In the previous version of Windows Live Writer,  utilizing features was a simple process. Now things are placed in the Ribbon and at times more difficult to access. Here we’ll look at adding anything to the Quick Access Toolbar.

The other day we showed you how to add the Post Draft to Blog button to the Quick Access Toolbar. Today we look at adding anything from the Ribbon to it for easier access.


To add a picture in the previous version you just needed to click Picture on the right hand section and made it rather easy to create posts. However, everything had its place, and there weren’t a whole lot of customization options.

Current Beta Version

As we can see here, you need to click on in the Ribbon twice…a minor annoyance, however there are more options. The cool thing about the new Beta version is you can add anything from the ribbon to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Here we click Picture or Video on the Ribbon, choose the location, and right-click on it. Now select Add to Quick Access Toolbar above or below the Ribbon.


You can add anything from the Ribbon. From HTML styles, Hyperlink, to different fonts…anything!

Here we added a bunch of goodies to the Quick Access Toolbar…very cool!

This should allow for faster access to the different tools you need when creating your blog posts. Let us know what you think, are you happy with the new design of Windows Live Writer? Leave a comment and let us know.

Download Windows Live Writer Beta

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