One of the new features in Office 2010 is the ability to upload your files to Office Web Apps. When you do, an Upload Center icon appears in the Taskbar and helps manage documents. Here’s how to stop it from showing up.

If you’re running Office 2010 and upload files to the web, you’ll notice the Microsoft Office Upload Center Icon appears on the Taskbar in the Notification Area. It will stay there even after you’re done uploading the document and closed out of all Office apps.

You can use this to monitor and control the documents you’re uploading to the web.

Getting rid of it is fairly simple. Right-click the icon and select Settings.

When the Microsoft Office Upload Center Settings window appears, under Display Options, uncheck Display icon in notification area and click OK. That is all there is to it…now it will no longer appear in the Taskbar.



After you upload your first document, it will also want to startup with Windows. You can go into msconfig and disable it from automatically starting up.

If you need to access it again, it’s part of  Office 2010 Tools which you can access from the Start Menu.

Or you can type upload center into the Search box in the Start Menu and hit Enter.

If you upload a lot of work to Microsoft Web Apps you might find this tool useful, but if you only occasionally upload docs, you might be annoyed by it always being in the Taskbar.

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