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Manage Your Recycle Bin with RecycleBinEx

Would you like a simple way to manage your recycle bin from your taskbar or based on the age of deleted items? Then join us as we look at RecycleBinEx.

Note: Works with Windows XP, Vista, & 7. The software author also notes on his website that you can manage multiple recycle bins located on the same hard disk from whichever Windows system you are currently logged in to.

Using RecycleBinEx

The program is very easy to work with and when started you will be able to view the current contents of the recycle bin as seen here. Notice that each item specifically shows the time that it was deleted.


If you have a lot of items in the recycle bin but are looking for certain files you can use the filter bar to easily locate them.


You can also select recycle bin items based on age using the drop-down menu.


The context menu for RecycleBinEx. You can choose to empty all of the contents or just those that were deleted from your system after a set amount of time (i.e. 15 days).


For our example we chose to completely shut the program down and do a complete removal of all recycle bin contents from the context menu. All items were removed without the program window having to open up.


And checking the recycle bin after opening/starting the program showed a nice empty recycle bin.


For those who prefer to have their desktop icons show this is what the context menu for the recycle bin will look like.


Out of curiosity we found out that you can run and view multiple instances of the program at the same time as seen here.


There are only a total of four options to worry with for the program. The main one for you to focus on is if you would like the program to start with your system each time or not.



RecycleBinEx is a small easy to use program that will make managing your recycle bin a snap.


Download RecycleBinEx

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 06/28/10

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  1. Bob Bowen

    This is to thank you so much for the liveliest newsletter on the web. My son Lawrence in London is an IT who hires himself out to do jobs for anyone, and I sent him a copy of the “How-to Geek.” He is enthralled. You guys put fun into computing and very many guides and tips. Thank you for a top-notch newsletter! Kindest regards, Bob Bowen

  2. Tom

    Whoa, Off-topic but I love FCleaner – Not that because you, the master “geek” (good meant) have it, but because it out rules CCleaner totally.
    And nice guide, keep it up (H)

  3. Jesse

    I have an windows xp desktop. I accidentally deleted the recycle bin.Now I tried everything to get it back but no luck.May you guy please help me in some way.Like different ways I may be able to get the recycle bin back.I appreciate you guys help,Thanks

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