If you are a busy Windows user it can get annoying navigating through menus and endless directories to get to the apps and data you need.  Executor is a free application launcher that allows you to quickly run programs and search for anything from one central location. 

Using Executor

After installation use the Appearance Wizard to choose the skin or look of Executor and you can always change the look later on.

In the next configuration screen select how Executor will behave for indexing type, search type, and miscellaneous options.

next options

This works very similar to other application launchers allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for.  When you start typing in what you’re looking for you get a drop down list of different matches.

A cool feature to point out is the Keyword feature where it is easy to add keywords for programs.  Simply drag a program’s launch icon into the box below, create a custom keyword, hotkey, and reset the icon.

You can browse the history of the clipboard which is very handy.


There are several skins included and more can be found in their forum.


There are many more features and customizations available and if you have any favorites let us know.  This is a superb option for the Keyboard Ninja as there are a multitude of customizable hotkey combinations.  If you’re looking for a customizable and feature rich application launcher, Executor is definitely worth a look.

Download Executor For Windows