Some HTPC media manager applications require movie files to be in stored in separate folders to properly store information such as cover art images and other metadata. Here we look at copying movie files to individual folders.

If you already have a large movie collection stored in a single folder, we’ll show you how to quickly move those files into their own individually named folders.


FIle2folder is a handy portable app that automatically creates and moves movie files into a folder of the same filename. There is no installation needed. Simply download and run the .exe file (link below). Enter the current movie directory, or browse for the folder. File2folder now supports both local and network shares.

When you are ready to create the folders and move the files, click Move!

You’ll see the move progress displayed in the window.

When the process is finished, you’ll have all your movie file in individual folders.

Change your mind? Just click the Undo! button…

…and the move and folder creation process will be undone.

If you would like to have the folder monitored for new files, click the Start button. File2folder will process any new files it discovers every 180 seconds. To turn it off, click Stop.

This simple little program is a huge timesaver for those looking to organize movie collections for their HTPC. We should also note that this will work with any files, not just videos.

Download file2folder