One of our favorite sites for discovering new music is Amie Street. Today we take a look at the Amie Street app for Boxee that allows you to access your favorite tunes from the Boxee interface.

Amie Street is a cool site that allows you to discover a lot of cool music from independent artists. What makes Amie Street unique is that most of the music starts out free, then the price goes up incrementally as its popularity grows. The Amie Street App for Boxee let’s you access music and playlists you’ve created on the site, with more features are on the way.

For this example we’re using the mouse and keyboard, but of course you can also get to each section using your remote if you have one. Or you can turn your iPod touch into a Boxee remote too.

Amie Street in Boxee

To access the Amie Street app, launch Boxee and click on Apps from the main menu.

Under the Search Sidebar type in Amie Street and select it from the results field.



Then you can add it to the My Apps section…and double-click on the icon.

Click on Start to begin using it.

You’ll be be presented with a Welcome screen where you can sign into your account. If you don’t have an account yet, there is also an option to go to the Amie Street site and create one.

Enter in your account credentials…

Now you’ll be able to access your Library, Playlists, Search for new tunes, and check out your Recommended bands and artists.

Hover the pointer over an album to get a bit more info about it such as the music genre.

You’ll be able to play the songs from the playlists you created on the Amie Street site.

You can browse through the history of the music you’ve played as well.


Not all the features of this app seem to work as you’d expect them to, and some of the features are not yet available like the Browse feature.



At the time of this writing we weren’t able to purchase music or get additional information about the artists. As development continues on Boxee and this app, you can expect more of a full user experience and the ability to purchase music. Even though some of the features are a bit buggy or not available, if you’re a Boxee user and a fan of Amie Street, this is cool app to add to your collection.

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Learn more about Amie Street on Boxee

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