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Mount a Windows Share in OS X and Have it Reconnect at Login

Something Mac users often need to do is be able to access files stored on Windows shares. Here’s a good way to mount those share, and keep them mounting at login.

Mounting the Windows Share

When you are in Finder you can click Go and Connect to Server or you can type Command + K to get to the same menu.

In Server Address you will need to put the location of you Windows share with this format smb://server/share where server is the name or IP address of your Windows machine and share is going to be the folder or drive you want to mount.

If your Windows share requires authentication it will ask you for that info here.

Now if you have Connected Servers showing on your desktop, it will show up on your desktop an in Finder.

Making the Share Mount at Login

To keep the share showing up when you have to log out seems pretty difficult. The internet is littered with ways to write scripts to allow you to do this. But OS X makes it pretty simple if you are just needing to add the share to your machine.

You will need to be in System Preferences for this, which you can get to by clicking on the Apple Menu and then going to System Preferences.

Then you will go to Accounts.

Once in Accounts, you will need go to the Login Items tab. Then you will just drag the share from your desktop or Finder window into the Login Items list.

If your share requires authentication, it may be possible to add the username and password into your keychain with the check box in the authentication window. Some shares will not work with the keychain though.

This is pretty nice if you are working a lot between OS X and Windows, and need to move files between the two.

Chris is a Mac geek who still knows his way around Linux and Windows. He's always looking for a good way to translate geek to english.

  • Published 07/12/10

Comments (3)

  1. Peter

    if the share is on a computer within a Windows domain, you’ll need to login with a domain username format à la



  2. Victor Solis

    Great tip. I did this with my wife’s iMac to connect to the shares on my Windows Home Server. When she logs on, the shortcuts appear on her desktop, but they also open up Finder windows for all of the shares. Is there a way to suppress Finder from opening those windows when she logs on?

  3. Eva O'Connell

    I am setting up a MacPro Quad Core with 16GB RAM. It boots very quickly but I don’t think all of the processes get started in the background so when it tries to reconnect to the shares per the instructions above, it errors out. If I give it 30 secs and then try to connect it will mount the volumes with no issue. To get around the automation issue, I created the following simple AppleScript and then used the Login Items to run it. It delays the command to connect for 30 secs to give the processes sufficient time to start.

    delay 30
    tell application “Finder”
    mount volume “smb://SERVERNAME/VOLUME”
    end tell

    Where SERVERNAME is the name of the server and VOLUME is the name of the share.

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