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Ubuntu Control Center Makes Using Ubuntu Easier

Users who are new to Ubuntu might find it somewhat difficult to configure. Today we take a look at using Ubuntu Control Center which makes managing different aspects of the system easier.

About Ubuntu Control Center

A lot of utilities and software has been written to work with Ubuntu. Ubuntu Control Center is one such cool utility which makes it easy for configuring Ubuntu. The following is a brief description of Ubuntu Control Center:

Ubuntu Control Center or UCC is an application inspired by Mandriva Control Center and aims to centralize and organize in a simple and intuitive form the main configuration tools for Ubuntu distribution. UCC uses all the native applications already bundled with Ubuntu, but it also utilize some third-party apps like “Hardinfo”, “Boot-up Manager”, “GuFW” and “Font-Manager”.

Ubuntu Control Center

Here we look at installation and use of Ubuntu Control Center in Ubuntu 10.04.

First we have to satisfy some dependencies. You will need to install Font-Manager and jstest-gtk (link below)…before installing Ubuntu Control Center (UCC). Click the Install Package button.


You’ll be prompted to enter in your admin password for each installation package.


Installation is successful…close out of the screen.


Download and install Font-Manager…again you’ll need to enter in your password to complete installation.



Once you have installed the two dependencies, you are all set to install Ubuntu Control Center (link below), double click the downloaded Ubuntu Control Center deb file to install it.



Once installed you can find it under Applications \ System Tools \ UCC.


Once you launch it you can start managing your system, software, hardware, and more.


You can easily control various aspects of your Ubuntu System using Ubuntu Control Center. Here we look at configuring the firewall under Network and Internet.



UCC allows easy access for configuring several aspects of your system.


Once you install UCC you’ll see how easy it is to configure your Ubuntu system through an intuitive clean graphical interface. If you’re new to Ubuntu, using UCC can help you in setting up your system how you like in a user friendly way.

Home Page of UCC


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  • Published 06/8/10

Comments (11)

  1. LinuxLover

    And Mandriva/PCLinuxOS users have been arguing for years that control panel applications make life easier. However, Ubuntu users swore they were antiquated. Now they get onboard?

    BTW, why reinvent the wheel. Why not just use Mandriva’s application and port it?

  2. Spydeyrch

    This program reminds me of UbuntuTweak. I use ubuntu tweak for tons of things. I would recommend it along with this program. they basically do the same thing.

  3. Rue

    Can you install this app on all flavors of ubuntu 10.04(netbook edition, desktop, etc.)

  4. Linsux

    I’m not trying to discount or bash Linux but why is the interface so amateur in look and feel? Its still very 1990’s. Linux is at least 20 years behind Microsoft and Apple in GUI elegance. And remember, LINUX is NOT Windows OR MAC so why all these stupid ‘start’ menus!

  5. Chris

    This looks like openSUSE YaST. Much-shunned, much-copied.

  6. Nelson Gigante

    Instead of this Ubuntu Control Center, I right-click customized my bar main menu > system to show Control Centre only, it does the job and no need to install extra apps.

  7. G.

    (For anyone interested…) Initially I wanted to ask where to get the x64 version of these packages. It turns out that you can get them form here –>

  8. fsda-chan


    I see, you don’t actually have an idea what an operation system is actually ment for. The screens you see here are from standard Ubuntu using Gnome as GUI. There is also KDE, LXDE, OpenBox, Fuxbox, etc. Creating GUIs like M$ or Apple is just a useless way to waste hardware resources. You don’t want an operating system that looks shiny but doesn’t do sh**, do you?

    The start menu is a point where all know operating system have something in common. So if you are new to Linux, BSD, Apple, Solaris, etc you know where your programms are and do not have to look for them in any “special” place. Besides *nix systems are not ment to be desktop systems

  9. Chris

    Ubuntu n00b here so be gentle. I downloaded font manager, extracted inside Home folder. Ran jstest-gtk which told me all dependencies have been met. Ran UCC and receive this: “error message: Dependency is not satisfiable: font-manager”.

    What more is needed? The font manager has been extracted. Is it looking for font manager in another folder?

    Thanks, gang!

  10. Chris Denbow

    um…or not.


  11. Jonathan

    Can anyone help me? how to get a o2 dongle to work on abuntu?

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