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Ask the Readers: What Do You Have Set as Your Homepage?

When if comes to setting a homepage in your browser, it’s really based on personal preference. Today we want to know what you have set as your homepage in your favorite browser.

Browser Homepage

There are a lot of search sites that allow you to customize your homepage such as iGoogle, MSN, and Yahoo. Some people enjoy having a homepage set up as a dashboard of sorts. While others like simplicity and set it to Google or leave it blank. Not surprisingly in a small office or corporation you will see a lot of workstations set to MSN or the company SharePoint site.


Unfortunately, a lot of free software tries to change you default homepage as well, like in this example when installing Windows Live Essentials. Make sure to avoid this by not rushing through software install wizards, and carefully opt out of such options.

Live Essentials uncheck

What is set as your homepage in your favorite web browser…both for work and at home? Leave us a comment and join in the discussion!

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 06/2/10

Comments (155)

  1. vtzete0

    Yahoo for both because I like their finance page and their fantasy sports page!

    However with Chrome, the concept of a Homepage isn’t as important anymore.

  2. Trevor Bekolay

    I don’t really use a homepage; I have Firefox open my tabs and windows from last time. Really, if it were up to me, I’d never close my browser, but it needs to happen every now and then.

    I used to copy and paste all the open tabs’ URLs to a text file and reload them when I opened Firefox again, but since, what, version 2.5 or something I’ve just had it do that automatically. The homepage back then was about:blank, if that counts.

  3. NaeNae

    iGoogle, with easy access to my gmail, weather in my area, wikipedia, quotes of the day, CNN headlines, wiki how to’s, and Digg top stories :)

  4. Andy H.

    I have set as my home page.

  5. RedDodgerAZ

    about:blank as I like to start fresh every time!

  6. Kamran A

    Plain old google!

  7. Mysticgeek

    I have iGoogle set up with Weather and a bunch of Tech feeds. However, I rarely use it anymore…considering something new… and by “new” I mean Blank. lol

  8. Vivek

    Of course about:blank !

  9. Bean

    I’ve never been particular about a homepage, but I’ve become a fan of Chrome’s builtin homepage. It shows thumbnails of recently closed tabs, and clicking on them opens those pages. Note that they’re *cached images*, not the pages themselves, so the homepage opens instantaneously. You can also “pin” certain pages if you’d always like them to stay there.

    I’m surprised how useful I’ve found it. Now I remember to check woot every day. :)

  10. Sara

    I will use iGoogle on and off, but right now I just use Speed Dial in Chrome.

  11. Brian

    I use the Lifehacker featured MyFaves (formerly I’m considering something else, though.

  12. Rohugh

    Google UK. Saves having a separate link on my browser.

  13. unlimited071 on both..

    GMail, GReader, GTasks and GCalendar rocks!

  14. bob

    I have to say i rarely if ever use my homepage……but i have it set to ‘’

  15. TwinsDigest

    Use Opera Quick dial and Safari version of it. Just started using Chrome because it starts faster and also use it’s ‘quick bookmarks’

  16. Deron


    My Chrome browser is the “Google Home Page”, or the basic “most visited” page.

    IE is set to blank – stupid thing takes too long otherwise.

    Opera is set to the Opera home page, but I haven’t looked at it in 3 months.

    Safari – Google Reader

  17. Mark

    I’ve used iGoogle as my home page for a couple of years now. I like it becase I get all my rss feeds in one place, plus a twitter app, weather, sports scores, and stocks.

  18. Dan

    I usually set mine to It aggregates headlines from many websites of your choosing and can add others if you wish and presents it in one page. I could likely do the same thing with any rss aggregator but have always liked Daily Rotation.

  19. John


  20. Hector De Jesus Simple and to the point. Plus it has links to all my Google Apps at the top.

    It’s going to be great to have a custom background for!

  21. ibbill

    i google on 2 computers and 5 other computers in the senior room just google

  22. mark justice hinton

    I use ‘blank’ for my homepage in every browser.

  23. notovny

    The Custom Start Page in the screenshot below.

    I think I downloaded it off of lifehacker a year or so back, but every browser I routinely use is set to open it as default. Most of them open it locally, and the rest view it from my Dropbox Public Folder.

  24. DigitalGeekery


  25. Vijay

    Opera SpeedDial @ home – no other browser
    about:blank – IE8 @ work
    igoogle – FF @ work

  26. sfmitch

    Google Reader

  27. Howard

    blank is my home page

  28. Matt


  29. Rothgar

    I have my own personal blog set as my homepage. This helps me to make sure my websites are still up and running and also reminds me to write articles for my blog.

  30. Mike

    i use igoogle so i can have all my favorite sites just a click away

  31. Chad

    Google Reader
    My Yahoo

  32. Mike

    Was Google, then iGoogle, then Netvibes. Just switched over to Speed Dial for FF & Chrome.

  33. Jacob

    about:blank because it’s the only thing I KNOW I’ll want to see…

  34. david


  35. Bob

    Youtube & free online typing lessons

  36. dave

    iGoogle fits my needs and you can set it up your way

  37. Teguh

    about:blank :)

  38. Michael most often… my main workstation is igoogle

    I used to use about:blank as my default page, but setting the homepage to an actual web URL has let me know when I am properly connected to the Internet or if my VPN is giving issues.

  39. thesun

  40. Horusofoz

    Firefox/Google Start page. Searching through gives the same results as Google but als helps Mozilla make some money :)

  41. GardnerMonk


  42. JeRrYFaR

    Firefox (at home and work)

    Netvibes –

  43. Evan

    FastDial, in Firefox.

  44. spleek

    plain google. anything else becomes a mind-suck, esp first thing in the morning.

  45. sam

    I use gmail and google reader as my homepage.

  46. digitxp

    I just have to say that nobody using SRWare Iron (not to say Chrome) would EVER set their homepage to MSN. Well, nobody in their right mind at least.

  47. jpmays

    I use iGoogle as my homepage… and have been since it’s inception!

  48. Tom

    about:blank – plain and simple

  49. Travler

    iGoogle because I can customize it to suit my needs.

  50. MrDolomite
  51. theblaine

    Bing at work, I like the pics :-)
    iGoogle at home on all my machines for the gadgets

  52. Kathy

    I love to use
    It serves as a general directory for me, and lists my personal faves. It has a weekly faves row that I find interesting to look through each week.

  53. rea94

    I try to keep up on current technology, and this is the best place that I have found that allows me to pick and choose from hundreds of feeds about things that interest me. If you have not found this site, you should take a look at it and at least bookmark it for future interest. There is something for everybody there.

  54. Kevin

    MSN on FireFox and on Chrome

  55. raj I could do a about:blank and search through the toolbar. Then I would miss the doodles :)

  56. Pat

    I use iGoogle both at home and at work. I use it for checking gmail, news, weather and blogs, including this one.

  57. boxdog and in the upper right How to Geek

  58. Kevin

    On Firefox – about:blank is my startup page, but Google is my “Home” page

    I hate Internet Explorer assuming what web page you want in a new window, MUST be the last web page you accessed. Huh?

  59. Gabriel

    i use

  60. Hartford3

    Google Chrome with iGoogle home page. With beautiful wood grain & lots of news. Incl How to Geek, local radar, a couple games, and my gmail all there. Uncomplicated, easy, FaSt. I have Firefoxy too w/ Seldom use it though. Too jumpy and complicated.

  61. kzinti1

    iGoogle. Nothing else serves me better.

  62. Sarah

    iGoogle. It makes a great customized homepage.

  63. Duke999R
  64. andres

    chrome start page… it doesn´t need to be loaded and has my favorite pages attached to it..

  65. Hank

    I use with earthlight

  66. SquareWheel


  67. ProtoSphere


  68. Antrikshy

    I use Flock. I have Bing as the homepage. Not that I use it, I like the photos. Planning to switch to Wolfram|Alpha and a custom search engine. They have the feature.

  69. Evert

    about:blank for me :-)

  70. Raymond
  71. Matthew Guay

    I keep Bing as my default homepage usually, though I sometimes switch to the Chrome New Tab page for quick webapp access. It’s sort of fun to have my homepage and default search set to Bing when I’m using Google Chrome :)

  72. Asian Angel

    Yahoo Singapore ^__^

  73. Nico

    Bing – nice new picture every day

  74. Torcant

    Blank page

  75. Saman

    About:Blank :D!

  76. Christian

    Blank homepage :) Because I want firefox to start faster :)

  77. polromeu


  78. Jim Reilly

    I’m with 3 mobile broadband in the UK, so I’m faced with three’s homepage every time firefox fires up. Used to be iGoogle.

  79. mredge

    IGoogle with How To Geek as one of the options along with weather, stocks, sports, news and comics.

  80. Rob

    I have my company’s website – Helps with traffic I figure!

  81. Em

    Home PC – iGoogle
    Netbook – iGoogle
    Work – iGoogle

    Just because it’s handy for all of the above! I use the same account on all, so all my tabs and gadgets are the same.

  82. james

  83. Mike

    In Linux:


    Extension: Ubuntuforums Start Page


    Speed Dial


    Speed Dial

    In Windows:


    Speed Dial


    Yahoo (Daily News)

    and (of course):

    Speed Dial


    Extension: Ubuntuforums Start Page (just in case)

    (Kind of the Lay’s Potato Chips “Betcha can’t have just ONE” approach)

    Kind of hard to limit it to just one with all the multipage options, built in
    and extensions (and tabbed)

    Internet Explorer? Hardly ever use it.

  84. purplegreendave

  85. Michael

    I use different browsers to do different things: IE points at my employer home page, as our content management system only works right with IE; Chrome points at iGoogle, where i keep most of the stuff i check regularly during the day; Firefox opens pointed at employer pages on Facebook, Twitter, and a local event tracking site.

  86. JohnBarnesRap

    iGoogle is set as my home page, however don’t use it as much as have Chrome open tabs of where it left off and have a group of 4 or 5 pinned tabs. That and the new tab page means the home page has become a lot less important for me.

  87. Clint

    igoogle for me

  88. tommy2rs

    Speed Dial on every browser in every OS but Safari. Got ’em all synced too.

  89. Guillermo Gosset Lagarda

    iGoogle on Firefox and Speed Dial on Chrome.

  90. morningowl67

    I have my gmail…used to be iGoogle, but I wasn’t hitting the news links as much anymore. I can’t stand MSN! As a corporate IT guy, MS often sets the homepage to MSN. I also find it odd that windows updates site is a blocked active x control by default…Microscrew’s own update website…LOL

  91. Gene Thomas

  92. bcman

    My homepage in Firefox is the Speed Dial, maked witk speeddial add-on

  93. Misty

    Chrome: iGoogle with weather, calendar, gmail, useless knowledge, date&time, quotes of the day, my recipes and simply recipes.

    IE: about:blank

  94. Kat1110

    On Firefox and Chrome, I use igoogle. I have 6 tabs sorting my RSS feeds into different categories such as Home for news, weather and puzzles, Tech for How-to-Geek, and about 30 other appropriately subjected feeds, Sports, Health, Writing, etc…

  95. ed

    Google news.

  96. Steven


  97. Shawn Thompson

    google chrome’s new tab page

  98. rMatey

    Swiftfox + Foxtab as my first choice
    Opera Speed dial

  99. cpx

    Fast Dial (FF add-on) page. But before I discovered Fast Dial about:blank was my starting point.

  100. Mike Clark

    I have an instance of ScrewTurn Wiki set up on my local machine, and I use it for a home page. I use it both for a portal to create links for my frequently visited web pages, and for recording important information I need to keep available.

  101. Kryten94

    I have Firefox 3.6’s default Home Page ( I used to have my Bank as my Home Page, but it took forever to load and most of the time I didn’t need to go there…

  102. Kalpesh Solanki

    This is a screenshot of my Homepage. That is a offline webpage.

  103. Rob

    I use IGoogle which is customized with the tabs that I like to see!

  104. Ben

    I have Speed Dial for Firefox as my homepage.

  105. Paul

    In IE I have Google as my home page
    In Firefox I have a weather page

  106. Eddie

    Had about:blank and Recently been using to give quick access to analytics, webmaster tools, and the rest of the Google suite.

  107. TheFu

    A custom web page running on an internal server with these CSS links that fill in the center of the page below a scroogle search bar.

    * Top
    * Home Stuff
    * Entertainment
    * Computers
    * Finance
    * Work
    * Recipes
    * Search

  108. cam2644

    Refdesk on Windows Firefox and Netvibes on Ubuntu Firefox

  109. Rounak
    Eyecandy + Utility!

  110. Alex

    For Safari (which is my main browser) I have Google Reader. For FF (and technically IE though I’d never use it) they open to a blank page.

    I’m considering creating my own locally-hosted dashboard page however, and setting everything to open that.

  111. AMDG_3141

    I use a customized iGoogle home page at both work and home in Firefox

  112. Todd

    A custom web page running on an internal server

  113. Ayush

    I have set it to 3 pages.

    My university website

  114. Edward Fairchild

    I have tried others, but I hate waiting for a page when I just want the Web Browser for somethig else. All my home-like things are on my Favorites bar.

  115. Phil


  116. Kyle

    Usually I just have it load my tabs up from last time.

    Always one tab that’s always open though to

    Can’t miss my geek gadget news. Really wanting a Dell Streak!

  117. at0mic

    my yahoo, i’ve had it forever. has local weather, calendar, news, favorites and no google spyware, etc.

  118. Doc

    Firefox addon SpeedDial (built into Opera, and there’s also a version for Chrome). 60 pages I use regularly (8×8 with 4 still unused), including GMail, Yahoo! Mail, my bank, some shopping sites, and (of course) HowTo Geek.

  119. Isma'il

    My browser homepage is

  120. Pham Van Hung

    about:robots in FF :) in Opera and Chrome
    That’s all.

  121. Gadget geek

    But most of the people are using Google as their homepage. do u know wts the real matter?

  122. jeroen


  123. Energokinetic

    about:tab using the add on “New Tab Page” (it doesnt work with FX 3.6.3 but i use “Add-on Compatibility Reporter” to force compatibility)

    I added all my most visited sites on the list and i open whichever i want to at each startup .

  124. Ginger

    I have iGoogle at home, work and cell phone.

  125. David Levine

    I have Woot set as my homepage at home and the state agency’s website set as my homepage at work.

  126. vistual

    Firefox: FastDial

  127. chookchooks

    I have as my homepage.
    News, Weather, and lots more… :)

  128. Senor Hideo

    Opera 10.53 —

  129. sv811

    Bing – love the pics and the smooth orange font (eye candy whore here). Plus, I hate how the new Google logo and search bar look, got a feeling its made to look nice only on a Mac.

  130. KBPrez


  131. Drew

    Bing, I love the daily pic

  132. Firas

    IE = Google
    Firefox = Google
    Chrome = Google

    Because Google website is light on all browsers (not a lot of pictures or flash or …ext)

  133. SDreamer

    Bing, like to see different, awesome pictures everyday. It’s pretty simple, and light for modern computers, so I like it best.

  134. Tavil

    Astronomy Picture of the Day. Have had that as my home page for the last 8 years or so.

  135. DVDKevster

    I believe some of you would really benefit from giving a try – an incredibly user friendly interface for any feeds you may need – works with Firefox and Chrome I believe!

  136. zios
  137. Eddie
  138. RCG3

    In IE8 its Google (basic search) and in Firefox its iGoogle.

    Firefox always starts slow for me, so since I’ve got to wait for FF to appear, it may as well get some useful stuff. On my main page I have Google Reader, Top Stories, Google Financial Portfolio and then the rest of it below those (including the new Packman for when I really want to be distracted).

    In Firefox I also have it open a second tab, pointed at’s “Classic Play” page for the current day. I learned a while ago that this Java based sudoku board didn’t like internet explorer, so now I play every other day or so just from opening FF.

  139. robin

    i dont have any startingpages.
    waste of time if u gotta wait to load that site to go somewhere else afterwards

  140. joshua, when I open my browser I want to look something up.

  141. Muli

    about:blank FTW!

  142. Akshay

    As I have Google Chrome, I use the New Tab Page. I used to use the New Tab page with Speed Dial, but it was quite slow.

    Before Chrome, in the Firefox days I had iGoogle.

  143. Akshay

    Oh yes, in Chrome I have Facebook open as a Pin Tab as well as the New Tab screen

  144. Tim

    I set my homepage blank so my browsers open faster. That way it takes less time to get wherever I want to go.

  145. cigraphics

    Speed dial

  146. Starkiller

    iGoogle with News, Gmail, Weather and a currency converter

  147. Foshow38

    Firefox with Speedtabs. 9 websites on my front page

  148. ankit

    I very impress to this site i proud of my all question given answer so Easy…………….


  149. Abby

    Opera’s Speed Dial. Not much of a reason to use google/bing/etc. as a home page when I have at least two ways to search from the url/search bars.

  150. Paul

    Google Reader or Netvibes

  151. TechNet

    I use my homepage, you guys here should try it out!

  152. hoang

    My blog.haha

  153. Ed

    I created a webpage on my desktop so i open it up and click on the links ( sites ) i need to go first and usually i check my gmail or facebook accounts first….:)…but i liked having more options than opening a homepage everytime my firefox browser…


  154. Adam

    Speeddial2 for Google Chrome is the best choice for me.
    I moved to it from regular speeddial which is from different developer. Must say speeddial2 ss much better – faster, better designed and with lot of extra options (delicious integration, bookmarks and history search, more theming and miscellaneous options, browsing statistics, … as well as ability to export your settings).

  155. TechGeek01

    HTG of course!

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