Would you like to run Google Chrome with your favorite extensions and settings on any computer?  Here we’ll look at how you can setup a portable version of Google Chrome on your flash drive so you can use it anywhere.

Getting Started

Download the Portable Google Chrome installer (link below).  Once it’s downloaded, run the installer to get it setup on your flash drive.  The installer is a 7zip-powered extractor.  Click the “…” button to select your flash drive, and then click Extract.

It will now extract Portable Chrome to your flash drive.  This may take a few minutes, but once it’s done you’ll be ready to immediately use your portable version of Chrome.

Once it’s finished, browse to your flash drive, open the new PortableGoogleChrome folder and run ChromeLoader.exe to start your Portable Chrome.

Switch Portable Chrome to Your Native Language

Portable Chrome is in German by default, so if you can’t read German you may be a bit confused when you first run it.  To change it to English or your preferred language, click the wrench button on the right and click Optionen.

Select the Details tab, then scroll down and click the Schriftart- und Spracheinstellungen

ändern button under Web Content.

Select the second tab, click the menu at the bottom beside Google Chrome-Sprache and select your favorite language.  Click the Ok button at the bottom to save your settings.

Chrome will remind you that the changes will not take effect until you restart your browser.  Click Ok, and then close all of your Portable Chrome windows.

Next time you run it, you’ll be able to find your way around much easier since everything’s in your native language.

Using Portable Chrome

Portable Google Chrome works just like the standard version, except now you can run it from any computer.  All of your favorite sites and web apps will work just as you expect.  In fact, there’s no difference that you can see with just browsing.

The portable version of Chrome, like all portable applications, may run slower than normal Chrome depending on the speed of your flash drive.  However, the convenience of having your own personalized Chrome browser on any computer more than makes up for it.

Here we have the same install of Portable Chrome running in an XP computer.

All of your browsing history is saved to the flash drive, which keeps your data private and makes it easy to access your favorite sites.

Cookies are saved on your flash drive, so you can stay logged into your accounts even when you’re accessing them in Chrome from another computer.

Install Extensions in Portable Chrome

Extensions help make Chrome more personalized for your needs, and can help get things done quicker.  Portable Chrome takes this to the next level, since you can install extensions and then use them from any computer.  Simply install extensions as you would in regular Chrome.

Many extensions offer easy ways to access web apps, and these still work great since Portable Chrome can keep you logged into your favorite sites.

Update Portable Chrome

Normal Google Chrome installed on your computer by default automatically installs updates, which makes it easy to stay up to date with the latest version.  The portable version, however, cannot automatically install updates.  To make sure you’re running the latest version from your flash drive, run the Updater.exe in the PortableGoogleChrome folder.  Make sure all of the browser windows are closed before running the updater.

Now select the version of Chrome you want.  You can choose to install the dev or beta version, or just select the Release Channel to make sure it will run without problems.

The Updater will now download the latest version of Chrome.

Once the download is finished, a Command Prompt window will open and automatically extract the updated files to your flash drive and update your Portable Chrome.

This may take a few moments, again depending on the speed of your flash drive.  When it is finished, you’ll see a prompt letting you know that Chrome has been updated.

All of your settings and extensions should work as before, and you’ll have the latest version of Chrome all ready to use from your flash drive.


Google Chrome is one of our favorite web browsers, and being able to run it from any computer via a flash drive makes it even better.  Portable Chrome worked great in our tests, and updating to the latest beta version was smooth as well.  Now we can use our favorite browser on any Windows computer, even if it only has old IE6 installed!


Download Portable Google Chrome

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