Friday Fun: Destroy the Web

By Brian Burgess on June 18th, 2010

Another Friday has arrived and it’s time to screw off on company time. Today we take a look at a unique game Add-on for Firefox called Destroy the Web.

Destroy the Web

Once you install the Add-on and restart Firefox, you’ll see the Destroy the Web icon on the toolbar. Click on it to destroy whatever webpage you’re on.


The game starts up and gives you a 3 second countdown…


Now move the target over different elements of the page to destroy them. You have 30 seconds to destroy the site contents.


If you are angry at a particular company or the one you work for, this can give you some fun stress relief by destroying it’s website.



After you’ve destroyed as much of the page as possible, you’re given a score. You get different amounts of points for destroying certain elements on the page. Basically destroy as much as possible to get the most points. You can submit your score and check out some of the scoreboard leaders as well. 


There are some cool sound effects and arcade sounding background music, so make sure to turn the volume down while playing. Or you can go into the Add-on options and disable it.


If you want a unique way to let off some steam before the weekend starts, this is a fun way of doing it.

Install Destroy the Web for Firefox

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  • Published 06/18/10
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