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IM to Multiple Accounts with Trillian Astra

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Before other IM clients hit the scene, Trillian was the choice for multi-protocol support and is now often overlooked.  They recently launched their new Astra beta to the public and here we will show you what to expect.

During installation be sure to uncheck both boxes wanting you to make Ask your default search provider and toolbar.  Of course if you use Ask or want to try it out leave them checked.

2 dont agree ask

Astra has added a cool new Aero type user interface, when you sign in you will start to see the differences right away.

3 mainscreen

If you don’t have an account yet the wizard will guide your through the registration.

3 signin

When your all signed up and logged in, the welcome wizard will guide you through the set up.

5 new acct

There are a number of different skins to choose from and more you can download from their skins gallery.

skinone skintwo

If you are familiar with previous versions of Trillian you will still be able to access the many options they offer.


They offer several plugins to help you keep up with all of your social networking from Twitter to Facebook or even IRC.


Cool new Widgets that you can create in Trillian like a Business Card and send to your contacts.

business card

You can also move the Widgets to your desktop.


You can all of the functions by right clicking on the tray icon.


When you sign up for this beta build you get Trillian Pro for 30 days which is $25 or only $10 for existing customers.  After the 30 days you lose the premium features like Full Screen video chat mode, signing in from multiple locations, and personal tech support.  There is really some interesting and fun things going on with this version of Trillian. If you’re looking to upgrade the old version or try something new, you might want to give Astra a shot.  


Download Trillian Astra

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  • Published 07/1/09

Comments (5)

  1. Rafael

    I`m using it for a while ago…
    it`s just great …

  2. Mike Grant

    I have had Astra for awhile, the bug I run into is live messenger contacts show status unavailable for contacts I know are online and available. I have had to keep live messenger open to chat with them.

  3. Ethrel

    I have been using the Astra Beta since build 98, and am very impressed with what I see.

    From a purely critical standpoint there are a few drawbacks, however. First and foremost, you cannot turn autohide on without pro. This is the largest drawback in my personal opinion, as this is something I use constantly.

    That, however, does not mean that much. I still use Trillian Astra on a day-to-day basis and am overall happy with the progress they have made. I fully plan on purchasing the pro subscription once it is out of beta.

    @Mike Grant: Yeah, that happens, though I have noticed that the newest build seems to reliably report status.

    Not necessarily directed at mike – or anyone in articular, really – the big thing to keep in mind is that Astra *is* still in beta, so there are bugs here and there that still plague the software. Each build fixes multiple bugs, but it takes time to both remove current bugs and solve bugs that come from the fixes to the current bugs. Thus far Cerulean has been doing a pretty decent job of tackling the bugs and quirks and staying on top of them. I fully recommend Trillian to anyone who uses multiple IM protocols on a constant basis.

  4. Jay

    How does it compare to Digsby?

  5. Ryan

    I used trillian back in 3.0 then went to Pidgin for a long time because trillian gave me problems but this new version seems to work well and its pretty sexy ;)

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