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Open Obscure File Types with Desktop Tool

It can be really annoying having obscure types of files on our computer and not knowing what application to associate them with.  The Desktop Tool identifies the files and locates free programs to open them.

Installation is basic following the install wizard but they try to sneak a program called PC Mighty Max (registry cleaning program) onto your system.  Make sure to uncheck the box next to the agreement unless you want to try it out.

1nstall mighty max

After installed, Right-click on a file you’re not sure how to open and select – How do I Open This from the context menu.

right click menu

It will search for a suitable program and list them with a download link to download that application.


The download link usually points directly to the executable to download where you get the following screens.



If it is not able to find a suitable program from the database you’re presented with options to search on the net.

not found search

Not every result produced a freeware application but there was at least a trial period or shareware solution, enough to get the document open.  This is a cool lightweight program that you may not have to use a lot, but is certainly handy when you do.


Download the Desktop Tool

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  • Published 07/8/09

Comments (5)

  1. Nick Partridge

    This fell at the first fence.

    Installed this then tried to run the VLC update – so without asking it went off and decided that to run an exe file I needed iView.

    No options, I read the above to say it’s available on a right click – true it is but it’s also taken over double click.

    It’s gone.

  2. Shail

    Not For x64!

  3. Dan

    You should warn people not to load the PC MightyMax program that tries to piggyback on the OpenWith desktop program it is bad news.. Makes me wonder about the OpenWith program since it is made by the same company and they try to trick you into installing it..

  4. Mysticgeek


    In fact the very first screen shot in this article advises our readers that they may not want to accept PC MightMax.

  5. Heath

    Why would you installing some program to help with this when 2 seconds on google will give you the answer?

    Also why promote something that tries to install some other rubbish? These software companies need to learn that people don’t want this “extra rubbish”.

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