If you are a Windows Media Center user you are probably already aware that the Movie Library is a bit bland. Today we take a look at how to liven up your Movie Library with Media Center Master.

Media Center Master is a free third party application that automatically downloads metadata from the Internet for WMC and other HTPC applications. It works with both Windows 7 and Vista.

File Organization 

Before you get started, it’s important to have our files properly organized. Each movie file must be in it’s own individually named folder. Here’s how you can quickly copy movie files to individual folders.

Setting Up Media Center Master

Download and install the latest version of Media Center Master. You’ll find the download link below.

First, we’ll need to be sure we pull the proper information for Media Center. Open Media Center Master. Select Application from the menu and click Settings & Preferences.


On the Movies tab, select the check box for Create dvdid.xml meta data (WMC Video Library) and click Save.

Now, we’ll want to select the folders that we like Media Center Master to scan. Select Application and then Set scan folders.

In the Scan Folder List window, select Add new…

And then browse for the folder you’d like to scan. Click OK.

When you’ve added your folder or folders, click Done.

Media Center Master will begin to scan your folder and indentify the movies.


If it cannot identify a particular movie,you be prompted to identify it manually by entering the IMDB ID number.

You can do this by visiting IMDB.com and searching for your movie. When you find it, copy the IMDB ID from the address bar. It should begin with two lowercase t’s.


Paste or type the ID into the text box and click OK.


Correcting Misidentified Files

If Media Center Master incorrectly tags any movies files, you can edit the metadata manually. In the Media in your collection window, right click on the misidentified file and select Organize files and edit metadata.

Search IMDB.com for the proper movie, then copy and paste the ID into the imdb.com ID text box.

Click Save and then Done.

Now, back on the main interface, right click on the movie and select Fetch meta data.

Your new metadata will be downloaded and updated.


When Media Center Master is finished, you can enjoy your new cover art and metadata.


If you use XMBC, or MediaBrowser for Windows Media Center, Media Center Master will work with those applications as well. You can also check out YAMMM (Yet Another Media Manager) for an alternative way to add cover art and metadata.


Download Media Center Master