bar at the top.


Now, go back to your home screen by pressing the home button on the virtual phone.  Your new apps will be in the apps menu, so select one to try it out.


Here’s the popular Opera Mini browser in our virtual Android.


Evernote’s Android app works great in the virtual Android, too.


Or, you can even try out some Android games directly from your PC.



Whether you would like to try out Android apps without purchasing a new mobile device, or simply want to test apps safely before installing them on your Android phone, this is a great way to take advantage of the whole Android Market on your PC.  Some apps may not work correctly on a PC, such as camera and microphone apps that require specific hardware, but we were able to try out a large variety of apps this way.  If you’re using a Mac or Linux computer, you can use this, too, with the Android Emulator for your OS.  Enjoy!


Download an Android Emulator image with the Android Marketplace

Download 7zip to open the rar file

Matthew digs up tasty bytes about Windows, Virtualization, and the cloud, and serves them up for all to enjoy!

  • Published 07/16/10

Comments (145)

  1. GH

    Thanks a lot ! I completed the installation and it works fine. Btw, is it any Android market for a 2.2 emulated version ?

  2. Navjot

    the file isnt downloading properly for me

  3. Navjot

    7zip is saying that file is broken and I’m missing the AndEmu.ini file…

  4. Scott

    No problems with running Android 2.2 emulated on my Mac, I just wish that I could get to the Market Place…

  5. Maleiro

    In the AVD Manager the image has a red “x” and when i select it and check details i see this “Unknown target ‘android-3’ in C:\Users\J\.android\avd\AndEmu.ini”

    I triple checked and it is well edited in the AndEmu.ini file, can someone post a list of the files in the archive?

  6. ryan

    when you change from docs and users to “users” i had to change “target=android-3” to -8. then i had to repair it.

  7. Lucky Man

    How do u slide keyboard? I am having struggle with it

  8. Owen

    well i had those problems system broken so i downloaded the 1.6 then copied pasted the HVGA changed to what the screenshot says named the file what it should be then avd just had to click fix under a second now running and 1.6

  9. Al

    Its a bit convoluted. Simplier instructions:

    1) launch the setup, create a new 1.6 machine, give it a 2-gig card ;)
    2) run the 1.6 machine until it’s fully loaded and working
    3) shut it down (including the setup prog)
    4) extract system.img into your .users/android/16machinewhateveryoucalledit
    5) launch setup again and run the 1.6 machine – it will boot into this new version

  10. Louis Han

    Good work, now I know how-to.

  11. Maleiro

    @ ryan

    Big thanks mate that did it.

  12. Snake Charmer

    @ Lucky Man

    Just use the back button to go back to the Google setup screen and click Skip. When you get to the Home screen click on Market and you’ll get another chance to sign in.

  13. JScott

    This works nice. Anyone know how to copy or email a file from the vm to your PC?

  14. louie

    i’m missing something here…we need to download the 1.5 version of Android Virtual Machine with Android Market installed in it. Is this file available online? Is that link on the screenshot where we are supposed to go cause the site is dead.

  15. san

    nice info…

    thanks for sharing…

  16. JScott

    No, the site is not dead. I just downloaded the file myself. You DO have to type it in manually though.

  17. 4walls

    I got this working on the Mac as well. Thanks for the article.

  18. Steve

    @ 4walls, please do tell — I’m too noobish to figure out how to get it to work on my Mac.

  19. JScott

    Anyone have any luck copying a file to your PC from the emulator?

  20. buzaza

    I think the avd rar file is corrupted. I tried downloading it twice and both time failed.

  21. klutz

    @buzaza did you download the rar file directly? i use flashget and do not come across with any error.

  22. Oliver

    To slide the keyboard you press ALT + F11

  23. Bob

    How do you do this on a mac????

  24. zayar

    “Android will then sync with Google’s servers, which may take a few moments.” that doesn’t work on my emu. Help Me……..

  25. Geet

    thankyou very much……….. now all my status updates on facebook have a much coveted.. “uploaded from facebook for andriod” tag………..

  26. Mikey

    How does this work on a snow leopard mac?

  27. Ron

    @ ryan

    I had to do the same thing


    How did you do it on a mac?

  28. Bobert

    If you get the error “unknown target android-3” you need to install the SDK platform 1.5 from the installed packages. Basically before you install this emulator you need to have a 1.5 emulator already working.

    When going through the step-by-step how slide the keyboard? alt+F11 didn’t work.

  29. Justin

    I’m finding this to be rather useful in ways other than just to try out apps. Some android apps, especially music and radio-based ones (Pandora), just have a cleaner interface than their web apps, in my opinion at least.

    Are there any ways to get the newer versions of Android working with the Market through this emulator? Also, is there a way to hide the keyboard in the app window? Wouldn’t mind finding a way to keep it pinned to my desktop as a sort of “Android Tray”.

    The only way this could get any better would be if I could control my actual phone (moto droid) through my PC. :)

  30. Gisbourne

    ALT+F11 doesn’t work, however, CTRL+F11 does :o)


  31. jinxul

    its work for me and iam download app from market… and i want install this to my phone ..but i cant find this on my PC (iam use windows 7)
    how i can find this from my pc?

    * sorry for my bad English

  32. Me

    Anyway of getting the marketplace to work on 2.2 emulator?

  33. Matthew Guay

    @Me – Sorry, none that I know of. If you come across one, let us know :)

  34. trent

    1.6 shows an error when i try to extract it. any one got a solution or have the same problem?

  35. maxking

    hello mat
    sorry the question but the applications that you download from the market saves in SD?
    I did not find applications in SD
    I need to then transfer them to my tablet

  36. Joe

    @ jinxul…create a *.bat file

    example -> android_backup.bat

    open with notepad and write-> C:\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\adb -s emulator-5554 pull /data/app/ your_backup_folder

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx = path to adb.exe

    run sdk/emulator … start android_backup.bat

  37. Joe

    or -> C:\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\adb -s emulator-5554 pull /sdcard/ your_backup_folder

    for backup from emulator sdcard

  38. maxking


    1)Go to market install your application>Install Astro (if you dont already have it)> Open Astro and click menu to backup Apps.
    2)Connect your G1 to a computer>Open My computer>Open SDCard>Open Backups folder>Drag out the files you want onto your desktop

    I share what are AT LEAST HAS TO KNOW !!!!!!

  39. maxking

    or downalod ANDFTP AND UPLOAD SPACE FTP !!!

  40. jc

    I’m having trouble finding ” .android/avd folder” folder? I ran the command (%userprofile%/.android/avd) but got an error. Please help.


  41. jc

    Al, could you please explain you step 4 (extract system.img into your .users/android/16machinewhateveryoucalledit)

    I don’t understand where i could copy system.img file to?


  42. Karanvir Singh Sangha

    I did everything as stated above but I get an error when I try to access the market. Anyone knows anything?

  43. jinxul

    @Joe and other guys :

    first backup from app (iam use “mybackup pro”)
    then go to SDK/Tools folder and run CMD :
    type : adb pull /sdcard/ e:\1

    go to e:\1 ! your app is here …

    q : guys i think this market cant be update because when iam search some app like “thickbuttons” or “angry birds” its cant find that .. but why and how i can fix this problem ?

    ** sorry again for my bad English !

  44. jinxul

    @JC :
    first open your browser (like my computer)
    then past %userprofile%/.android/avd into the address bar

  45. varun

    How do u slide keyboard? I am having struggle with it….i installed 1.5…varun ..pls hlp with some tips

  46. andy

    @ Varun use + F11 worked for me

    Anyone have the issue where market will open, but then just closes down again?

  47. Frank

    All works well till I launch the market. It dies as soon as it has to load the t&c screen, someone a clue?

  48. Frank

    @andy let me know if you get it solved… might be temp problem as none of the others have it.

    @Bob Slide on a Mac: fn+ctrl+f11

  49. Dustin

    how do you get the Internet on the android emulator to work. It will not allow me to connect and Wi-Fi will not start either.

  50. Paula

    Dustin, I’m having the same problem at home. Today I’m at a starbucks and for the heck of it I started the emulator and was able to connect to the market place just fine. Go figure! At home, we have secure wifi whereas starbucks doesn’t so I guess it has something to do with that. I’ll need to play around with it some more when I get home. In any case if you can’t get it working you could always try it at an unsecured wifi hotspot. :)

  51. Andrea

    Anyone kwow how i can work the voice search on android emulator 1.5?

    i try to develop an voice recognition application but if i can try it is not so easy see if work well or not.
    Anyone have a good idea for work with this feature?

  52. amnisl

    This gave me a little bit of trouble, but I persisted through it, and it finally works! Awesome article, thanks!!

  53. Tom

    I run Windows XP and I was trying to run the 1.5 Android Emulator.

    When I open the application up, I get an error for the Android Mkt fix that states “Error: Failed to parse properties from C:\Documents and Settings\my user name\,a”.

    The Path is ” C:\Documents and Settings\my user name\.android\avd\AndEmu.avd”

    Could anyone lend assistance with this error please. Would greatly appreciate it!

  54. Evan C

    I have snow leperd on my mac…I was wondering if there is a 7zip file for mac or if it works on mac. Please let me know as soon as possible.

  55. Matthew Guay

    @Evan – If you check the bottom of the 7zip download page (, you’ll find some alternate 7zip apps for OS X.

  56. MarkB

    I thnk I have the same problem as jinxul. Market won’t find a lot of apps that I know exist. How do we solve this problem?

  57. krihstiyaheriyn

    thanks for this…it works perfectly…^_^

  58. David

    any ideas how to scale the emulator for the 1.5 image to a smaller size ?

  59. le

    Thanks a lot!!

  60. eman

    use CTRL+F11 in windows to slide the keyboard

  61. Elio

    İ am very noob with those stuff where it sais “Now, download the new Android Virtual Machine that has the Android Market installed. Select the Android 1.5 link, as this is the simplest to setup.” where do i fınd the 1.5 link?

  62. Rahul Ramchandani

    Is there a way to then to transfer the apps to my mobile?
    Problem is the Android market is not able to connect on my mobile!

  63. Edwin

    I got a problem in android market. I’ve downloaded but the download process as not running. please help me!

  64. crons

    how do you refresh ip address? im trying to play an app but it says “sorry only one instance allowed if your using emulator. Please refresh ip and reconnect”

  65. Joseph

    Hey guys ! when i launch the emulator I got this message : ” The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. “”

    So any help plzzz ??!?!?!?!

  66. Monsta

    how to get the files from emulator to fone. ex. i download an app how do i get the apk on my phone

  67. random bob


    Don’t have a mac, but I suspect that this might work:

    make an avd using eclipse or whatever you want, call it anything.
    Then in terminal run android list avds
    It should give you a path:
    Use the path to put the avd in and edit the img file.

    Tell me if this works.

  68. Oliver


    I got the same thing running on my Mac:

    ”The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”

  69. Allan

    I’ve gotten the emulator to load with the market image, but no Wi-FI connection. Is there anyway of forcing the emulator to use the hardwired connection of the host PC?

  70. tlob

    what a total load of bolxxxxockssss does not work , what a tlos

  71. sme

    @crons, I’m getting the “sorry only one instance is allowed if you are using an emulator. Please refresh IP and log back in again” message also. Please post resolution someone? Anyone? thanks.

  72. john

    My question is, how to disable or hide keyboard after entering data into the edittext field in android emulator? I mean, after typing data into the edittext field, when clicking on anywhere outside of edittext field the keyboard has to be disappear or hide.
    Anyone can help me on this.Its urgent.
    Thanks in advance.

  73. Robbie

    There is an old saying that even a blind squirrel will find an acorn once in a while. Well I was playing around with the Emulator and thought there must be a way to get the Market working on 2.2. But downloading the System.img file and putting it in the 2.2 AVD folder that I created just was not the solution.

    Then I had an epiphany. What if I placed the system.img in the 1.6 AVD folder that I created, went though the set up process and then copied it to the 2.2 folder after the new market update occurred.

    So, after doing this and then rebooting the SDK, I then started my 2.2 AVD, and it started going through the prompts but once I got to the Market it errored on me. But I would not be denied. I then went and used the Youtube trick and signed into Youtube, but again the Market would not allow me to sign in. So by trial and error I went back to Youtube but when I went to sign into my Gmail account I realized I was already signed in, so I immediately went back to the Market and that blind squirrel found the nut. Market up and running on the 2.2 emulator.

  74. MikeyR


    Can’t get it to work, i create a 1.6 adv, copy the system.img over in the .avd folder for the newly created 1.6 avd, launch it, log in and so on. i can download on the market on the 1.6 i close the emulator create a 2.2 avd and copy the system.img and place it in the 2.2 avd and launch, it loads but now the 2.2 avd got 1.6 ? the system software is 1.6 and i shall also complete the log in again when i launch the 2.2 avd?

    What can be wrong ?

  75. Brandtman33

    @ Navjot
    make sure you have a constant connection or download winRAR :)
    mines working fine is it in airplane mode if it is just take it off

  76. juancarlos

    i download it the 1.5 version. it works fine besides the wi fi.. i cant connect. i cant even open a wi fi connection. it says unable to open wifi. can any one help plz…
    im running a vista version..

  77. juancarlos

    the internet works fine if i use the browser…
    but it still doesnt download the apps..
    unable to open wi fi…
    any one can help??

  78. Brandtman33

    you cant run the wifi cause its connected via socket which is through your computer you dont need wifi connection you should be able too still download from the market

  79. juancarlos

    i got the internet to work.. thanks. i didnt need to have wifi on to get it..
    but now im getting this messege when i try to play a game.

    “sorry only one instance allowed if your using emulator. Please refresh ip and reconnect

    i refreshed my ip addres using the command bar already but it still doesnt let me..
    should i delete everything and start all over again or do u guys know a better way?

  80. Poodahboy

    Unlike juancarlos, I don’t get any internet connection at all. I can’t use the browser or marketplace in versions 1.5 or 1.6 on vista. I get “Web page not available” in the browser, and when I try to sign in to Google to get to the marketplace, I receive “You don’t have a network connection”. My PC’s connection is up an running fine. Anybody know of any trickery to work around this?

  81. Icarus


    First off, you shouldn’t try to cheat on Pocket Empires. ;-) Secondly, the problem is that you are connected to your WIFI on PE on your actual phone. When you try to connect to PE on the emulator, you are trying to connect to the game on 2 devices on the same IP address at the same time. Their “emulator detector” sees this and blocks you. Get your actual phone off WIFI before you go to cheat on your emulator. And one more thing… That’s not going to be your last roadblock… Good luck with the next few.

  82. Icarus

    I guess I didn’t really answer your question lol. You’ll also have to refresh your IP address, as the game told you. It will refresh on its own, most likely within 24-48 hours. You can force it to refresh… You can go into your router’s settings and clone the MAC address of your PC. Then unplug your modem, wait a few, and plug it back in. Your Internet provider will see the new MAC address on the router and assign you a new IP.

  83. Lew

    This is good stuff. I’m developing an app that uses email, and before I could not test that on the emulator, since it didn’t have the email app. I was able to set up 1.5 and 1.6 with the market just fine. Then I saw Robbie’s post about setting it up for 2.2 and I was able to do that. One thing I wonder though, with that system.img file that was used for 1.6 in the 2.2 emulator, is it really running version 2.2? The home screen does not have the appearance of the 2.2 home screen when this is in place. It looks like the 1.6 screen. Then if I remove the system.img file and start up 2.2, it looks like 2.2 again, and the market app is gone.

  84. Ayush Chand

    I found out how to get the Apps I install on the v1.5 Android onto a Gingerbread Android but still can’t figure out how to get Market Place on to Gingerbread. Can anyone tell me?

  85. archlives

    @john – Maybe you’ve figured it out already, but I have found sometimes when entering text and the onscreen keyboard doesn’t disappear, if I hit the down arrow, it then moves to the next field, however not always. Other times you can click the center oval button in the middle of all the arrow buttons on the right-side of the emulator window.

    @everyone – I can get 1.6 and 2.2 to run, but 2.3 just stays on the ANDROID graphic screen forever (like hours) when supposedly loading. Really annoyed I can’t install most apps though or access Market Place :( About to try the advice above with 1.5, but problem is many apps won’t run on version below 2.1, so doesn’t really allow me to test and prove apps for myself. Will try Robbie’s advice tho MikeyR doesn’t get it working, so any advice appreciated.

  86. Robbie

    Good question Lew. I tried downloading an app from the market that said it was for 2.2+ only and it worked, but I am still not sure if we are really getting 2.2. I noticed that the main screen no longer has the 2.2 GUI look so now I am in doubt.

  87. Robbie

    Yep, I guess that blind squirrel is still looking. Sorry for the bad information. I checked in the settings and the firmware says it is still version 1.6. Unless the img file is telling it is 1.6 while the system is really 2.2. Bummer!

  88. Robbie

    Not sure maybe there is some redemption after all. When I look at the emulator AVD’s and check the settings.

    I created 2 new AVD’s without the system.img file to check the settings.

    The 1.6 AVD shows Kernel 2.6.29-00177
    The 2.2 AVD shows Kernel 2.6.29-00261

    When I look at the firmware the 2.2 shows 2.2
    and the 1.6 shows 1.6.

    When I look at the 2.2 AVD that I created with the 1.6 system.img it shows firmware 1.6 but the Kernel version is the same as the 2.2 AVD without the system.img. So perhaps having the 2.2 Kernel will enable you to install and run 2.2 applications. Probably why I was able to download an application that said it was for 2,2 only and run it on the emulator.

  89. mufassir

    I just received my phone not more than 4 hour ago. Everything seems to work just fine with the phone (phone calls, text messaging, Google Talk, Facebook, Youtube, , etc.), however I cannot download ANY applications from the Android Market. Everytime I go to download an app, almost immediately I receive a notification saying “Download was unsuccessful, please try again.” please help me

  90. Tim Gilmore

    I really apreciate this article and how well it was
    layed out for us idiots>

    Could I just ask one more question? Where are the apk.
    files downloaded to. or are there no apk files downloaded?
    I cant’t seem to find them anywhere.

    Thanks Tim

  91. D Blaylock

    Got the emulator running and the image installed. When I boot it up I never get the initial setup dialog. It just boots to a standard screen with no marketplace. Any idea how I can force it to start from scratch? I tried wipe user data but that didn’t change anything.

  92. Urban

    installed and working. But im having problems establishing connection to the internet. After signing in, it says: “Cant establish a reliable data connection to the server”. I have an internet proxy that im using on my pc here. I tried putting that in by pressing the menu button and putting the proxy at the asked fields but it still doesnt work.
    Can any1 plz help me?

  93. Jill

    Thanks for providing such wonderful instructions! I am not that tech savy and I was able to follow your steps and I am downloading apps now. However, I am not sure where the apps are downloading and how to transfer to my tablet. I have a Velocity Cruz tablet with no market. I am just not sure where to find the files on my PC or where to put them on the tablet.

    Any help is appreciated and thanks for the great instructions!


  94. yes

    Okay so i try and sign in on the setup and get to the finish setup screen click finish setup and it has to ‘fore close’. It did the same thing when i went onto the market after setup PLEASE HELP!!

  95. Andy

    I wanted to download the Racing Post app which is available online at the market but cannot be located via the emulator. Is this something to do with US betting laws ?

  96. Agnes

    Hi, I have a Android tablet where Market access is broken (in spite of factory reset and flashing froyo 2.2… I cant get it back)
    Would this emulator enable me to download Apps .apk which I then could transfer to my tablet and run (that would save me!)Thanks

  97. Lisvid com

    very very nice. i will try.

  98. Shumaila

    Thanks for this
    I have tried the emulator is working but When I ried to strt andriod market it gives error”Network error occured please try again or later.”

    What’s the solution plllzzz help me out!!

  99. Shumaila

    Thanks for this
    I have tried the emulator is working but When I tried to strt andriod market it gives error”Network error occured please try again or later.”

    I think the network cnnectivity is just pefect because I can check my mails on the emulator!
    What’s the solution plllzzz help me out!!

  100. Waqas

    Thanks for sharing….
    Such a nice way to test the applications on the emulator.

  101. SHERRY


  102. sherry


  103. mvelasco

    There is a simple way to install the air run time in any ADV you want. (for the one explained here does not work)

    Just install the package Runtime included in the 2.6 SDK as a normal package

    In android sdk tools, type
    adb install %path_for_adobe_air_sdk%\runtimes\air\android\emulator\Runtime.apk

    If you dont like this solution, use Adobe’s

  104. Charlie


    How come I can’t see all the apps on marketplace?
    Alot of them are there but some are missing…
    Hm should it be like that?


  105. missing

    I don’t have the Android logo on my emulator phone….anyone have the same problem and if not can you direct me to it.

    Thanks for helping.

  106. Tim

    As an update to anyone looking at this thread, I have had no problems at all installing the Amazon App Market on the 1.6 version that I created without doing any of the above. Have installed many apps from it as well. Hope this helps someone.

  107. david

    how to install android market in android 2.2 in the emulator ?

  108. david

    can some one confirm if same method of enabling android market will work for android 2.2 as well ? if not how i can enable android market in android 2.2 emulator?

  109. titus

    how to do it on Mac?

  110. Leo

    First of all big thanks to Matthew for the very helpful tutorual.
    Now I’m gouing to write how to pull the applications installed in the emulator, and then I’ll add a few notes on adding Market to 2.2.

    So, about pulling applications from the emulator. All applications are stored inside a single image file (more precisely, there are several image files – one for the SD card, another one for the system, etc.) that is why one can’t locate them as separate files on PC. To reach them one needs to mount the image file as a virtual drive in Windows. For that one needs a special driver, which can be istalled as described in this link:
    So, first back up your applications using Astro as described by maxking, then mount the virtual SD card as a virtual drive and then copy all apk files to your real hard disk. That’s all.
    As far as I understood from the above link, in Unix one does not need a driver to do that as Unix can natively mount image files as virtual drives. As for Mac, probably there is a similar driver for Mac too, one can Google it.

    Now about installing Market on 2.2 emulator. Market’s apk file is available on the Web, just Google it. So, in principle, one could copy the apk file to the virtual SD card using the above driver. Then one could launch that file in the emulator to install the application. The only snag is, I couldn’t find any file manager or file browser in the 2.2 emulator, that is why I could not locate and launch the apk file. If somebody knows how to solve that please post.

  111. Mike

    I don’t see Words with Friends in the app market. Why not? And I can’t see to get it to install through the browser either b/c it keeps telling me that there is no phone associated with my account…

  112. Tom

    Took a bit of playing around, but got 1.5 to work fine. At first it refused to download but then it worked great. If you are having problems, I suggest that one thing to try is a reboot of your computer then try again. A reboot will eliminate any “problem” garbage that may be around causing problems and will often solve a lot of issues.

  113. krazyj

    Using the 1.6 i cant seem to slide the emulator for windows, i tried F11, Alt-F11 and Ctrl-F11. maybe i need to disable the keyboard?

  114. krazyj

    never mind, the keyboard issue is fixed. however, im faced with a newer problem. someting about the my connection and a SiD card

  115. krazyj

    ok, nevermind about that either. now i just keep getting an error “a server error occurred” every time i try to access the market.

  116. tom

    I did everything but i do not see the market icon?

  117. Carroll B. Merriman

    Thanks for every one of your efforts on this website. Gloria really likes making time for internet research and it is easy to see why. All of us notice all concerning the compelling way you present very helpful tips and hints on the web blog and as well as welcome contribution from some others about this matter while our favorite girl is certainly understanding a lot. Enjoy the rest of the new year. You are always carrying out a really great job.

  118. Charles

    I have Market Emulator 1.5 working no problem. However, whenever I try to download something from the market the download fails. Any advice?

  119. KiNgDeeM

    man i get everything working fine up untill im supposed to have a android logo all i get to is the second android text

  120. gaurav

    My market is not opening. Google account is not signing in. How to do it

  121. skeeter

    Is there anyway to set up a proxy so that it will be under that proxy for not just the web browser but ALL apps? I tried doing (for android 1.5) the settings>wireless network>access point and inserting proxy information but again, that only makes the web browser seem to work with the proxy and no third party apps.


    There is no service! I cant seem to get the virtual 3G on! I have no bars and i cant seem to find out why. Can someone help me!

  123. Anthony

    I downloaded and arranged the files just as listed. I changed the .ini file, every possible permutation, and yet when I open sdk it never shows AndEmu as an option under virtual devices. If I open my regular device, there is no change and no option to register my account. Any ideas?

  124. Levi

    Guys I’ve been running the 1.5 android sdk fine with proxies by using this command in the command prompt :

    emulator -avd http-proxy :

    It’s been great then yesterday I wake up, and I load a proxy up like always, and I have no internet on the Droid. Upon using the -debug-proxy command on the next load and I notice I get the every time with any proxy I put in. Has anyone had this problem? This was the only way I could load up with a proxy because I tried the settings in the android under the Mobile networks, that never worked for me.

  125. Imran

    actually it is because of dns server’s setting
    start the emulator throught command prompt.

    emulator.exe @ -dns-server

    It should work man

  126. Eric Michiels

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to have the emulator working on a website, so potential Android users can test Android and see how to download and install applications.


  127. Deep

    Hello, this is awesome tutorial and i am going to try it now. But i want to ask, after downloading any apps from android market, is it possible to transfer the app to my android mobile from my PC?

  128. Bobby2889

    dunno if its because Im uaing a dell studio and f7-f12 all have volume and media functions but nothing seems to open slide the keypad.

    Alt Gr+F11 and all combinations thereof do nothing.

    This is annoying as I have a crap phone, want to download whatsapp and speak to my fiancee who just went to ghana for a few months. help pls

  129. Iconic

    Yeah, how does one ‘slide’ the keyboard to continue with Google Login?

  130. rajamani

    Whenever i click the install from the market , its saying you not connected with any mobile device ,
    how to solve this problem .

  131. lik

    having the same problem with rajamani…. any help?? Please

  132. Samer

    thanks a lot!
    I want to connect to the internet via a proxy
    I have put the proxy server & port in my pc explorer
    but the emulator doesn’t seem to use it
    how can I make the emulator connect to the internet via a proxy server!!!???

  133. Jay

    I got the emulator running and got the correct AVD files installed to the Virtual devices folder. Everything looks to be working properly, but I cannot get the KB to slide open. Using Windows 7 64bit. Any help would be great.

  134. Jay

    Easy money here. When you get to the screen where it says to slide the keyboard open to sign into Google to continue, just skip the step and it goes to android home screen. Then open Marketplace and click the search bar to pull the virtual KB up type in what you want, and then click again to close the KB.

  135. Henrik

    Thanks for a great guide .. Henrik Sweden

  136. bubbwaxedu

    i have a ? i have a droid x2 and the emulator… is there a way to transfer apps from my phone to the emulator??

  137. Bam

    Thanks, I was thinking on the same lines about mounting the img file, but the alcohol and poweriso weren’t able to open the img file.

    I was successfully able to mount and view the files on the sdcard through windows explorer. The “ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver” works great.

    But the roadblock was to be able to access internet on the AVD. Neither the browser, nor the Market was able to access it.

    Also, to your comment regarding installing the market apk through a file browser. The later android versions would have a file browser I believe.

    It should work. I have tried the Android 2.3.3, it didn’t pull up any file browser app.

    Android honeycomb 3.0 works fine, it is able to access the pc internet just fine. but it doesn’t have the file browser either.

    A work around is to install the market apk by downloading it from the browser. Then we can use any apk from the market, even the file browsers.

  138. beejay

    I (instead of having one program) have two.I think I have an newer version, if so can someone get a link to an older version.

    Sorry if you have had this question before….

  139. beejay

    ah now its fixed
    I got an error after trying to load the emulator I would get the microsoft error report window?
    then instead of “repairing” the error I edited the avd and added the hardware sd card support!
    Does this help?

  140. Syncmaster

    Any way to extract the downloaded APK files from the img files?

  141. anshul

    Great work dude.. :).. loved installing it,,

  142. Elaine

    Everything seemed to work fine but when I launch it, it never goes past flashing the word Android. I was able to open the emulator. It’s the AndEmu to open the Market, that I can’t do.

  143. anshul

    @elaine.. you have to click on that android icon to make it move further.. if on emulator than click it ..and if ur on device that touch or tap it

  144. Elaine

    I finally got the market to show, by using Android 1.5. Android 3.2 didn’t work, as far as getting the market. Problem now is I could see all the applications in the market but when I click on them, it says loading and then the requested file can’t be found. That’s for ALL the applications I clicked. I clicked many. I don’t know what to do.

  145. Elaine

    @anshul.. Clicking it didn’t help using Android 3.2. It wasn’t working.

    I was hoping that rebooting the computer might change the Android results today but it hasn’t. When I click on anything, it says “NOT FOUND.. The requested item could not be found”. Basically unless that gets solved, this has all been useless. I have the Android emulator and the market and I could see all the applications but nothing could be downloaded since they’re not found.

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