If you liked the Joost desktop application they had before they killed off the project, thanks to Paul Yanez we now have Joost Media Player for the desktop which is built on Adobe Air.

Using Joost Media Player

During installation you will get the Adobe installer and will want to click on the Install button if you get the Unknown / Unrestricted warning.

When it first starts up you will need to enter an email address so they can send you a password for the app.

2 enter email

In the next screen you’ll need to enter the password they sent and decide if you want to share what you watch on Twitter and you can change this later if you want.

3 twitter

The interface is nicely laid out and intuitive.  In TV mode you can browse through different segments of the show you want to watch.

You can easily toggle between regular and full screen views and control volume and playback with the floating controls.

Easily browse for shows by category.

4 browse 

Another neat feature is Picture in Picture so you can browse for other programming while watching something else.

5 watch program while browse

Another main feature is its Twitter integration.  You can have Twitter updated automatically with what you’re viewing.

twitter integration 

I was able to speak with the Paul Yanez and he told us there are a bunch of new features around the corner including:

  • Integrating the original Joost desktop UI
  • Playlist creation
  • Social integration with Joost.com
  • Enhanced Twitter integration
  • Facebook Integration

This is a great Joost desktop app to use now and looks to be getting further enhancements that will make it a player to watch in the future.


 Download Joost Media Player