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Intel AppUp Center is an App Store for Netbooks

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If you own a Netbook with an Intel Atom processor, you might be looking for an easy way to find apps that are optimized for it. Today we look at Intel AppUp Center which allows you to quickly find and install Netbook apps.

Note: The applications are meant to be used with Netbooks that have an Intel Atom processor running XP or Windows 7. It’s still in Beta, so expect some quirks and perhaps not as many apps as you’d expect.

Intel AppUp Center

Installation is pretty straight-forward. One thing to point out is during the install process you need to select your location to get apps for your region of the world.


Launch AppUp and you can begin using the intuitive dashboard to quickly find apps from various categories.


It acts like other app stores where you can arrange the views and get previews of the available apps. It will indicate if they’re free or if you need to purchase them.


There are a lot of different categories…although there may not be a lot in each one as it’s still a work in progress.


Click on an app you find interesting to get more information about it such as screenshots, description, and reviews.


When you want to get an app you’ll need to log into your account or create one before downloading it.


The app will automatically install with no further action on your part.



Now you can begin using the programs you downloaded…like this cool one called fizy desktop which lets you easily find and play music from your desktop.


There are plenty of games available for you to play while you’re “taking notes” at the company meetings as well.


Here is an interesting one from Newsy that lets you watch videos of the latest news headlines…there are a bunch of apps so explore around and have fun!


Under My Apps you can see a list of all the ones you currently have.


It allows you to keep track of the apps you’re downloading or already have, and will show if updates are available for them.


Under the Recently Downloaded section you can launch apps or uninstall them.



Overall we found it to be a lot of fun for discovering new apps on our HP Mini. There are many to choose from so go ahead and try out any that interest you…the uninstall process only takes a couple of mouse clicks.

One thing we noticed however, is AppUp Center didn’t run as fast as we’d like. Of course it’s still a work in progress and hopefully that will be cleared up in the future. We tried out several different apps and after installed, they ran smooth with no issues…but your mileage may vary depending on the application.

If you’re a developer, they have a program section with instructions and helpful forums so you can start creating cool apps for Netbooks.

Download Intel AppUp Center (beta)

Intel Atom Developer Program (beta)

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  • Published 06/21/10

Comments (2)

  1. gds0913

    At first glance I figured this was only for Moblin/Meego but it looks like they’re hoping to consolidate both the Meego and Windows platforms. I don’t really see any advantage for people using Windows other than maybe applications specifically designed for small screens. I’ve rarely ran into any issues using standard Windows type applications on my netbook though. I was hoping for a bit more than standard C/C++ in the SDK (I’m a C# fan). But, good luck to Intel and their foray into the “AppStore” paradigm.

  2. zeeanonamouse

    Is it just me, or is Windows really starting to look like Ubuntu???? It even looks like Ubuntu software center. But Ubuntu runs better than Windows on the HP mini. Just one mans opinion.

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