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How To Organize and Combine Multiple Bookmarklets Together

Bookmarklets make a wonderful addition to any browser, but like regular bookmarks they can take up space if you have a large collection. See how easy it is to combine them into a single bookmarklet using the Bookmarklet Combiner website.


For our example we chose three very useful bookmarklets that have been previously covered here at How-To Geek: PageZipper, Printliminator, & AddThis. While you could place your bookmarklet collection into a special folder, combining your bookmarklets does present an easy to manage and customizable option.


Combining Your Bookmarklets

When you first visit the Bookmarklet Combiner website you need to make certain to expand the #2 section using the drop-down button highlighted below (expanded features shown here).


In the first section enter the name and URL for each of your favorite bookmarklets into the blanks as shown here. Notice that you can expand beyond the default three blanks provided.

The second section is where you can customize how your bookmarklet will operate. Our suggestion is to go with the Display a Menu option. There are five location choices available for the display menu: top-left corner, top-right corner, bottom-left corner, bottom-right corner, & center. Choose the location that works best for you.

All that is left to do is give your new combined bookmarklet a name. Once you have typed in a name the new bookmarklet is ready to go…you will not need to click any kind of save button. Drag the new bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar and get ready to enjoy all that extra space.



We decided to try our new bookmarklet out on the Microsoft Office 2010 upgrade article shown here. Clicking on our new bookmarklet displayed a nice clean looking drop-down menu.


As with the original bookmarklet, the AddThis function worked perfectly.


Next up Printliminator. Once again everything works just as nicely as before but without the toolbar clutter.



While this may not be for everyone it does present a very nice solution for anyone who wants to avoid using a special folder just to hold their bookmarklet collection.


Create Your Own Custom Combined Bookmarklet

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 06/25/10

Comments (7)

  1. bdoserror

    The “display as menu” option doesn’t do anything differently than if you’d just made a folder. I use folders all the time on my Bookmarks Bar and I get the same effect. Am I missing something? What’s the advantage here?

  2. Michael

    I cannot see the real advantage to grouping them inside a bookmark folder in the bookmark bar. Maybe someone can explain to me

  3. Amit

    This is very handy, I have a pile of bookmarklets spread over in my bookmarks toolbar and various folders. Dedicating an entire folder for bookmarklets is loss, I am going to try this tool.

    By the way, nice post.

  4. Obvious

    I can understand the need for combining bookmarklet if you want to run several at once, but the menu I don’t. Why don’t you simply put them in a folder in the bookmark bar? Wouldn’t it be simpler this way, while achieving the exact same end?

  5. Bjarnovikus

    Great, but the annoying part is that if you want to add a bookmarklet, you need to redo everything. But if you ignore this, this is a great tool :)

  6. Ruben Rabines

    Great Post, thanks!

  7. Voltron43

    I use blummy [] to consolidate all of my bookmarklets. Blummy coupled with Chrome bookmark sync is a fantastic combo!

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