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Run Android on Your Windows Mobile Phone

Interested in Android but think you need to buy a new phone to try it out? Actually, your Windows Mobile phone may already have the capability of running Android. Today we show you how and the type of phone you’ll need.


Update: This article was written 5 years ago, and as far as we know this process doesn’t work anymore on modern phones. It’s certainly possible that you can still run Android on a Windows mobile phone, but we don’t have a good solution to give you. We recommend asking about your specific phone model over on the XDA Developer forums.

Installing Android

To run Android you will need a microSD card that is not SDHC (typically a card less than 2GB) and a supported Windows Mobile phone (see below). You can check your microSD card compatibility by looking at the card to see if it shows the “HC” label.

The microSD card will need to be formatted in FAT32. Plug the microSD card into the computer and right click on it and choose format.

Note: Formatting a microSD drive will erase everything on that drive. Make sure you have any important files backed up before you format it.

Now that the microSD card is formatted, the first step to installing Android is finding the right Android port for your phone (see below). You will need to find the port that works on your phone as well as the version of Android you want to run. Versions start at 1.0 but typically you will find ports for version 1.6 or 2.1.

Once you have found the right port for your phone and Android version you want to use, extract the files to a folder using 7-zip.

After the files have extracted there should be a folder called “andboot”. Go into the andboot folder and there will be another folder called “startup config” or “startup”. Open this folder and you will need to find the right startup.txt file for your phone. Inside each folder will be a single “startup.txt” file. Copy the file for your phone model to the root of the andboot folder. This file will tell Android what type of hardware you have, how big your screen is, how much RAM your phone has etc. so it is very important to choose the right file. If you are confused on what these phone names are please read below on finding your phone model.

Once you have moved the correct startup.txt file to the andboot folder, copy the entire andboot folder to the root of your newly formatted microSD card.

Plug the microSD card back in the phone and open the file browser on your phone and browse to the memory card. Make sure the phone is plugged into power before the next few steps because on some phones running on battery may cause the phone to hang.

Open the andboot folder and run haret.exe. If the right startup.txt file is in the root of the andboot folder you should be able to click “Run” and you will get a quick loading screen while haret turns off Windows Mobile and starts up Android.

You should get some scrolling text and probably a nice Android logo while the phone boots up the first time.

Note: The first boot is going to take a considerably longer time than subsequent boots. and you may need to calibrate your screen during the boot process so make sure you keep an eye on it.

Once the basic Linux settings are done your new “Android” phone will boot to a welcome screen so you can walk through the rest of the settings like setting up your email account.

Tip: If you are running Android on a phone that does not have an active data plan but does have wifi, you can get around the startup screen by tapping on the welcome screen in this order: top left corner, top right corner, bottom right corner, bottom left corner then tap the Android logo. You can then enable wifi and join a network and set up your gmail account manually.

It is usually recommended that you leave your phone alone while it syncs your information for at least 10 minutes. Once the initial syncing is done the phone should start running faster and you can play around with installing apps. If you don’t wait for the phone to fully sync you may have problems with apps crashing prematurely and a force close dialog popping up.

Change any settings and install any apps you want, they will be saved to your memory card and ready on next boot. All phones that run Android from the microSD card will automatically boot Windows Mobile when the phone restarts. To run Android again, just open the file browser and run haret.exe again.

Android Ports

There are a few different Android ports for Windows Mobile devices and each one supports a different family of device; each family of device has a varying amount of hardware support. Most phones will support the touch screen, hardware buttons, cell phone radio, and data connection, but some ports may not support bluetooth, GPS, or power management. This is not a complete list of Android ports available, but it should cover the most popular Windows Mobile phones.

Almost all Android development on Windows Mobile phones started with the development on theHTC Touch (also known as the HTC Vogue and the Verizon xv6900). The HTC Touch has 100% of the hardware features working and even some features that were not available in official Windows Mobile ROMs. One of the main differences between Android for the Touch and Android for every other phone is the Touch allows for Android to be flashed to the phone’s ROM (NAND memory). This was a big break through for Android development and has increased battery life and speed greatly. Running Android on the Touch can be done following the steps above but it is recommended to run Android by flashing the phones NAND memory. To learn how to do that, start at the Android Touch FAQ thread at XDA-Developers.
Android ports for the HTC Touch can also be used on the following phones with varying success.
  • HTC Nike (Neon)
  • HTC Polaris (Touch Cruise)
  • HTC Kaiser (TyTN II)
  • HTC Titan (Mogul, xv6800)

Note: HTC phones all have proper names that come from HTC and in many cases each carrier will give the phone its own branding and rename the phone to something else. For example, the HTC Titan was called the Mogul on Sprint and the xv6800 on Verizon. To find the Android port for your phone, start by finding the proper HTC name of your device. Start on HTC’s site to discover your device’s official name.

XDAndroid supports the most popular touch screen HTC Windows Mobile phones and if you bought a touch screen HTC Windows Mobile phone within the past year, most likely this port will support your phone. XDAndroid runs directly from the phones microSD memory card on the following phones:
  • Touch Pro (Fuze, RAPH, RAPH800, RAPH500)
  • Touch Diamond (DIAMOND, DIAM500)
  • GSM Touch Pro2 (TILT2,RHODIUM, RHOD400, RHOD500)
  • GSM Touch Diamond2 (TOPAZ)
Andromnia is an Android port for Samsung devices. Currently this port is in the pre-alpha stages and things like the headset speaker does not work. But if you want to test it out it supports the following phones:
  • Samsung i900 (GSM, supported worldwide)
  • Samsung i910 (CDMA, used by Verizon in the US)
  • Samsung i780 (Mirage)
  • Samsung i907 (AT&T Epix)

Wing Linux isn’t as quickly developed as XDAndroid but should get the job done if your phone isn’t supported by any other port. Wing Linux supports the following phones to varying degrees:

  • HTC Artemis
  • HTC Elf, HTC Elfin
  • HTC Excalibur, T-Mobile Dash
  • HTC Gene, HTC P3400
  • HTC Herald, T-Mobile Wing
  • HTC Opal, HTC Touch Viva
  • HTC Pharos
  • HTC Prophet
  • HTC Startrek
  • HTC Wizard
  • Asus P320, Galaxi Mini

You may also want to look at threads for the following phones to check the status of Android on these phones.

Sony Xperia 1

HTC Leo (HD2)

Extra links

If you still can’t find what you are looking for I recommend checking out these links for more information.

XDA-Developers forum

PPCGeeks forum


HTC Linux

Justin Garrison is a Linux and HTPC enthusiast who loves to try new projects. He isn't scared of bricking a cell phone in the name of freedom.

  • Published 07/8/10

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  1. Nick

    unfortunatly putting android on my htc caused it to brick. after running android, left it on the charger, came back to find it turned off, i could never turn it on again. dunno exactly if its androids fault… but still.

  2. Chris K

    Great article! I hadn’t even considered that I could try Android out on my old HTC Mogul. Think I’ll be doing some more reading and give this a shot very soon.

  3. Rothgar

    @Chris K The Mogul is a great candidate because it has a physical keyboard, wifi, and roughly G1 specs. Last time I ran it on the Mogul it was pretty slow but things have picked up a lot since then.

  4. frysee

    >To run Android you will need a microSD card that is not HDHC (typically a card less than 2GB) and a >supported Windows Mobile phone (see below).

    guess you mean ‘SD-HC’ ;)


  5. Jason

    Good job Motorola, Windows Mobile phones can run Android 2.1 before the cliq. That’s great.

  6. k0nane

    Not sure where you got the info on not using a MicroSDHC card for Android. I’ve never seen that mentioned in the official XDAndroid project threads, and I’ve been using an 8gb MicroSDHC card for Android on my HTC Fuze (Touch Pro) since Eclair (then 2.0.1, then 2.1, will be running Froyo when the devs release a final/stable version).

  7. Snowstone

    Is it possible to run Android as my main OS on my ZTE BlueBelt 2?

    I don’t want to try this without being sure I won’t brink or otherwise srew up my phone.

  8. Rothgar

    @k0nane That may have only been a restriction on the WM phones that I used. I know for sure it was a problem with the mogul and I had issues with the HTC Touch with my 4GB card. The problem originally was because the driver for reading SDHC cards was not implemented on a lot of the older phones. It probably isn’t an issue with XDAndroid but I only have a RAPH500 to test with, and the RAPH500 is notoriously poorly supported to begin with.

  9. Enzo

    Is it dangerous for the phone ?

  10. D

    If this pans out as I think it will, my wife’s Tilt2 will make a great Android 2.1 platform.

    Just one Q: How does one go about making it a constant? i.e. if she likes it, is it viable to drop it from the microSD directly onto the phone such that the phone boots right to Eclair, and WinMo is just a bad dream from the past?

  11. M10

    any luck with ASUS M10 ?

  12. Jak

    nice! please where do i get an android version? theres no link as to where i could download one. thanx.

  13. dracoola

    What if I have an (i-mate JAMin)??

    can it run android?

  14. Jonathan

    Similar question to “D”. I have an old i910 Omnia and was wondering if I could skip loading Android onto my sd card and just put the files in “My Storage” instead.

  15. Justin Garrison

    @D The only phone that will fully replace Windows Mobile is the HTC Touch (Vogue). Some of the Android ports are still trying to get this to work but I am not sure how that progress is coming for the Tilt2. You will have to check the xda-developers forum to see what the status on replacing WM is.

    @Jak All the links you need to get started are in the post above. Click on the name of the port to find where you can download the right one.

  16. vadim

    i have htc universal which supports SD cards but not microSD. Can I run android on it?\thanks!

  17. Riston

    Here’s my it running on my Tilt2 except for one small can’t seem to detect my network…so it’s not connecting for call purposes or even the market purposes…my question is, would I have to reinstall everything in order for this to work? (It’s just showing ‘searching’)

    Also, whenever I go to power it off, the only way that seems to work is pulling the battery…when I hit the power button it brings up a widget menu.

  18. edge

    respected sir,
    is it possible on nokia 5th edition devices for example nokia n97, nokia 5800?
    thanking you.

  19. Jaz

    Hi, is this ROM working with O2 XDA Mini S, i just want to make it sure

  20. alvin

    how about HD2?? is it using XDAndroid also??

  21. Jimmyjim

    I have an HTC Imagio currently running Windows Mobile 6.5. This is tempting, but I don’t read in the comments that anyone did this successfully. Seems dodgy/dangerous.

  22. queitman

    has anyone tried installing Android on LG incite phone

  23. chaitanyak

    i have a htc pharos.. will definitely try this on it

  24. Justin Garrison

    @edge I think the only nokia phone that has an Android port is the n900. The n97 and other nokia phones don’t have ports to my knowledge (but I haven’t been looking so it is possible).

    @alvin HD2 using its own port of android. There is a link to it in the post above (called the HTC Leo).

    For everyone else, I don’t know the specifics for all of the phones asked. The best place to look is the XDA-developers forum to see if there is any progress on Android for your phone. If you can’t find anything there check out to see if there is any progress there.

  25. YASIR

    i hav a htc fuze(p4600). has anybody installed android to htc fuze? plz let me know how it works.

  26. YASIR

    i hav a htc fuze(p4600). i hav a question.since we can install android from microsd card and if the android dont work or hang the mobile, can it work after we remove the microsd card and reboot to windows mobile platform? plz respond.

  27. Mike Jones


    If I do get Andriod running on my phone it is possible for me to switch back to WinMo or am I stuck with Andriod?



  28. iamchrismoran

    I’ve got a mogul/6800, I see no link above for its port and after exhausting a ton of time in xda and androindonhtc and ppcgeeks I cannot figure out for the life of me a definitive set of files I need to boot mine to android via SD.
    I know everyone wants “their” phone’s attention… but it seemed the article left me wanting too much.

  29. vivek

    from where i download android 1.6 or 2.1?
    link please.
    superb article……

  30. cristina

    did anybody tried to put android on samsung i8000 alias omnia2?let me know something….

  31. Justin Garrison

    @Mike Jones For most phones you can just run Android and then reboot the phone to get back to Windows Moblie. Only a few phones will completely replace Windows Moblie.

    @iamchrismoran Sorry for no link for the Mogul. I used to do it but haven’t kept up with their forum threads to give a good link for it. You can try Wing Linux but if not it looks like some people had success using the port directly for the Vogue

  32. Mike Jones

    @Justin: Thanks, I have the AT&T Fuze. So, I should be ok, right?

  33. ali

    please give me a link to download android for HTC Opal, HTC Touch Viva

  34. erfan

    thanks its work very well on my touch viva(opal) phone i hop its update become better.

  35. Justin Garrison

    @Mike Jones Yes you can use XDAndroid on the Fuze so you should have plenty of options. With XDAndroid you should be able to try out Froyo too.

  36. Mike Jones

    @Justin: Thanks. I just got XDAndroid on the Fuze and it’s running great. Thanks for the help.

  37. Adil

    What about i-mate Ultimate 6150?
    Any port most suitable for i-mate? Plz help. I am tired of Micro$oft Windows, but Android phones are really expensive…

  38. silly@ss


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  40. ShAshtii

    when it say htc touch it means htc vogue not *ELF*
    (Difference Elf= gsm and Vogue= cdma

  41. rambo

    i’m using samsung omniaprob7330..with the latest operating system6.5. I was wondering if it could work on this device, it’s not a touch screen though

  42. fucaks

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    my phone is a silverbelt, for mobile operator TMN in Portugal

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  44. aldo


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  45. Yamanovski

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  46. Dude

    Dude, your instructions is so vague as it doesn’t really apply to all phones and where’s the files to your instructions? Your links at the bottom or the so call PORTS have their own instructions that is different from yours making your instructions kind of useless. If you’re going to write an instructions on “Run Android on your Windows…” please provide the correct files to the which phone your instructions is referring to. A waste of my time trying to follow your instructions when I could of just scroll down to the Port links for the correct phone instructions. If you could of just point that out at the beginning that would of been helpful.

  47. Boon

    I’m using XDAndroid on my HTC Touch Pro2. Very straightforward install, no problem.

    A few gripes:
    1. Battery level don’t seem to work properly. It shows low even though it’s fully charged.
    2. Screen brightness does not work either. I’ll need to learn more about XDAndroid to use it properly.
    3. The AppDrawer gets very crowded very quickly with more apps added.

  48. MJRS

    Hi Dear!
    I’m using omnia i900
    Wath’s startup.txt for this phone?
    and very long time in ” Jumping to kernel … ” it’s hanging ?

  49. David

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    Excelent work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  50. dailtube

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    Pleas Give Me Link For Download Android For My Phone

  51. fazle munim


  52. Stavros Tesyd

    I’m using htc Touch ( )
    Wath’s startup.txt for this phone?

  53. rangs

    the second step described here is — ” … You will need to find the port that works on your phone as well as the version of Android you want to run. Versions start at 1.0 but typically you will find ports for version 1.6 or 2.1.”

    Please explain where can I find the versions of android. I want to install on Touch Viva

    Thanks in advance

  54. Rodypurcell

    Salut! peut on avoir android sur le Samsung i8910 HD ( qui tourne sur Symbian ), aussi pour mon Samsung OMNIA 2 GT-i8000. aider moi s’il vous plait!

  55. ArLy

    I want to know if i can install android or WM OS on a china mobil, its a W009.

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  56. chetan

    please please give me a link to download android for HTC Opal, HTC Touch Viva.. ji m very eagerly waiting for that.. thanks a lot..

  57. moises3x

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  58. Latifah

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    Una pregunta esto sirviria para mi Smartphone Samsung SGH-i637 (samsung jack)?
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  60. Element

    WTF I do everything needed but when I have already ran the android and have to touch on it.. My touchscreen bugs. I touch and touch and it doesnt react… Im on Htc Rhodium (Touch Pro 2)

  61. Element

    WTF I do everything needed but when I have already ran the android and have to touch on it.. My touchscreen bugs. I touch and touch and it doesnt react… Im on Htc Rhodium (Touch Pro 2)
    What did i do wrong in order my touch screen not to work on droid?

  62. Element

    WTF I do everything needed but when I have already ran the android and have to touch on it.. My touchscreen bugs. I touch and touch and it doesnt react… Im on Htc Rhodium (Touch Pro 2)
    What did i do wrong in order my touch screen not to work on droid? Pls reply

  63. Zubair

    I have a Samsung OmniaPro 7320 WM 6.1 smartphone (nontouch horizontal screen with QWERTY keyboard)

    Can I install Android on this and how?

    Thank you.


  64. clivel brown

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  65. Element

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  66. Augustine Cj

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  67. diospanjt

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  68. Joshua

    when i try to run haret an error comes up and says cannot open script file\storage card\andboot\default.txt. What to do.

  69. revo's

    awesome…., i have motosurf (A3100), do you think it can run on my phone…? curently runing wm 6.1

  70. MR

    I want to install android on my old Treo 500v. (Win Mobile 6.0)
    Is there anyway to do that.? If yes, what is the right startup.txt.?

  71. Justin Garrison

    @MR Sorry, the Palm Treos do not have any android points that I could find. You may be better off buying a used HTC windows mobile phone or maybe a G1, MyTouch, or Hero.

  72. mr.retard123

    in ur first step u’ve said of findin the port of the android but where can i download android from


    not workd in my omnia lite …plz help me….. :((
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  75. Nitin


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  77. Neel

    I have GigaByte Gsmart MS820. [Intel PXA270 – 520Mhz]
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  78. Hardik

    for HTC Touch GSM (ELF) which startup config folder should be picked?

  79. Rehan

    I tried on my HTC p3400i it does not work. I am getting white flashing screen and turning to nothing (Failure) .. Kindly help me out i followed all the steps as mentioned above..

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  93. Santhosh

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    if your phone gets “bricked” just wipe all of your caches. This should un-brick your device.

  95. ADAWY2004

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    I have a HTC Prophet (Orange SPV M600) but I cannot seem to be able to find the Android OS on Wing Linux. The only thing I managed to download was a text file zip with default and setup txt files only.

    Also, what is this Haret.exe thing mentioned? Where do I get that download?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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  120. shashi

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  132. Markm

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  133. Ranjith

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    pls… iwant android on my samsung sgh-i710 sgh-i718…

    i dont want to buy another phone..

  135. hassan

    can any 1 help me out ? i have htc imagio how i can get indroid ??

  136. Nirav

    Any Idea about wi fi is working on HTC android and how?

  137. annie

    can i run android in a sony ericsson phone or in a nokia touch screen phone??

  138. dusty

    Can I. Run andriod on the motorola Q 9h global the windows 6.1 stinks

  139. sage

    thank you very much for this rich information , I was really interested in installing Android on my HTC Touch 2 , I will check it out , I hope it will work.

  140. nelly

    plssssssssss i hope d android installation wont crash or damage my t-mobile dash htc phone

  141. Gery

    Hehe :)

  142. johny

    hey im using an htc touch 2 t3333 …i would like to know is it possible to install android 2.1 succesfully without crashing my mobile (brick)..and can u please suggest me which port do i choose ?

  143. xiaode

    Hi, I’m also using htc T3333 touch 2. anyone knows which port i can use? thanks in advance.

  144. paparovic


  145. crownvicboi94

    Does anybody know how to get it to work on the htc imagio please help…….

  146. Dennis8276

    Acer F900 wm6.5 to android phone! can it work and how? please……….

  147. vivek

    hi i am using ASUS P320.
    i downloaded the file “” size 39472kb.
    After i extracted the above zip file i found there is no folder called “andboot” only but i got 11 cab files as


    and 4 file as

    and when i open 9th cab file “” using winzip i find lots of file including “startup.txt” and “haret-0.5.2.exe” along with the 4files mension above.

    can any one help me what should i do so that i can instal andriod on my ASUS P320.


  148. vivek

    i tried executing haret-0.5.2.exe and when it ask for run in front of the default.txt, i got erroe message as “canot open script file \storage card\default.txt”

  149. vinu

    can i change my sony ercsson xperia x2 to android? plz reply

  150. Victor

    Can this work for the AT&T LG Quantum? Any comments would help.

  151. Sb

    Dose it work on o2 xda neo

  152. adit

    which port that i`ve to use on my thc touch viva??
    can`t understand..
    please rep me

  153. peter

    will this work on the HTC smart f3188 cos this brew mp is garbage

  154. akshay

    Any chance for omnia lite

  155. Shanjidul alam seban

    will u please give me some source for download rom or ANDBOOT file for my XPERIA X1??? please help me!

  156. ehab

    guysss plz can anyone tell me …. i have HTC touch 2 T3333 …. n i want run android om my device very badly … plz if u ve any info tell me ……..

  157. jay

    same here… how to run android OS on htc touch2 (T3333)?

  158. momin

    same here… how to run android OS on htc touch2 (T3333)?

  159. momin

    plz help me, plz

  160. pnc

    many many question, but nobody answer!!

  161. jayed khan

    can i change my HTC Snap s523 to android? plz reply

  162. tahakhan

    will it work for my imate jama becAUSE IM GIVING IT A TRY

  163. mujeeb

    hi guys i have an htc hd2 which runs windows 6.5 and i want to try this droid on my phone and i am not sure that isnt it good or not i am so scared if it damage my phone!!
    any help!!!
    thnx in advance.

  164. vipul

    is it work in htc touch p3452?? nd where to download dis android software?

  165. Ajay

    Hi all Im using MWG Zinc 2 where can i get OS for andriod for it it is window 6.1

  166. Tomas

    Would this work with my old ETEN M600 plus?

  167. iAidin

    ****************************8Guys I Did it.It Works.Rhodium 100 Touch Pro 2 Unlock Factory.
    Guys It Works And So AWSEOME!
    Try It.

  168. Mor

    i have HTC touch hd and i started the installation process yesterday. the screen shows the scrolling text for the past 14 hours but it’s not stuck, it’s just moving real slow. is it normal for the installation process to take that long? and if not, what should i do?

  169. Brian

    I have a HTC hd7 with the 16g hard drive no sd card can I run Android on it if I can how thank you if you can help

  170. sakil

    i want android for my nokia 5800
    plz help mee,,,,,,

  171. nanava

    this method will work on symbian 9.4?????????t have sonyericsson vivaz and want to have android on my mobile

  172. Omar el-Farouk

    i have an HTC Diamond , the problem is that i have an internal memeory 4 GB , there is no room for adding an sd card , can i set up the android on my mobile phone without using an sd micro card

  173. Pouya

    thanks a lot

  174. khalid

    Hey does it work for i-mate ultimate 9502…plz respond soon..


  175. Piyush

    hi. i installed XDAndroid on my HTC Touch Pro. it installed perfectly… there are some hangups when i shut down the phone. i have to do a reset everytime… The main problem is that the battery lasts only 2-2 1/2hrs from 3 days previously(using WM6.1)… (my calls are very limited.. & net usage on phone is also very less.) Is there some solution for battery drain problems. I disabled all the wify’s & internet connections.

  176. asfand

    will this work on htc hermes/p4500/tytn 1……..please reply…thanx

  177. johnnyz

    I have a samsung omnia pro with winmo 6.5. Is it compatible?

  178. che paramio

    how install android in my LG phone. tnx

  179. Andrea

    I have an HTC HD2 phone that rums Windows, can I install Android and run it on my phone? Any suggests are welcome.

  180. Uly

    Andromnia web site is down. Is there another site to look at?

  181. Matt

    i have a cdma sprint phone. i have read on other sites that these steps will still work for it but i dont know which android port is correct. could anyone help me with this? thank you in advance

  182. Matt

    cdma tp2 ^

  183. Haley

    How long should the first boot up take? Its been hours for me and I need my phone.

  184. yoshi Wu

    Which Startup file may I choose for Acer F 900 Plizzz , somebody to help me!

  185. sujit

    does it work for HTC P3400

  186. moin

    can i install android on nokia 5800xm ?????????????????

  187. osama

    which windows 7 mobiles can run android???? HELP

  188. vishesh chawla

    how to choose the android port

  189. muhammed rafeeq

    its really worked in my phone htc touch viva
    but now I want to update 2.2 version
    help me any idea to possible

  190. vishesh chawla

    hey muhammed rafeeq cn u tell me how to choose the android port for the htc touch viva

  191. Pragadeesh

    will android work on my htc phone p3400i ??

  192. ritzee

    i have eten glofish x610 running on windows mobile 6.1, is it ok to convert my phone to android 2.2, thanks

  193. Nazmul Islam

    Installed on HTC Touch Viva but no sound. How can this will be solved?

  194. Seema

    Hi.. Will it work on HTC MOZART T6898??

  195. A.j


  196. vishal singh

    hi sir . I watch your video conversion of window mobile into android phone but i am not able to get it . i have also a mobile (HTC touch viva t2223) i just want to convert into android phone . kindly tell me full process for my phone .so that i also enjoy the android function ………plz..mail me sir

  197. mmm

    Can i do it on Neonode N2 ?? Pleaseee

  198. Ajay BAdgujar

    I have MWG ZINC 2 I want Android on it and want 2 update rom from 6.1 to higher can any body help me

  199. wattoo

    this was a great esperiance for me.when i installed android on my htc touch hd his camera still not working plz tell me solution for this problem……thx

  200. Kenneth

    I just got a Samsung Focus and I would like to know if you have Android software for it yet. I had the HTC Aria (converted to Liberty) and I really liked it but the screen broke. The Focus is really limited as to what it can do and what apps I can install/use. Can you email me and let me know if (and how) I can convert my Focus to ANYTHING Android (preferred 2.1 or newer). Thank you!!!

  201. bome

    wil it work in Micromax w900

  202. abhinay

    am using samsung omnia i900 windows 6.1 version.
    i want to change it android but i don’t know what to do.can u please explain the process.which version of android suits for windows 6.1 version

  203. amirreza

    is it possible to convert windows phone to android in htc hd mini ?
    please answer !!!!!!!

  204. vishal

    is it possible to convert wind 6.1 to android in xperia x1.
    if yes pls give me link—-pls pls pls

  205. fardadhomafar

    link is not vaild

  206. mathew

    can i use android in my nokia n8?

  207. Daz

    Dear mathew

    Go Ahead and kill your N8 then buy new 1
    ha ha ha fo

  208. Prince Djima

    hi..i have SAMSUNG OMNIA2 can i install andriod OS on it?

  209. Neuyazvimyi

    Who successfully installed it on asus p320? How you do it?

  210. Udit Seth

    hey i m using htc opal, after running the haret it asked me to calibirate the screen then again sum running text appeared. I left it on charging whole night n its the same without any change in rolling text.
    Now what to do.

  211. stephen

    am yet to try it, but can it work on my htc s730?

  212. K.G.SRIDHAR


    how do I know if my HTC TYTN II is compatible, is there a list of phones whch can be used for this test?



  213. djinn

    hey can any1 tell me how to port android on xperia x2.pls help…

  214. nelson

    could it run in samsung i637 ??

  215. DobaKung

    Can I install Cyanogen Mod on it?

  216. dustin sligar

    i was wounderin if it is possible if samsung flight 2 can have android? and is it a windows phone?

  217. toshdroid

    I have toshiba tg01 fon which run winmobile 6.5..I saw somebody run android froyo on the exact as mine, but its run on htc platform. is anybody know what htc suits the toshiba tg01?

  218. fire19

    I have installed the android on my HTC Fuze But I cannot get the touch screen to work is there a solution for this or did I miss it somewhere.

  219. dmoxblue

    any with htc snap or dash 3g……

  220. anees

    i have acer m900 windows mobile so i can change windows to android

  221. xander cage

    hey awesome information i have got HTC TOUCH GSM with windows os so can i change it to android & will it cause any problem……….reply fast …………i m waiting to do such a crazy thing……/

  222. anuradha

    wat is an android?

  223. anuradha

    how to use android in our mobile phones?

  224. anuradha

    what is the purpose of android s/w?

  225. Kristi

    When applications from the market are transfered from the phones memory to the sd card, do application updates work the same way?

  226. BRAYN


  227. Ina

    Hello there, will this work on an LG E900? Do you have something that can change my Windows 7 LG Phone to an Android capable phone? Very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  228. Ronn

    I installed on my HTC Fuze and it runs awesome! However, when I receive a call, the caller cant hear me. Settings issue or other?

  229. Zakie

    When i ren Haret, it says: “Unable to mount root fs on unkown-block(179,1)”. What does this mean. Really want android on my i900. Please help!!!

  230. pankaj

    can i use android on my n8…

  231. shiva

    How to install XDAndroid on Ultimate 8502 Windows Mobile ? Please advice us…

  232. madhav

    can i use a 2 gb card instead of a 1 gb card ?

  233. robin

    Will this work for the HTC Touch 2(HTC Mega)?

  234. Vincent

    my phone model is htc touch 2 t3320.
    can i install android to my phone .
    where to download android version ,
    and how to install android in my phone


  235. Khawaja hammad


    Can i install android on my HTC Touch 2 mobile (Windows 6.5),kinldy tell me is it possible,and if it is tell me the version of android to install on HTC Touch 2, so i can download that version.

    Khawaja Hammad

  236. Roger Brua

    Can i install android on my HTC Touch 2 mobile (Windows 6.5),kinldy tell me is it possible,and if it is tell me the version of android to install on HTC Touch 2, so i can download that version. and what web sight can I down load from?

  237. Simonas

    Hello, I have T830, it has 240×240 res.. What port I will download to install android?

  238. rawand

    hello dear
    please is the possible to install android on HTC HD7 ? thanks

  239. Paulo Almeida

    Hi ppl,

    I’m aware that there are some references on XDA-developers regarding how to get Android working on TOSHIBA TG01.. i feel a bit unsecure and on youtube recordings everybody makes it so simple but this is far, on my point of view, from being a simple task.

    TG01 has the necessary HW to run gingerbread and i just wanna ask if there’s any HTC method reliable as well on toshiba TG01.


  240. khaled

    hi, can I install android to my HTC Tytn II. please send me the procedure if anyone knows! thanks.

  241. Ammar

    What bout tryin it on the Samsung i750?

  242. Brian

    This is a stupid question, but I want to ask.
    HTC Smart F3188 is it possible to do that?

  243. amoo

    hi sir, i have samsung gt i8000 8gb handset it is possible to have androide on my cell??? if yes than which version is best for me?? plz help me sir reply mee

  244. lilk

    how in the world do i download the file to put onto my phone

  245. Alex

    can anyone install the android to the HTC Touch Diamond? Is it works? Which is the best android version to install it?

  246. daniel

    got droid on my htc touch but the screen stays dim is there anyway i can get it to stay bright any help would be much appricated

  247. Kelvin

    txt pro can put android ma??

  248. Praveen Desai


    I am having HTC desire with Android 2.3 but is it possible to have windows 7 on HTC desire?

  249. apps

    i have xperia x2 can i use android in my cell phone?/..if yes then please tell me the procedure……

  250. apps

    i have xperia x2 can i use android in my cell phone?/..if yes then please tell me the procedure……

  251. Nathan

    I am using HTC Touch2. Can i load android into my phone?
    Please anyone advice me.
    Thanks in advance.

  252. balkis

    hi .. I have Acer neotouch S200 runninig with Windows 6.5, can I install android 2.2 on it?? if it is possible would any one provide me a download link???? please answer me

  253. hicham


  254. reza

    can it running on xperia x1??

  255. Fay

    Hi, does anyone know if this works for HTC Touch 2

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