Have you been looking to integrate MS Office install and your Zoho online account? Then join us as we look at the Zoho Plugin for Microsoft Office.

Note: Compatible with Office 2000 and above (English Language versions only).

Using the Zoho Office Plugin

For our example we created a document in Zoho Writer online before installing the plugin.

The installation itself will be quick and simple. There will also be a program folder created in Program Files.

When the installation process has finished, both Word and Excel are set to start by default.


To access Zoho in Word and/or Excel go to the Add-Ins Tab and login into your Zoho account.

Note: We focused on Word only for our article.

Once you have logged in, the plugin will access your online account.

At this point you are ready to open and work on your files.

When you go to open an online document you will be presented with a list to choose from. We decided to access the document that we created earlier.

There is our online document looking very nice in Word.

As a test we added the following bit of text to the document.

Saving documents works just as quickly as opening them.


After saving the document we checked our online account. As you can see the new text was available in the online version.

You can also save your documents locally by using the regular save function in Microsoft Word.

Note: The plugin will automatically use your account name as the local folder’s name.

Any documents saved locally will be placed in a special Zoho folder in My Documents on your computer.

Accessing locally saved documents will require you to enter your Zoho account password (which adds a nice bit of security for your documents).

Note: In this instance we totally shut Word down and restarted as part of the test.



If you have been wanting to integrate your Zoho account with Microsoft Office, then the Zoho Plugin for Microsoft Office is definitely worth looking into.


Download the Zoho PlugIn for Microsoft Office

Learn more about the Zoho Plugin for Microsoft Office (FAQ) *Presentations also available.

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