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How to Enable or Disable TortoiseSVN Menus Easily

If you’re a programmer that uses TortoiseSVN to manage your Subversion source control project, you might wonder how to easily disable the menu items without completely uninstalling. Here’s a quick way to do it.

Note: this article is meant for programmers or people pretending to be programmers.


The general idea is that we’ll remove the Windows Explorer context menu items from the registry with one script, and then add the registry entries back with another script.

To make it a little simpler and prevent the annoying Regedit prompts, what you can do is create a shortcut to regedit.exe, pass in the location of the registry hack file we’ve provided, and make sure to use the /s switch for silent mode.


Then put those shortcuts in your Start Menu folder, so you can easily get them from the start menu search.


Or you could create a set of hotkeys to enable or disable them on the fly… if you’re reading this, you’re probably a programmer, so you can figure that out.

The only real magic here is the registry hack files that we’ve already created. Download them!

Download the Enable/Disable TortoiseSVN Registry Hack

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  • Published 07/2/10

Comments (10)

  1. SquareWheel

    Awesome. Tortoise has the most obnoxious shell context menu extension I use. Do you know how to enable the menu entry for shift+right clicks only though?

  2. The Geek

    Very glad to hear it’s gonna help somebody else!

    I’m sure there’s a way to do it… but I haven’t taken the time to mess with it yet.

  3. SquareWheel

    Yeah, I’m sure it’s just a different place in the registry but I’ve never really looked into it before. Tortoise is great for SVN, but like I said, it’s incredibly obnoxious. A shift+right click would be perfect.

  4. Timewarp

    Wahaaa ! Could have needed that a week ago. Would have saved me quite some time :)

  5. DarkBlood

    Because of that I stopped using “TortoiseSVN” and switched to the best multiplatform SVN client, called “Syncro SVN Client”

  6. NIck

    there is actually an option to disable the context menu in tortoise settings. you can enter directories where you do want to show it. i always have a projects directory and it only show it there for me

  7. Wayne

    As annoying as Tortoise can be, I’ve had far less trouble with it compared to SmartSVN.

  8. Nighty

    > there is actually an option to disable the context menu in tortoise settings.

  9. NightOwl

    The problem with this hack is what happens if updated versions of TortoiseSVN use different registry settings?

  10. NightOwl


    Right-click a file or folder and:

    01) Select TortoiseSVN – Settings

    02) Under General setting, select Context Menu

    03) Under “Do not show the context menu for the following paths:”, enter the path(s) that you do not want to use TortoiseSVN. For example, C:\* will not show TortoiseSVN in the context menu whenever you right-click on a file or folder under your C drive/partition. To exclude a folder (including all files and subfolders under that folder), enter driveletter:\foldername*, for example D:\TempFiles*

    04) Each entry must be on a separate line.

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