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Ask the Readers: What is Your Favorite Search Engine?

Search engines are something that all of use to find information, images, and more while online. This week we want to know which search engine you use.


Search engines are a daily part of our online lives. Whether it is basic information, images, recommendations, or a how-to there are lots of search engines out there that want to help you find what you are looking for. Some people prefer to use a single-engine service while others like to use one that generates results from multiple engines.

People can be very passionate about which search engine to use. For some it is about the quality of search results they receive while others worry about privacy issues and the retention of search data. It can be a touchy topic and in the end the choice is up to you.

Which search engine do you use? Do you only use one for all of your searches or do you use multiple search engines to find what you need? Let us know in the comments!

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Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 08/4/10

Comments (52)

  1. Chuckles

    ahaha first vote, on bing ofc

  2. Rich

    Panabee. It combines Google and Bing into one page.

  3. vtzete0

    It’s kind of like betting with a heavy favorite at the horse race track. You already know Google will come in first, but who will come in place and show?

  4. asdf-chan
  5. Dtv

    Google’s search engine is spyware. Will never use it!

  6. Wayne

    Generally, it’s Google first, then Bing as a backup. For calculations, I use Wolfram Alpha.

  7. Lady Fitzgerald

    Google. I’ve tried Bing and was not impressed.

  8. Meena

    no need to ask

  9. Secc

    Google all the way! Haven’t really bothered with Bing yet….If it weren’t MS’s own then maybe i would give it a shot LOL!

  10. david

    used to use google, now use bing

  11. Eric the CIW Certified Web Designer

    People seem not to realize that Web developers have cracked Google. We know how to make our sites show up at the top. It’s blindingly simple, and you aren’t a reputable Web developer if you don’t know that. Every time you use Google, you aren’t getting the most accurate search; you’re getting pages written by developers willing to use inaccurate keywords to get your attention unethically. That doesn’t help much. With Bing you actually get information of some sort.

  12. wolfman544

    I’d consider bing if the marketing didn’t call me too stupid to think for myself and if the page wasn’t so bloated and script dependent.

  13. Chardante

    Google takes the first three places…followed in fourth place by Bing…then Wolfram Alpha in fifth place. Fourth and fifth places are interchangeable depending on the technical nature of the search.

    Remember…Google is your friend!!!

  14. Matthew Guay

    I use Bing by default, and love the front page picture of the day, but I do also use Google if I seem to not be able to find something. That’s mostly out of habit, though, since usually if I can’t find something in Bing I won’t find it in Google, either :)

  15. whiplash55

    I’m a Bing guy but in reality its pretty even split with google.

  16. Mista Wet

    Bing it is! Don’t mind google though but I like how Bing does pictures.

  17. BobTheAlligator

    People should started using bing, there’s so much in its service that you’ll be glad you did.

  18. Kewin

    Use googel forever

  19. at0mic


  20. JEShack

    Google ftw

  21. Todd

    I tend to use Google first (mostly out of habit!), then sometimes Bing.

    (Never heard of Wolfram Alpha until just now as I read the other comments, I’ve bookmarked that engine so I can check it out later. Thanks for letting me know about that engine!)

  22. Kevin Scott Schlanger

    I like the look and feel of Bing, but Google offers better results.

  23. blop

    always googling !!

  24. Mahdi

    i know anyone use goooooooogle…..

  25. Chris

    This poll was always going to be a google whitewash.

  26. Win

    I use Yahoo and Google alternatively.

  27. Ben

    Google of course:)

  28. damiththa


  29. Doc Holliday

    GOOGLE never ceases to amaze me and it sure is’nt spyware and i allways get the information i’m looking for so i dont even bother with the rest except on occasions i go to the Dark side of Google.

  30. Mike

    I go to Google when I want to find something.

    I go to Yahoo for current events.

    I avoid Bing because a simple comparison of image search on Bing
    compared to Google demonstrates that Bing sucks by comparison.
    I’ve demonstrated this and sent it to Bing developers. They have yet
    to fix it.

  31. john3347

    I use Yahoo by default and if I’m not happy with the results I find there, I use anything EXCEPT Google. I am not comfortable giving Google, the biggest personal and non-personal information harvestor in the known world, any information that they can use to pass along to highest bidder.

  32. ian

    just google… it’s more than enough.

  33. Secc

    OK, just did a quick search on Bing and Google for the following: ‘Norton internet security +firefox’
    Google: First two results offer support pages from Mozilla which if this was a genuine search would be what i want.
    BING: First link takes me to BUY norton!!! There are 2 Amazon links trying to SELL Norton on the first page – NO Amazon ‘sales’ page on Googles first page.

    IMHO: Bing is more interested in SELLING rather than ‘HELPING’ by giving information which Google does much better. If you want to buy something then maybe Bing is OK, if you want information then Google all the way. I tried Bing when it was first released and did a similar experiment – same results – BING wants to SELL, Google will help and sell. As 99.9% of my searches are for information and not for products i think i’ll stick with Google first.

    Just my opinion.


  34. Aethec

    Google for web, Bing for images.

  35. alireza

    GoOgle for all things . because google is best .

  36. satin butterfly

    When I want to find something out I just GOOGLE it.

  37. John

    I’m using “Duck Duck Go” more and more. Simply because: “The search engine philosophy emphasizes privacy and does not record user information.” As soon as it integrates WOT into its system, it’s probably ALL I’ll use. Plus, as a number of my friends have said, “I like the results better than Google”.

  38. eceplayground

    Google :)

  39. seenu

    Until Its me or google were killed, Google is my Favorite search engine

  40. clubjunkie

    Bing. Always Bing.

  41. sami

    stupid question….every one knows its google…..

  42. MC

    simply the Best!

  43. Joydeep Majumdar

    google all the way guys! that’s where i found how to geek :)

  44. Googler

    I cannot imagine my life without Google.

  45. Leafy

    It used to be yahoo because of its delicious and — at times — twitter integration.

    Now it’s

  46. Patrick J. B. Simmons

    I used to use Scroogle, but when they went down for a bit (when Google made some changes which temporarily stopped Scroogle from working), I switched to – never looked back.

  47. Steven D

    I use Google but wish they had better bookmarking listing you most current 25 or more searches..

  48. Steven D

    I use Google but wish they had better bookmarking listing your 25 or more searches..

  49. Fikri Online

    Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google, Google & Google.

    Google is the best of the best! :)

  50. tekk

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet. DuckDuckGo for main engine, then ixquick for backup

  51. bubs353

    Obviously Google.

  52. daredaivl

    simply the Best!

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