Would you like to add spell checking to Internet Explorer and/or IE-based alternative browsers? With ieSpell you can get access to this missing feature in your browser.

About ieSpell

While ieSpell may seem like a small simple program, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Such as IE-based alternative browser support and integration with Microsoft Office’s proofing tools.

Using ieSpell

The installation process for ieSpell goes very quickly and you will be presented with the following information when finished. Notice the note regarding use in IE-based alternative browsers.

Note: The program will install to its’ own Program Files folder.

We decided to use the toolbar button but the tools & context menu entries work just as well.


For our example we chose to misspell the word “lot” in the comment shown here. Once you have entered your text and are ready to check it, use one of the three access methods to activate ieSpell. While having to manually activate ieSpell may bother some people it does give you the chance to finish writing out your thoughts without interruption.

Depending on the misspelled word the first suggestion may or may not be the one that you need. However you will have a nice list of suggestions to scroll through to find the appropriate spelling. Notice the link for checking a word/spelling that you may be unfamiliar with…a very nice feature. When you have the correct spelling selected click Change to enter it into the text area.

Once the text has been completely checked for spelling errors you will see the following confirmation window.

Much better!


ieSpell comes with a nice set of options that will remind you of Microsoft Office. The Others Category even lets you choose the online dictionary that you would like to use to look up words. You can also edit the list of available dictionaries as needed to suit your needs.


While ieSpell may not auto check for spelling as you type, getting access to this missing IE feature is much better than having no spell check available at all.


Download ieSpell

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