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Ask the Readers: Which Email Services Do You Use?

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Email is a part of our everyday online lives whether we are at work or at home. This week we would like to know which email services you use at work or at home.


We have come to depend on e-mail as an important part of our lives because it lets us stay in contact with our families, friends, and coworkers. It even serves as a way to save information back for ourselves such as important notes, dates, and images. Imagine what it would be like to go through life without e-mail now.

With the multitude of different e-mail providers available you can easily find one that fits your life and personal needs. Perhaps you need just the basics or prefer one with all the bells and whistles.

Our choice of e-mail provider can also make a personal statement about us as people. Do we want to use a service that is well established and comfortable, one that seems “hip and cool”, or one that is new to the scene? It all depends on what you are looking for in an email provider.

With the recent growth in inbox size, allowed size of attachments, and additional features among the different providers it is a terrific time to shop around. Will you stay with the “tried and true” or look at something new…

Which email services do you use? Do you use the same one for home and work or do you use multiple services to cover both? Let us know in the comments!

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 06/23/10

Comments (171)

  1. at0mic

    i’ve been looking for something new and non intrusive or anything not riddle with adds or tracking my every move. it should have a calendar, file system and storage, also. NOTHING MORE !!!
    i use yahoo only because i’ve had it forever. i signed on the other night and there was my information out there for everyone. my contacts were there, like i was in a social network. i want something simple with the basics. and none of that gawd awful google garbage infesting my clean computer. any idea’s, let me know.

  2. Locutus

    Well let’s see.
    Gmail, of course

    Gmail: five
    Yahoo: two
    AOL: one
    Hotmail: four

    GMX: one


    You see, I access all the accounts from my main Gmail account. I have GMX use “mail collect” to download all the AOL and Yahoo and some of the Gmail and Hotmails, and from there Gmail accesses GMX over POP3. My main Gmail also collects all the other accounts. If I ever need to stop spam, I simply look at the “from” address and disconnect it from my chain. However, due to strong spam filters, I haven’t had to do this yet.
    My website’s email address (the one I’m commenting with) forwards to my main account, and if I ever need to reply to an email, I simply log in to Google Apps.

  3. Gene

    I use
    G Mail
    Windows Live

  4. Locutus

    At0mic, GMX is really cool. You should give it a try if you want an easy-to-use interface that can even suck down all the emails from your old accounts!

  5. Amr ElGarhy

    I have emails on Gmail, Google apps, Yahoo, Hotmail, and others but i use and like Gmail and Google apps the most.

  6. jb89149

    Gmail, Live, Yahoo, Fast, and a Domain.

  7. Brian

    I use Gmail as my primary and Hotmail as the one I give to weird sites that I have to sign up for.

  8. truenorthern

    gmail for everything, never had any issues with spam.
    I access gmail via the Mail app on my Mac, via thunderbird on my windows boxes (mostly for backup),

  9. Eduardo

    Gmail, and a university webmail. I have a few others but don’t really use them. Gmail is my hub for all of them.

  10. Dubya


  11. Derek Williams

    Gmail for personal use.

    Outlook Exchange for work.

  12. T.A. Henry

    Google is King and will always REIGN… Hahahaha
    Yahoo, AOL, and GMC is a joke.
    Horrible flash banners, incomplete upgrades, and missing standard features.
    You have to pay Yahoo for pop/imap. Are we still in the 90s?
    Google gives you the standards and much, much more.
    Hey Atomic, have you even used Buzz, Google Voice, or Docs?

    Buzz is awesome for a social network within Gmail that has guts and substance.
    No crappy ads, no app spam, no stupid TMI crap from high school friends and boring family members. REAL discussions in topics like: politics, technology advancements, Deepwater Horizon. I found out about the IRS Attack from Buzz. Some threads whet over 300 comments long on that topic. You can’t get that with FB, Yahoo, or any other social network out there. I do not care if you got a 1500 in Farmville or some other-ville crap, time wasting, social crippling “games.”
    All of that, integrated within Gmail. Just another example of the upgrades that we Googlers get only.

    Yahoo’s CEO is a joke. Enough said. Nothing is integrated, not even notes or calendar. You have to open another tab. Each with a late 90s interface. Yahoo is behind the times, gave up search, and is sinking into the bowl.
    Hotmail is coming out big this year, but can’t even upgrade accounts system wide.
    No wonder Google is King. He’s my King and I’ll be his loyal text-ad watching minion forever.
    That’s called RESPECT. Google got it first.
    Atomic is in a fairy tale land, dreaming of a perfect service that will never be. Good luck with that.

  13. Kele


  14. dag

    Gmail for personal.
    Google apps for work.

    They rock even more if you have an Android phone like me :)

  15. LifesSweetDrug

    Gmail is my primary email.

    I have a few Windows Live Messenger accounts from when I used to use MSN, I don’t use these now other than for spam. I have a yahoo account, purely just to have a flickr account, don’t use it for anything else.

  16. Another Mindless Commenter

    Gmail. People can complain about the ads, but if you use even a halfway decent Web browser you can block ads.

  17. neko


  18. Nathaniel

    I use Gmail and Hotmail, mostly. I have 4 Hotmail accounts and my Gmail running through Thunderbird to bring it all together with a fair degree of separation (two accounts use separate inboxes from the rest). I rarely if ever use the web mail to access anything. I do also have a yahoo and aol email (1 each), but neither of them receive any use beyond the instant messengers they are hooked into. I also use one email address from my ISP which does have web mail access, but is again hooked through Thunderbird.

  19. DiAnne

    I’m sure my choice would change if I had to leave the house to go to work, but since I’m always at home, I love using MS Outlook with my regular ISP email. I know you can configure Outlook to work with Gmail but I haven’t found the need at this point.

    My cell phone (Omnia II) has Outlook Mobile on it, so when I do actually change out of pajamas and go into the real world, my phone gets all of my emails anyway.

  20. Shawn

    GMail…never had a problem.

  21. at0mic

    t.a., i remember my first beer too. locutus, gmx looks like a winner, thanks.

  22. flipgeek

    I use Gmail as my primary and Live for junk. I have not heard of GMX and will definitely check them out.

  23. David H

    Exchange for work, Yahoo as primary personal account, Gmail as secondary, MSN just for the heck of it. I’m only using Yahoo since it was my first “free” account and haven’t taken the effort to migrate over to Gmail.

    I access my Exchange account with Outlook and my iPhone. The other accounts are either through my iPhone or their web-based interface.

  24. Nick

    Gmail as a main, Google Apps as a secondary. Haven’t used anything else in years. They’re all ugly, and bloated.

  25. Tommy

    I use gmail of course for all my email needs but bring it into Zoho since I love there client better and integrates with docs, calendar etc. even more then gmail does. Gmails spam filters are bar none the best out there but zoho mail has a nicer interface and better integration, plus, it also integrates with almost all google services anyway.

  26. Cmail

    I use gmail.

    I have a social account for one, and use another gmail account to manage all my subscriptions to other accounts and to manage spam. However, I don’t have any spam because I’m still careful with that account.

    The secondary account also serves as an archive of my myspace and facebook messages
    (because of the 7 G storage), wherein I just view, and delete my fowarded social mssgs in my other account.

    It’s all very organized and automatic :)

  27. Anne

    isp, gmail x2, yahoo, domain (which is about 4 too many)

  28. joshua

    Yahoo – Primary
    Gmail – Secondary

  29. Asian Angel

    Yahoo and Live are the main ones that I use. ^__^

  30. Matthew Guay

    I use Windows Live Hotmail with an extension, and can’t wait to get the new Wave 4 features. I also have a Gmail account I use occasionally, and use various Google Apps accounts for different needs. But, Hotmail is my primary, and everything else flows into it.

  31. edmenje

    Gmail, for its IMAP access which can follow me through multiple versions of Opera’s built-in email client on both my machine at home, at work or on a flash drive, or from Outlook (home) or EssentialPIM (on flash drive). Still have 2 pre-Gmail Yahoo accounts I still use for alternates and an Operamail account for the same reason (figured if the browser had integrated IMAP/POP3 client their mail server might offer it free, but no…) which I access with PopPeeper to read incoming emails. Just registered a domain and added another account with Google Apps for that.

  32. JeRrYFaR

    GMail all the way!

  33. Ron

    None. Just because they’re free, does that men they’re not selling your private info? Just another way to invade your private life. Oops. I forgot to mention that on Facebook. Sorry.

  34. david

    windows live

  35. Christopher


  36. hatenot

    Gmail for personal use. I also use Firefox and have never had a pop up in Gmail.
    Yahoo for sites. The only reason I use the crappy yahoo email is cuz its my first email I ever had.

  37. Jeff

    Gmail – 3 accounts
    Live – 2 accounts
    Gawab – 1 account
    Domain – 1 account

  38. Wayne

    Vote: GMail

    I never heard of GMX. I gotta check it out.

  39. foshow38

    I use
    Hotmail-The most, I had this account for about 10yrs i can’t leave it..
    Gmail-I love there setup the most
    Yahoo- This is my spam account

  40. Thomas Skov


  41. Robert Sheinbrum

    Windows Live for all my mail ( Gmail,yahoo and Hotmail) works perfect and all the control I need

  42. Hannah

    I use gmail for my personal email, and yahoo for ‘junk’. I’ve found gmail’s interface to be much more intuitive to use (not to mention it loads faster), and I despise yahoo’s ads. Most of them are blocked, but all the news stories and ‘new’ features… ugh. Not to mention that gmail stores searchable chat history, while yahoo doesn’t.

  43. james eugenio

    Yahoo ! – 2 accounts; for family and friend
    Gmail – 2 accounts; for spam and discussion boards
    Windows Live – for work related

  44. jpmays

    For the most part, I use a combination of my ISP’s provided e-mail addresses in conjunction with Mozilla Thunderbird, along with Gmail, which is set up with POP3 so that I can use Thunderbird to retrieve my Gmail.

  45. Greg

    Gmail, MSN, Yahoo, and my own domain

  46. kzinti1

    G-Mail and Windows Live. As long as it has none of that Yahoo! crap on it, it really doesn’t matter which.

  47. Pedro

    Gmail always =)

  48. hasi

    GMail all the way. I have Yahoo,live and Aol too, They are just for messengers :)

  49. Jay Krishnan

    I have always been split between Yahoo hotmail and gmail. Yahoo was my first. But it got boring and slow. Hotmail has the better, simplest interface and least spam. But loading time is higher and cannot trust microsoft entirely – i mean they took away many features like calender etc, when there was no gmail around in trying to promote their paid hotmail. They changed after Gmail came in and are virtually running after people to make good the lost foot. Gmail is overall tbe best in terms of speed and search function. But if hotmail improves its speed, including msn like chat in gmail, then i might like hotmail more because, hotmail does not need picassa or something elst to attach pictures like with gmail

  50. Aunt Hyatt

    I used to love Gmail, but lately it’s gotten so stripped down. Only when replying can I attach anything, and forget about forwarding.

    Is my connection to blame? Some quirk in my computer?

  51. Firas

    1- Yahoo
    2- Windows live
    3- GMX
    4- Gmail

  52. Matthew

    The main one is Google Apps. My second one is also Google Apps, and my third one is provided by my ISP (which ironically is also Google Apps).

  53. John

    I use Gmail for almost everything with TrulyMail as the POP client. I try to NEVER leave my messages on the server (in case I get hacked) but gmail actually makes this difficult to accomplish. I’m thinking of switching to Hotmail because they delete messages downloaded by POP automatically.

  54. InDiSent


  55. Harv

    Primary – Yahoo

    List emails – Yahoo x2
    Spam & signups – forwarding to the list only Yahoo.
    Experiments – ISPs x10 (almost all dropped), Gmail, Hotmail,, spymac.
    Fail: Hotmail for Messenger, but people still use this to email me, even after telling them not to.

    To do: Now have domain on Google Apps, must migrate all 10+ years of Yahoo & Outlook offline to Google

    Top tip: If you ever use a second email address, set-up a new account (gmail preferred) and BCC every email you send to this account. So emails sent from your phone/PC/web/TV whatever, will have a consolidated Sent folder. Makes your mail history so much easier to manage. I wish I thought of this at the early days of webmail in 1997!

  56. William Knight

    I was a happy yahoo user until 10 days ago when my email account got hacked, and as of this time I have only recieved one email from yahoo, asking me to answer the same questions I answered in there auto response to my email telling them I had been hacked, in the mean time the hacker was sending out phony emails demanding money from all my contacts, With the non-customer service of yahoo, I have switched over to gmail.

  57. chess

    Gmail -> Main
    Hotmail -> old high school / friends account
    yahoo -> spam / sign up free stuff
    outlook -> work of course

  58. Starkiller

    why do we have to enter this as a comment when there are dozens of polling-services on the net and poll-plugins for every CMS on the planet?

    well, whatever the reason, here goes:

    Outlook for Everything at Work, a couple of Gmail Accounts for some of the services I like but don’t really wanne give my main address to, Webmail from my Provider and “The Bat” as a way to archive my mails at home, planning on switching to Thunderbird soon.
    And also, Trashmail-Services for anything else I never wanne hear from again.

  59. Kelly

    Main – GMAIL
    Old Main – MSN (now forwarded to GMAIL)
    Two Others (don’t remember why I got them) – Hotmail & Live (both forwarded to MSN, which is forwarded to GMAIL)

  60. KBPrez

    GMail, Windows Live, Yahoo.

  61. David Levine

    Gmail all the way.

  62. Eric

    My main email account is the one I have through my college, and that I use Mozilla Thunderbird with. I then have Gmail account which i use for sites i don’t want to give my college email address to because I know they might spam me some. I use an alternate Gmail account for sites I know are going to spam me a TON and never check that one.

  63. dmmacs

    Gmail for personal and Novell Groupwise at work (worst email application I’ve ever used)

  64. CliveB

    AOL accessed thru’ Simple Mail Firefox plug in.

  65. sut

    Anyone looking for a desktop email solution should check out EM Client. Tidy!

  66. Adam

    I’ve been using Gmail since invites were available. Before that I used hotmail and never looked back.

    That’s probably the reason I won’t move to GMX, the interface looks like yahoo & hotmail.

    Gmail’s interface, non-intrusive ads, and integration with all things Google is just too good to pass up.

  67. Ron Google and the rest if them are rich enough. I steer clear of “fashion trends”. Excuse me. Have to get back on Twitter.

  68. Neil

    My own domain’s email in Thunderbird. Exchange work mail in Outlook.

    I have gmail, yahoo and hotmail addresses for varying spam addresses.

  69. soso

    Gmail, yahoo, and windows live
    comfortable with yahoo.

  70. Alan

    Thunderbird and Gmail

  71. Mark

    GMX Looks excellent – much better formatting than GMail – thanks for the tip, I shall be using this from now on :)

  72. Jibran

    one and only

  73. Martin Edwards

    MS Outlook 2003

  74. Ron

    I confess, Outlook from BIG BAD Microsoft as well. Hey, I still use some of the other apps from the Office package too. I paid for it. Why re-invent the wheel for e-mail? Do whatever trips your trigger.

  75. arun

    of course gmail…I’ ve four..
    and for spam 2 in yahoomail

  76. Drizzle

    Main:Yahoo, with ABP to rid the ads
    G. mail. Think I have Hotmail but never use it.

    All mail comes via yahoo, also have web mail notifier for both yahoo and g. mail

  77. Adam

    I use…

    Personal domain – Outlook
    Business domain – Outlook
    Spam – Gmail, Live, Yahoo, AOL.

  78. Brice L. Korte Sr.


  79. Roger

    Always Gmail its the best one .

  80. Karl K

    I use Gmail exclusively, both for home and work, when I travel and so on. It’s nice to have it all in “The Cloud”. I particularly like the way it (Gmail) easily interfaces with Outlook Express (which I use because of its superior message formatting/composition capabilities).

    Karl K.
    McKinney, Texas

  81. GKI610

    I use Comcast’s webmail for my main mail client, and Hotmail for non personal use, at home.

  82. Henry Hager

    MS Outlook 2007

  83. Ricci

    Dont u find Gmail laggy?

  84. Susyn

    I use Outlook at work, because that is what they have mandated I use. I use 100% Gmail web-based for personal and all my home-based business emails. I like the fact that I can access my email from any computer with internet access and take care of business without having to install software on the machine. My address book/contacts is always there. And Gmail gives you the additional cloud computing tools, like Calendar, Documents, and more. The only reason I bring my laptop with me on travel is because i have to edit videos on the site; otherwise, I could use any internet-connected machine anyway to conduct all business. I love you, Google!

  85. AllThingsConsidered

    My main email is Gmail. Secondary and special-use is my own domain. There are a few others scattered around as well. I use Pegasus Email to access all of them and to automatically filter email into folders while at home or on the road with my laptop and use the Gmail web interface when I’m at a strange PC. I’m a “basic email” kind of person and don’t need all the extra bells and whistles.

  86. serge

    I use Gmail as primary mail, IMO it is best mail service ever!
    Also I use several local services like Yandex that are provided along with the other services, but that are just junk boxes..

  87. chamberly

    I use Yahoo! e-mailing services. :)

  88. Phil

    I like to use stationery with my email instead of the boring black on white format. Outlook Express (Windows XP) and Windows Mail (Vista) did a fine job handling stationery. Windows Live Mail (Windows 7) does NOT handle stationery at all well. I now use Incredimail 2. The newest version of Incredimail is far superior to its original, problem riddled version (no, I do not work for Incredimail)! Incredimail has lots of its own stationery or you can download stationery from other sites (Cloudeight) to use with Incredimail. As far as I have been able to research, Incredimail is the only email client able to handle stationery well.

  89. Nick Pull

    Has to be Gmail everytime. I have 2 addresses and just about every bolt-on there is. Google are getting it right. I do however use Outlook to pull messages on to the PC for local archive and storage and perhaps better flexibility but keep them backed up on Googles never-ending storage space. I’ve used so many and can’t find a better system.

  90. AL Harding

    I have used a couple of E-Mail sites & i like G-Mail the best.

  91. Learnertt

    I use gmail. One central account, i have no junk email because all are imporant only 4 per day if so much. Google reader does the rest.
    Off Topic
    I’m very much interested in the google wave(better than email) concept, it looks logical search youtube.

  92. americo


  93. Deepak Kumar

    I am using
    The No 1: Yahoo!
    2. GMX
    4. Gmail
    I don’t even though Gmail has all the features and competes with all but I some how don’t like gmail especially the features of showing number of conversations with each person in mail

  94. AlexGP

    2 x gmails (one for school and one for my steam and other accounts)
    3 x yahoo (one for friends, and 2 ones for spam)
    1 x livemail ( I don`t know why I made it :))

  95. SLamberg

    Mailwasher and feed it to Thunderbird.

  96. Don Phillips

    I use four different email services: my ISP, Windows Live, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Each one has a different purpose and all work quite qell.

  97. Zamil

    Yahoo the main Account

  98. Daniel

    I use Google Apps which runs through to my standard Gmail account.
    I use Windows Live for my instant messages but any mail that gets sent there gets forwarded to the Google Apps account, which forwards to the standard Gmail.
    ISP email account also gets forwarded like that too.


  99. Paul

    Hotmail and Gmail. Both go through Thunderbird.

  100. Chewie063

    Use Gmail to manage my Yahoo, Optonline (email from ISP) and an old AIM email account that I use for suspicious stuff.

  101. Bart

    Gmail X 4 because it is best and one Gmx account.

  102. Les4781214

    Thunderbird Firefox

  103. campbell2644

    Zoho Mail in conjunction with Zoho suite including Docs,Calendar etc.

  104. Terango

    GMail, HotMail, and 2 accounts from my ISP.

  105. Jpon9

    I have:

    GMAIL: 4
    YAHOO: 3
    AOL: 1

  106. Tom

    I will always prefer pop mail over web mail. I wish Thunderbird was better than it is and that there were more import/export options in it. As it is, the only real option out there is the free Windows Live Mail, which I use at home and work.

  107. Unheardtiger

    Hotmail 2 I had hotmail since 93
    outlook 1
    Yahoo 2
    Gmail 1 I haven’t had one piece of junk mail, there spam filter works great

    My primary is Hotmail, yet Yahoo will allow largest attachments up to 100MB, Gmail will allow 3MB, Hotmail is a hit and miss if you try 3MB, Outllook never did work properly, Hotmail has an outbox, which it stores sometimes and I’ve received email 3 days later, Gmail in the peak times, is sluggish, Yahoo takes a little more time to sign in.
    Hotmail is finally working on increasing there storage, it’s been the dog leg in the race for storage space, Yahoo I’m not aware of there storage space, Outlook I quit using, Gmail gives the most storage.
    Never heard of GMX, I may check it out, I haven’t integrated all the 3, into one location, Hotmail actually monitors your email locations and will block you, that’s why the 2nd account, it became a hassle that’s why I switched to Gmail.
    Hotmail, Outlook and Gmail share information, one roof with many email services so to speak, so far Yahoo is a stand alone, but I haven’t found anything that suggests they might be integrated under the same roof.
    Gmail upgrades and changes without your knowledge, its part of the agreement, to improve their services, nothing to download, they simply keep house in a good running order. without your approval
    Primary is Hotmail, with Gmail in 2nd place and gaining.:)

  108. kathie

    I now use gmail for everything, have had all of the others, but prefer gmail it has the cleanest interface and tons of options which i like, also have been using gmail since it started, other reasons to use gmail for me are first, saves space and resources on my computer, don’t have to set up or use outlook it becomes a pain whenever they decide to change the settings and you have to chase all over the place to find the new ones, total pain, also i really like reformatting my computer at least 2x a year so i have fresh and clean installs, i back up lots of stuff to gmail, and it only takes a short bit of time to reformat, and i don’t loose anything, especially mail, like i would have if i had outlook, because i dont’ have to back up any mail on my own computer, also gmail gives you tons of space, love it,

  109. Owly

    I use the email facility that my domain host provides, and access it locally using WindowsLive which I hate. I have used OE for years. And I don’t want to use webmail as it is too time-consuming to check all of my accounts that way…although as frequently as WindowsLive crashes, it probably takes just as much time. If I could find another client that I could use locally, that would meet my needs and habits, I would switch to them in a heartbeat.

  110. turtletrot1

    Thunderbird for both bellsouth (att) and gmail

  111. Ed

    Windows Live

  112. sai

    Gmail !!

  113. Grant

    I rent space on a server off shore and my main email is there. My machine at home collects several times a day, and then I read it on the local network by IMAP or webmail. I also have a gmail account to use as a contact point for the hosting service, since they can’t really use the mail on that system if it is down.

  114. Harold Greene

    I use IncrediMail Premium. It also will receive/send email for many accounts. This is for home only.

  115. Jeremy

    I would use Gmail if they didn’t have such horrible privacy policies. It’s a shame.

  116. Lorenzo

    GMail all life long!

  117. EricF

    Yahoo only.
    if google wants to track my email messages and target me for marketing, AND store my emails forever for their only whim, forget them.
    gmail scans and blocks attachments that it deems “wrong”.
    for $20/yr, Yahoo gives me unlimited storage, 25mb uploads, and every feature and more that I don’t use.
    Yahoo does NOT monitor or block attachments.
    I once sent a zipped file with an audio file that I made into an .mp3 and sent it to a friend with gmail, he never got the attachment, just the email.
    I zipped the file again and put a long password on it, 20minutes later the email was received without attachment.
    I zipped the file again w/out a password, and used truecrypt on it. the attachment was received in 15minutes and was decrypted on the otherside with no problems.
    So gmail…. determines what can and can’t be sent.
    No thank you for their censorship.
    And Hotmail.. just bombarded with ads.

  118. Chandra

    Gmail all the way! Spam filter is amazing. I had Yahoo before and I couldn’t find my email through all the spam…

  119. Bmac

    I still use my original Juno as primary and Gmail as an alternate

  120. lou

    gmail :)

  121. Raiyan ; ; ;

    Mainly I use Gmail. :)

  122. Jim Swanson

    I have mail accounts with,,, and I use Thunderbird to access all of them. Verizon is transferring all its landline (and so DSL) business to Frontier. I’m told Frontier isn’t the best provider, but then Verizon isn’t, either.

    With Earthlink, I have access to 5 “throwaway” addresses, for use with spam and people I don’t want to hear from again.

    I will give up my beloved computer before using Outlook (or Outlook express).


  123. Bob Argo

    GMail is preference, Yahoo and AOL

  124. Mark

    AOL and laugh all you want but its spam filter beats GMail. In fact, I do not see why everyone loves GMail the only one possibly worse for spam is Yahoo.

  125. van

    3 gmail (main)
    2 hotmail (friends msn live)
    1 yahoo (games)
    1 aol

  126. Sandy

    I have to use Outlook 2003 at work, and Hotmail (UK) and Virgin at home.

  127. Traci

    1 gmail
    1 hotmail
    1 bellsouth
    1 aol
    1 clearwire
    1 yahoo
    1 bloglines

    all except blogline throw away account are checked via gmail

  128. Mike

    yahoo (att web mail)

  129. Joey

    Yahoo all the way! Best IM also, unlike the smaller windows of the others, even if in the email program.
    Tried Gmail but too confusing for all the features. Yahoo has them right in front of you, no going to settings. And that small box for email, pleaseeeee! Archiving function in Gmail. Finally found where the messages were going. Shouldn’t have to do that. Labels to much trouble. Yep! YAHOO all the way.

  130. Jami

    Gmail for main personal use
    Outlook for work
    and Yahoo for random crap/contests I sign up for

  131. Alison

    At work, Outlook Exchange, which I’ve grown to appreciate. At home, AOL (where I live, no high speed access) for personal. Otherwise, Gmail (at work, where I have access to wireless/high speed). The thing with Gmail, not a fan of the conversations, i.e., sometimes I miss a response, looks like it’s not new mail. I also have set up accounts with Yahoo and Live/Hotmail (I show seniors/job seekers how to set up a free e-mail account, so wanted to try all, document for library patrons in my classes). I agree that AOL and Yahoo are distracting with the adverts, etc. Live/Hotmail is horrible, in my opinion. The UI keeps changing and is confusing with all the other Live services they have (if you accidentally click out of your inbox, hard to navigate back). Gmail is great, but setting up the account, with their specific captcha, takes too long, so usually I have computer newbies set one up with AOL. It’s the easiest to set up, frankly, and they quickly learn to click into the inbox (you default to Today on AOL/gossip/news) and ignore the ads.

  132. simris2k

    namely Gmail with a couple of variations with Yahoo Mail and clear. I still keep a Hotmail account as a junk mail/spam averter account

  133. BookwormDragon

    Gmail. I also use my campus email, but I have it forward all mail to gmail as well.

  134. charles coleman

    I am not an IncrediMail employee either. I love IncrediMail2 to the max. The animations, the stationary, the flexibility, and the price-free. I have Live and Foxmail but really don’t know why. I really love my Incredimail2.

  135. Ian Garvie

    I use MSN live to take care of the sh*t that comes to all, and for any site that needs registration, and outlook for real mail

  136. Nanette

    I have Time Warner’s Roadrunner ISP, but I do not want to leave my mail on a server, so I use the Email Client Eudora As a family, we also have a Mindspring account. We got Mindspring when there were only Dial-up accounts, and though we do not have to use a Dial-up anymore, we still use the addresses.

  137. shelded

    I use my own domain and host the mail at So there is no question about seeming “hip and cool” or “new to the scene” since I never will change my domain name even if I change my mail hosting service sometime.

    I have a backup account at yahoo only to receive the domain registration information.

    I tried/hated gmail.

  138. TheFu

    Main personal account – hosted on my server running Zimbra.
    Main work account – hosted on my company server running Zimbra,

    Assorted aliases all point toward the main accounts depended on whether they are work or personal related.

    A few external accounts used when I’d like to avoid email tracking back to my personal information. gmail, yahoo, etc …

    For me, email is too important and private to trust to a service. I avoid emailing people that use the big services since they obviously do not care about MY PRIVACY. They are free to do whatever they like with their privacy, but not mine.

  139. Eddie

    Gmail & Live

  140. Ben

    I got 5 GMAIL accounts:

    1. Totally private emails just for close friends and family
    2. Personal emails – job and business related
    3. Forum emails
    4. Regular promotion emails – bargains and the like
    5. First contact emails – to test for/avoid spam

    Maybe I could do with just 3 because I find that the GMAIL spam filter is working OK !

  141. Cavemanau

    G mail is a great free e mail

  142. J.R.

    I have three different e-mail accounts but I use GMAIL all the time, like the Google browser there is no advertising and they give you lots of space and sizable attachments – till something comes along with a lot more to offer, Well, I’m very happy there. :-)

  143. Devon

    For email, I use yahoo with forwarding set up to a custom address I then have this through IMAP and into Mozilla Thunderbird and on a web interface on my SuperToxic subdomain.

  144. Devon

    oh and btw I’m 13 and set all that up myself.

  145. knightspawn5

    I use 3 at the moment. Each one serving a different function. Gmail for presonal, yahoo for business, hotmail for junk stuff I get to look at.

  146. Anand

    GMail is the best of all. It is simple and too good and makes you connect again and again not for the sake of checking new mails, but to work with GMail for some more time.

    Right from the day one, it has also allowed POP3 facility using which you can download the mails to any mail client of your choice. Well, Google always surprises you with many innovations every day.

    GMail’s spam filter is just too good!! No words to describe the greatness of it. Hats of to you Google!!

  147. Tom

    Gmail but thanks for the tip about GMX; at first glance it looks interesting.

  148. Dj Kevin-Spencer

    I mainly use Gmail for personal use and GMX for some work related stuff. I use GMX mostly because their ‘integrated’ Davs, because i can share tracks or loops simply coping in the GMX folder in Nautilus, and even send it directly as an attached file with an email.

    I someone like to make a GMX folder in Nautilus, it’s really easy: write in the location bar:


    and save as a bookmark with ctrl+d.

    I think the USA server is “” but I’m not really sure.

  149. Joe

    I have Live and have been happy. Great control and features.

  150. Cory

    I use Hotmail and yahoo not really up on all the other sites I am guessing gmail is the way to go it seems that most of your users use that site I will look into it .

  151. neal


  152. Bob

    I use Yahoo (captive with AT&T) with Office 2007 Outlook. It is reliable, but I would not try anything beyond very basic tasks. Its Help system sucks big time. It would be better to have no help at all or call it “Helpless”. There is no mechanism to reach a live person, even less one that understands US idiomatic English. If you can’t figure out your problem, too bad.

  153. Ben


  154. bubs353

    Hmmm let’s see which one do i use.. Of course Gmail. ;)

  155. akshat kedia


  156. Ron Allen

    Road Runner is my home e-mail provider and Gmail is my spam mail.

  157. Smiling Carcass

    I don’t really have one main account.

    5 gmail, three of which are throwaway addresses, one personal- meaning only very close associates I trust and one for just about anything else.

    I have 2 accounts, one work/personal the other mainly for subscribed emails.

    2 Yahoo, one is for local groups and one throwaway.

    2 hotmail I barely use anymore but do receive some emails in them, but they too are disposable if I found some web form had opened the door to spam

    One Lycos I don’t really use but I keep as another throwaway addy

  158. jewellpage

    Gmail 2 Love em
    Yahoo 2 junk mail

  159. Dianne

    3 Gmail (these are transferred to Windows Mail)
    1 Windows Mail (comes with Vista)
    1 Yahoo

  160. Stephen

    I use gmail for my main mail. I also use google apps for email for my website, so that I get an email address using my domain name. I love google.

  161. Jeremy Bryant

    what a great post. I like many others have accounts on all the services. I was surprised to learn about GMX and am checking it out now. Thanks everybody!

  162. Bob

    Ive used a computor since MSDos.
    So Ive tried just about every major email out
    there.Same with search engines.
    I always go back to yahoo!Pound for Pound Im
    always satisfied.I consider Google one of the worst.
    I could explain but dont have time or space.
    Regards all,

  163. Jokke

    Hotmail primarily, my ISP mail, and work mail.

    Have had my hotmail since ´96 I think. Also have a GMail account but don’t use it for mail as I have never been able to “get” the Star-email-instead-of-folders approach, and I like to be able to use an application like WindowsLiveMail to have instant access to mail, not having to “open a browser”, “Click on link”, and finally “type in user and password”, this is soooo cumbersome…
    I have a bit of the same issue in Windows, I want to determine/control of what folders I use and where I put stuff (don’t give me effing Download/Pictures/Movies folders and what not!).

    Have previuosly had eXite/Yahoo!/Rockmail and other various accounts but in the long run Hotmail has served me the best.


  164. juwlz

    GMail, with a free Apps for domains account, and recently switched from a succession of Symbian smartphones to an Android smartphone, which works brilliantly with various Google apps.


  165. John D Carmack

    I pop everything into Outlook. I primarily use Gmail for personal and my hosted site’s email for business. However, I also have AT&T/Yahoo account that people just cannot get out of their minds for some reason.

    Not sure I understand the comments about ads on Gmail. I recently reinstalled, so I don’t even have Adblock Plus on yet, I just realized. I see no ads. You want ads? Try Yahoo or AOL.

    People actually use Hotmail?

    For stupid sites wanting your email address for no reason, I use

    @Bob: “Clueless” is a better description of AT&T’s entire help system, including Yahoo Mail. I cannot find anything meaningful in less than 15 minutes if at all. Try getting account help with an Internet only account, i.e., no phone number. It would be funny if they weren’t charging money for it. I’ve actually used Google’s search to find help information for Yahoo mail.

  166. ZOHOer

    ZOHO is better than any of the mentioned mail services. You can have the cake and eat it too.. without bithering abour ads, spam or Virus. sounds great right. Do try once to know better

  167. tjX

    gMail for my main, and live, gmx, and for junk
    i use for the cool domians

  168. Chelle L

    I use, which has as it’s email address.
    It’s not free but it’s reasonable, especially if you do 2+ years in advance.
    It has very good spam protection, no ads at all, good storage capacity, and is very well organized for real-life use. I like, and use, the “alias” email option when doing something dubious like shopping online where I worry about spammers grabbing my addy – if they do I often don’t even notice cuz their spam controls are good (I have to check junk mail to see most of them and the few they let through are marked as potential spam) but if I was being inundated by a spammer I can simply delete that alias address, which I LOVE.
    I don’t like their beta interface as much as the classic look but that may just be me being a curmudgeon — and I did note a couple of nice features on the beta that aren’t on classic, so I may have to switch some day. They do seem to put some effort into updating useful things, which is very nice.
    They will also follow up — and even give you a phone number when necessary to reach a real live PERSON in the 719 area code — when you need tech help.
    I’ve used them since they were a free service in ’96 or ’97 and have been really quite happy with them. For my non-profit group I had to go with a free gmail but I like netaddress much better (I guess the overlay of email responses in gmail can be nice, that’s the major diff I see, though it’s equal parts maddening to me too!) I’m sticking with for my personal and business stuff.

  169. Lady Fitzgerald

    I use Yahoo’s free email service. I did learn not to upgrade to newer versions until they had been out for a couple of years because they were buggier than flophouse beds. Other than that, I’ve had very few problems. I do miss Outlook’s and Outlook Express’s drag and drop functions (the latest version of Yahoo’s email software is supposed to have that but it’s still too new for my taste).

    Even though I can get email service from ISPs, I would have to change my email address everytime I changed ISP so I prefer web based services.

    I tried G-Mail three years ago and didn’t like it. Yahoo was much easier to use.

    I can’t use Hot Mail because MSN insists I have my cookies enabled (so they can make money flooding my computer with advertising cookies). Excuse me, it’s my danged computer! I’LL decide who puts cookies on my computer, so they can shove their service!

  170. Stephanie L

    I use gmail through Thunderbird pretty much exclusively now. I just switched ISPs and had several e-mail accounts under my old ISP (I’ve had them since the late 90s, actually, and it was finally time to move on). Since moving to a new ISP, I use gmail for everything. I don’t want to be tied down to using an ISP’s e-mail service anymore, since who knows how long I’ll stay with them and switching is a major pain in the butt. It’s easy to use gmail and it fits my needs very well. The only issue is coming up with a good-sounding email address because a lot of the really good ones are taken. I have 4 so far (one for personal correspondence with friends and family, one for business, one for taking online surveys, and another for random stuff and junk like sites that require a signup). I also use Yahoo, but mainly for junk. I used to have a Hotmail account in the 90’s when there wasn’t much else available, but have since moved on. I was never big on Hotmail to begin with.

  171. Andre

    @ Matthew

    NO. Coincidence DOES NOT EQUAL irony. It pains me to see people misuse “irony”.

    On topic, I have 3 gmails (personal, personal/more important, and school/formal)
    1 old hotmail
    and a GMX, but display issues caused me to stop using it.

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